Dec 27, 2008

Mr. Saltsman It's a Matter of Respect!

I have to say that this Republican agrees with the RNC Chairman Mike Duncan in regards to the recent CD sent to several members of the RNC (CNN Story). Mike Duncan condemned “Barack the Magic Negro” by saying that he was “appalled” at the song. This boils down to two key factors that must be reviewed.

First, the field of political satire and jokes should be left to those paid to exhibit such humor. Saturday Night Live, or some other comedian might be able to pull off singing a song called “Barack the Magic Negro”, but not a respected member of the Republican Party. Mr. Chip Saltsman should have considered his position, and maybe his future positions, before he sent the CD. The man is running for the Chairmanship of the RNC, has managed campaigns for such Republicans as Mike Huckabee and Bill Frist. If Mr. Saltsman wants to tout political humor, then he needs to join the cast of Saturday Night Live and stay away from our party, especially a position of party leadership. The bottom line, leave political satire and jokes to those paid to do it.

The second factor that has to be considered is that the Republican Party has always stood for fairness and equality. The party was the first to push freedom for slaves in the United States; the party was the first to push for the right of African Americans to vote, and the first to push Civil Rights into America’s sight. We are a party that should be proud that our strong commitment to what is right has helped bring about a political atmosphere where people of all races can run for office no matter what their party affiliation is. The Republican Party is above such jokes and satire and the party must rise above the level that Mr. Saltsman apparently would like for us to stoop down to.

At this point, the right thing for Mr. Saltsman to do is to withdraw as a potential leader of the Republican Party, issue an apology to President-Elect Obama, and hope that over the next few years the nation, as well as his party, will forget and forgive this lapse of judgment. Perhaps given some time, Mr. Saltsman can step back into the limelight with a different outlook.

Dec 19, 2008

How to Rebuild the Republican Party

Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to rebuild the Republican Party, so I guess I should have one too. As a matter of a fact, I do. The Republican Party has several good potential leaders already in place on the top tiers. Consider potential leaders like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and dozens of others in office and out of office. Therefore, the top does not appear to be the place to start. Let’s go back to the basics. The bottom line is the top will not stand without a firm foundation and the fact of the matter is that the Republican Party does not have the foundation it needs to have. Don’t believe me? Look at the last election results. Had we had the foundation we needed, far more Republican Candidates would now be in office. We went to the polls with a good strong top tier. I mean, who can argue that John McCain was ready to be President? The fact was the man was ready, he had the experience, he had the leadership skills, and he had the mindset to be President. What he did not have is a good solid foundation. The foundation of the Republican Party failed and when the foundation fails, the top will come crumble.

To rebuild the foundation, we cannot start on the national level. We cannot start on a regional level. Unbelievably we cannot start even on a state level. We must start at the foundation that has made the party great in the past. We must start at the grass roots of the party. We must start on the county-by-county, parish-by-parish, and city-by-city level. Consider this, if Miller County Arkansas has a good solid foundation for the Republican Party, what happens in Texarkana, Arkansas? Texarkana, Arkansas in turn will have a solid Republican Foundation. Consider visiting If each county or parish has a solid foundation, then the city within that area will likely have a strong foundation. Once those foundations are established, then we can move on to a state level.

With each county or parish having a strong Republican foundation, the state will end up electing Republicans to state and local offices. Before long, states will have Republican leadership being elected at all levels. That means that Governors, Senators and Congressmen and women will take the lead as Republicans. Those leaders in turn will throw their political support behind other Republican candidates and before long we will have enough drive to place another President in the White House.

The bottom line here is you and I. We have to get out, join our local Republican Party groups and place our support firmly in those groups. We have to invite others and make them a part of the Party. Make potential Republicans feel at home and a part of the party. Show them our values, what we stand for, what we believe in. Show them our history on pages like this one and other great pages across the net. You’ll be surprised to learn that we share many values with people who believe as we do. The only way to rebuild the party is to start from the bottom and work our way up. Let’s make sure that next time the foundation doesn’t fail the top tier!

Dec 12, 2008

Mr. President say what?

CNN Money is now reporting online that the President may use bailout money from the bank funds to help the auto industry. Now, let's back the boat up a minute here. We don't want the bailout. Remember what the polls are saying? Same polls that showed Americans wanted Obama to be President are now saying Americans don't want to bailout another failing industry. Okay, let's think about this for a moment here:

1. Big banks and business mismanage money, loans, trusts, and overall screw up the economy = They get a bailout that few people in the real world see any results from.

2. Big automakers may get some sort of bailout after all despite the fact they have mismanaged, overpaid, misused money, and basically lost to the competition of imports and used cars = They may get a bailout that few people in the real world want and once they get the bailout, few people in the real world have money to buy their cars.

Something is wrong with the picture above. I have written it several times in my blog here. The Republicans are right (at least with the exception of the President). Stop this bailout and focus on people. Give the American people a bailout and we will fix the economy. As for those companies that can't manage their money to make money, that's competition. Some win some don't. That's what they made "Going Out of Business" signs for.

Republicans Defend Americans Again!

Auto Bailout Crashes in Senate
Republicans Kill $14 Billion Bill

The above headline greeted me this morning, 12-12-2008, on the website and I have to say that I for one appauld our Republican leaders. Polls show that most Americans oppose an Auto Bailout. A poll at the AOL.Com website indicated that 59% of Americans oppose the Bailout. Hey, wait, those are the same type of numbers that the D's grabbed onto to say their Pres-elect was going to win the election and guess what? He did! Now, those same D's don't want to acknowledge the outcry of the American people in the polls. They want to push the Bailout on no matter what the people they represent say. Lookout America, big government is trying to do big business again.

Once again, never fear America, the GOP is here to defend you. From the war against slavery, to women's rights to vote, to civil rights and the list goes on, and on. America blamed an entire party in the last election for the unpopular actions of one Republican. It was a sad day for the little guy, but don't worry Republicans managed to hold on to enough seats to still fight for you. And, you know what? We'll be here long after the fanfare of the current rise of the D's is over still fighting for you. Don't believe it, just look at who fought for you in the Auto Bailout.

Dec 9, 2008

Another Bail Out Is Needed

The letter below was submitted from a friend to the President. I thought I'd post it here as it was written:

Mr. President,

As I understand it we are not about to bail out yet another industry in a government built on free enterprise and free trade ideals. Apparently, these mismanaged companies deserve a bail out. I would like to submit that I also deserve a bail out for my company.

My company was started a few years ago and since that time has shown a profit each year as can be verified by the IRS. I have maintained an office, maintained contracts, and acted in the best interest for several fine organizations in the state of Texas. However, despite my excellent record of accomplishment, I have found it difficult to stop working my full time job. Sorry, I failed to mention that I work two jobs. I work full time for a ministry and I run my company. My company struggles, but shows a profit, and I get a weekly check from my full-time job on top of all this. I also, should point out that I am a taxpayer within the United States.

My proposal is simple. Since I have maintained full time employment, and maintained my company (in the black by the way), I believe my proper business management should be rewarded by the government. I would like to propose that you submit my immediate request for a bail out to Congress so that they may forward it to your office for a prompt signature. As a loyal Republican, I'm sure you can agree that if anyone deserves a bail out, it is me. I have completed my calculations and found that a simple One Million dollars would enable me to focus full time on my small business (that makes money, did I mention that). This One Million bail out for me is far less than the bail out proposed for the automakers or the banks and I believe it would be far less of a tax strain on the American public.

Should I need to do so, I would be happy to forward a business plan (I had one long before the automakers had to have one, apparently) that I believe would more than prove that I am a good, solid investment for the United States Tax Payer's Dollars.

Dec 7, 2008

To Tax Or Not To Tax - The Plot Get's Sticky for Democrats

For those of you following Obama on his way to the White House, then you remember the huge controversy over raising taxes on high-income couples that brought out “Joe the Plumber”. Well, don’t worry Joe; you may not be in big trouble after all. It all appears to be “up in the air” now as to who may be taxed and who may not. Wow, a flip-flop, imagine that? Get ready Middle America someone is going to pick your pocket before this is all over. Who you going to blame? Well, it can’t be the Republicans; we barely have enough to hold the line in Congress. Nevertheless, don’t worry, we’ll be there to take on the tax increases, we’ll still fight for you, and we’re still on your side. But hey, don’t take it just from me, Here’s what was said on NBC’s Meet The Press and it was resonated on CNN’s website at

Throughout his campaign, Obama vowed to raise taxes on couples earning more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000 while lowering taxes for all others. Asked whether that is still his plan, Obama said, "we don't yet know what the best approach is going to be."

Interesting. Also interesting that he quickly added the following:

"But the overall thrust is going to be that 95 percent of working families are going to get a tax cut and the wealthiest Americans ... are going to give up a little bit more," Obama said.

Oh, that’s okay guys. After all, America voted for him. I’m sure that he will be the best person to determine who the wealthy are and who the “working families” are. Who knows, maybe by Obama’s definition a wealthy family makes $10,000 or more a year. We’ll just have to wait and see what the definition for “working families” and “wealthiest” turns out to be.

Dec 6, 2008

A Bail Out For Us!

Here’s a thought for our representatives, both Republican and Democrat: No more bail out!

If we are going to bail out each country that comes along and says, “Help” and we’re going to bail out each business that fails and says “Help,” then let’s bail you and me out. Our representatives are supposed to represent us. It doesn’t matter whether they are Democrat, Republican, or Independents once elected, the represent all the people of their district or area or even nation. So, tell your representative that you want a bail out too. Here’s an excerpt of an e-mail that makes good sense:

“I'm in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a "We Deserve It" dividend. To make the math simple, let's assume there are 200,000,000 bona fide U.S. citizens, aged 18+. 
Our population is about 301 million counting every man, woman and child. So, 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up.

Now, divide 200 million, 18+ adults into $85 billion - that equals $425,000.00 each! Yes, my plan is to give that $425,000 to every adult as a "We Deserve It" dividend. 
Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So, let's assume a tax rate of 30%. Every recipient would pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25.5 billion right back to Uncle Sam! It also means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband and wife would have $595,000.00! 

What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595, 000.00? Pay off your mortgage – housing crisis solved- Repay college loans – what a great boost to new grads 
· Put away money for college – it'll really be there 
· Save in a bank – create money to loan to entrepreneurs 
· Buy a new car – create jobs 
· Invest in the market – capital drives growth 
· Pay for your parent's medical insurance – health care improves 
· Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean – or else 
Remember this is for every adult U.S. citizen, 18 and older.

Remember, this plan only really costs $59.5 billion because $25.5 billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.”

To me, it looks like this guy has the plan that will work. Maybe we should forward it to our representatives. 
 Should the government be worried that we can’t handle out money, let us send in an IRS form indicating how the money was used and they (our government) can send each of us a form telling us how they used our money. After all, someone once said that “people do what you inspect, not what you expect”.

Nov 23, 2008

What about George?

George W. Bush, “W”, is just a few short weeks out from leaving office. He will likely leave as an unpopular President among people; even die-hard Republicans have found it hard to stand by George during the last year or so. Fortunately, George Bush has not wavered even when the American people have.

Don’t agree; don’t think you or other American’s have wavered? Consider this, after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, W told us that the fight would be long against Terrorism. He never promised a “quick” or “neat” little war. He said it would be a long fight. He said we could not stand by and allow 9-11 to go without a response. America agreed. America was furious. Flags went up everywhere. Senators and Representatives stood up together and supported W to form Homeland Security, go to war, provide funding for war, and pour money into military and defense areas neglected for years since Reagan left office. Everyone loved W. In fact, he was so loved that he was elected to a second term! Then the war went on, and on, and on. Mistakes were made (that happens at all levels in war, hindsight is 20/20). People got tired of the war on terrorism. It was unpopular and the fact is good people died. America wavered on support for the war effort. Suddenly W wasn’t popular anymore and neither was the fight against terrorism. Kinda reminds a person of the country song “Have You Forgotten”, doesn’t it? W didn’t forget. He has remained confident and supportive of our military and the fight against the terrorist. If you still don’t think Americans wavered, then check the polls.

I can see that George Bush has had positive outcomes for our country. Let’s look at a list of things he has accomplished as President for you and me:

Passing the Patriot Act
Starting Homeland Security
50 Million people + have been freed from Taliban and Hussein
Some of the lowest unemployment rates
Tax Relief Funds (did you really cash that check George pushed for?)
15 billion dollars to fight Aids
Education Reform
Health Savings Accounts (yeah, the one you use at work, George again)
Signed legislation to fight Global Warming (move over Al, George signed it)
Pushed for Social Security Reform (wait, the Dems didn’t want that…then)
Pushed Central American Free Trade
Pushed Energy Bills

The bottom line, history has yet to judge George W. Bush. American’s are doing so in the polls each day, but in the end historians will review, study, and write the books that will become the textbooks of the future generations. W was not perfect, and he made mistakes. At least he can say he was never caught with his pants down while smoking a cigar.

Nov 20, 2008

Can Jindal Rekindle GOP?

He's young, born in 1971. He's smart, accepted to Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School. He's been to Washington, served U.S. House from 2005-2008. He's an American, even adopted the name Bobby from The Brady Bunch.

The question to consider though, is can he rekindle the GOP? He was one of the top choices for the VP slot with McCain, but openly turned it down. Now there is speculation that he may target the White House in 2012 (I know O isn't even in yet).

Perhaps one of the most important aspects about Jindal is that he showed he can govern. During Hurricane Gustav, he is credited with "one of the largest and smoothest evacuations in U.S. history in late August 2008 prior to the Louisiana landfall of Hurricane Gustav" according to He cancelled his speech at the Republican Convention to focus on the people and their evacuation in his home state. The man passed up the chance to have the national spotlight and a place on center stage so that he could take care of the people of his state. Let me repeat that again, he passed up national exposure to focus on people. Governor Jindal focused on people at a time when any other politician would have let his subordinates work out the details while the GOP had a party. This says something about the man. It says something about his commitment to people. Most importantly, it says something about his commitment to the people who elected him.

Bottom line it here friends. We want leaders who listen to us, fight for us, and provide a positive government. That's why many of you reading this are likely Republicans at heart already. You believe in the grass roots, you've looked at the list of things the Republican Party stands for and you want to stand with the party. Remember, making the right choice will not always be popular. To me, it sounds like Governor Jindal is a very likely candidate for the Republican nomination of President in 2012. I'm not saying that I would endorse him, his plan is yet to be seen. But if we are going to turn the party around, we need men and women like Jindal in as front runners for our party. Only when the American people see that we have their interest at heart, will we return to the glory days of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan. Think about it, our next Reagan may be a governor with the adopted name of Bobby and a real name I wouldn't dare attempt to spell or say, but it is not about the name of the person running for office, it's about the person.

Nov 14, 2008

What About Palin?

So what about Palin? What happens now that the drive for the White House is over? There will be a strong desire among some Republicans to dismiss her, to toss her out and leave her to the backwoods of Alaska, and to forget about the the girl that reminded everyone of their next door neighbor. That would be a tragic mistake by the party.

We need people like Gov. Palin to bring the image of the Republican party back into alignment with that of the American people. If you remember Reagan, then you know that one of the main things he was able to do was to identify with the American people. He looked like everyone's grandfather, he acted like everyone's best friend, and when he set his jaw in stone telling the USSR that we would not back down, he looked like everyone's image of a tough American. The fact is, Reagan was all of that. But we're not here to praise Reagan other than to say that he represented the party to the people as one of the people. That is what Gov. Palin does.

First, she is a family woman and a leader. This goes back to some of the issues that we pushed for in the early days of the party. Remember, it was the Republican party that gave women the right to vote. The Republican party pushes for family values and we push a dominant anti-abortion stance. She is a family woman and she is against abortion to the point that she would not abort a child with disabilities even though she knew her child would be born disabled. Sarah Palin is a Republican woman 100% and she represents a younger generation that will come to vote in the near future.

Second, Sarah is real. How many previous people running for VP of the United States can you remember ever winking at you from the television during a debate? I don't remember a single one. As I watched her motions and answers during that debate, I felt connected, I felt like she was someone I knew. She was able to reach out from the confines of stoic Washington types and appear to be my neighbor. This is powerful and important. Powerful because it makes a connection to people. Important because, to be frank, we have lost that ability as a party to make contact with people.

Finally, Sarah Palin can reach across the lines of the political front in ways that other have not been able to do in the past. She has taken on corrupt members of the Republican party (no, the party is not perfect) and she did not back down just because they were fellow Republicans. That move alone could have put her outside all the major circles she needed to be involved in to be a represenative of the party.

So don't count Gov. Sarah Palin out. Whether she runs for the Senate, Congress, or even the office of President again, we need to pledge our support and follow her example. Only by reaching out to the American people once again will we ever regain their support and their votes needed to push the outstanding party forward. Yes, we need to thank Gov. Sarah Palin for being Sarah, a real person in an often too fabricated world.

Nov 11, 2008

Taking a Beating

Well friends, we have taken a beating and it should remind us of the need to take a step back, rethink, rebuild, and regroup. So, how do we do all this? It's really simple. The first thing we must do is simply take a step back and look. We lost on several fronts from the Presidential race down to state and local levels. That's huge. But we have time (at least four years) to stay back and figure out a new strategy to ensure the party rebuilds.

So, first as stated, just step back and take a deep breath. Second, rethink. Why did we have such a huge defeat. Here comes the "duh" factor. Look way back to 1980, what was going on? The economy was in the toilet, gas was out of sight, we had Americans being held in a foreign land. In the end, it cost Jimmy Carter a second term and placed the GOP firmly in the hands of Ronald Reagan. He rebuilt our economy, country, and defeated the USSR. It was all about timing. It was not our time. The economy is not George Bush's fault, it's not any member of the GOP's fault. It happened and we happened to be in control when it did.

Third is both rebuild and regroup. We have to look to leaders and young alike to bring the party back into focus. We do that through fund raisers, and talking to people. We have the share the vision of the GOP with others and we have to point out when the D's do something bad. We have to pounce. We don't have to have the "I told you so" syndrome, but it doesn't hurt to say, "Wow, look what happened now. I wonder how the D's will explain this to us. I wonder if it's their fault. Hey, can't be ours, we're not in power." Those gentle little reminders will help us rebuild the faith that America should have in the GOP. Once the party is rebuilt, then we need to regroup. Young people need to step up and run for office. It doesn't matter what office it is, just run. In my state, the entire D group from local senators, to congressional folks ran without GOP opposition. Hear me again here, all of them ran without opposition from the GOP. The Green party had folks up for the vote, but we didn't. I hope and pray that someday I'll be able to represent the GOP and ensure that we have a fighting chance against the D Party.

Again, slowly rebuild the party, regroup and we will have solid people ready to lead. We already have the people ready to fight. Remember one thing, John McCain got well over 50,000,000 votes. Sounds like to me we already have a good base to rebuild with. Let's just do it.

Nov 10, 2008

A time to stand

John McCain has sent an e-mail to supporters urging them to stand. He has reminded us that "It ain't over, til it's over," and that is sound advice. We must get out and vote. Those in the key battleground states must go to the polls. Do your early voting, stand in line, take time off from work, use your lunch hour, go after work and just vote. It's tough, you want to get home, take care of your family and you may just find it a little hard in those final hours of the day to vote. Consider this, what if John does not win your state and it's only by one vote? What if your state is the state to push the battle over the top? We need John McCain now more than ever. I believe that God has held John McCain back for this one moment, and this one time. This moment and time is when America needs a hero. I want my kids to look up to the President and say, "That's John McCain, an American Hero and he's my President." BO (sorry, had to use that) is pushing in all corners. If we do not unite, support and vote, then come next morning, we will face a country on the verge of four years of hardship. Let me repeat that... We will be a country facing four years of hardship. Four years of new taxes, four years of spreading the wealth around, four years social programs not designed to help those in, these social programs will be designed to help those who have no drive, no desire, no willingness to strive for a better life. I'm not a rich Republican, but I do have a small business and I support a small church in a democrat controlled state. Just across the line from my state is a state controlled by our party. Guess what? In my state the church pays tax on everything except the worship building. In the Republican controlled state a church pays no tax. That's right zip, none, no tax on land, vans, phones, water, electricity, items purchased for the church etc. My business has grown in, yes... you guessed it, a Republican controlled state. Believe me, this is a small, small business I have, yet it has grown and my family has seen and increase in being "better off". So, join John McCain. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican reading this, you need to join John McCain. We face a scary future, let's not make it scarier with the wrong man. Let's have a real American Hero in the highest office of this land. Stand up now and take the time, or later will be too late!

Why Polls Don't Matter

Polls are taken for everything under the sun. There have been polls to prove whether New Coke or Old Coke was the best, there have been polls to show how popular a President is, and so on and so on. There is one major problem with polls...they fail. Consider New Coke and Old Coke. Everything indicated that the New Coke would be loved by consumers. It failed and within a short time Old Coke was back on the market! Consider the polls concerning our President Bush. He's up, then he's down, then he's back up again. Despite the ups and downs, President Bush is a two term President. Oh, and it's not restricted to our party. Remember the polls concerning Clinton? He was up and down and still a two term President also. So what about these current polls concerning McCain and Obama? Obama was 7 points ahead, then 6 points ahead, and finally today reports indicate that he is only 5 points ahead. At that rate, Obama will be behind in the polls on election day! The bottom line is it doesn't matter. I found a poll on AOL the other day that indicated that McCain currently carries 42 out of 50 states! According to that AOL poll, McCain will win big!
I believe that John McCain has the ability and the drive to lead our nation forward and to rebuild the economy like it needs to be. Voters everywhere must not depend on polls to guide the vote. The best thing anyone can do for the future is to cast a vote for McCain on election day and ignore the polls. As they say, "It ain't over until it's over baby." Forget the polls, get the word out... We need John McCain now more than ever before!

A Vote For Hall

I recently stumbled across Dwayne Hall's website thanks to He can be found at As a result, I met not only a fellow Republican, but also a good man running for the city board here in Texarkana, Arkansas. In speaking with Dwayne, I found he is committed to bringing positive leadership to our city board and he is committed to the values he has learned from his church, our nation, and the Boy Scouts of America. I had a few moments to talk with Dwayne’s mother and I found the place where Dwayne’s foundation was made. His mother was friendly, open about her son’s abilities, and committed to supporting her son in his drive to join the city board. Dwayne recently held a neighborhood block party in the Ward he plans to serve. There was music, food, and a lot of “getting to know” Dwayne time. The Republican Party needs men like Dwayne to step up and take the reigns of leadership. It is very apparent that Dwayne Hall is ready, willing, and committed to serving his community. I see this man rapidly climbing the political arena and bringing positive reform and leadership to the community of Texarkana, Arkansas. Http://
Remember to vote for Hall!

Bumper Stickers and Trash Cans

Let's face the facts, many people hate putting bumper stickers on their cars. Now we all know that we are more than willing to do this for John McCain and the GOP, but there are alternatives for those not willing to become traveling billboards for our next President. Consider for a moment an idea I heard about here in Miller County, Arkansas. Bumper stickers are cheap or free in many GOP groups, so why not use them in a unique way? Put them on the sides of your trash can. Each week your garbage collector will see the stickers, people driving by will see them, and you will be promoting John McCain for President without touching your car! I just finished pasting all three of my cans with McCain & Palin stickers a few moments ago and I'm proud. First, there are different garbage collectors on different days in my area, second my cans are kept out in the alley area where people see them all the time, third I have a lot of traffic on my street, and finally long after John McCain is the next President people will know I supported him now!
So, the theme here is post your bumper stickers everywhere. Your lunch box, your trash can, your boat, your fence, your windows, your folders, your briefcases, your tackle boxes, your hunting gear, your old yard sale signs, your computer, your desk chair backs, your desk, your toolbox, and yes... even your car! Get the word out!

John McCain Takes a Stand

"Country First" is his slogan and John McCain once again proves that this is a slogan not only for a political cause, but for him as a person. He has suspended his drive for the White House to address the nation's credit crunch. He is not going to be at the debate unless a solution is found to the current problem. Country First, I believe it! John McCain his putting his country first, he is putting us first and stepping up with plans to present, willing to work out the details on those plans, and willing to work with both parties for (now get this) his country and the people of his country. This means that John McCain, as he has said before, would rather do what is right than win a political battle. It's time we spread the word, and let others know that John McCain stands up for America. We would be fools not to support an American Hero who is still fighting for America at 73 years old. I've said it before and I will say it again, John McCain is a real American Hero.
Spread the word on what John McCain is willing to do for us even before he is elected to the office!

John McCain - American Hero

Still undecided? I was too for a short time, but then I considered the options and weighed my choices. John McCain is the man we need for President of the United States. Still unconvinced? Let’s consider the following things: John McCain has fought in a war = we are currently at war with terrorist around the world. Like it or not, agree or not, terrorist attacked the United States and we are in a war. Period. John McCain knows what our people are going through when they are shot at, captured, tortured, and he’s even lost friends to war. His own son serves our country now, as John did years ago. John McCain is a deceive leader = He has made hard decisions, decisions that could cost him elections. He has made those stands when others want to dance around the issues and “walk a line” that is more talk than action. We need leaders of action and John McCain fits the bill John McCain is an American Hero = John Wayne has been noted to be an American hero, but he never fought in a single war (he played in movies during his big war). John McCain not only served in war, but he has served his country in office and continues to do so to this day. Yes, he is 73 years young. He has the money to retire, he has the ability to sit back on a beach somewhere and watch the waves come in. When most Americans are reaching for retirement at 62 to 67, John McCain is reaching for a new job at 73! Yes, John McCain is an American Hero. John McCain believes in the future of America = He selected a VP representing a new generation of politicians. Further to the point, he selected a VP who is a mom, a regular person made good, and a person on the political rise not afraid to take on corruption no matter what the party behind the corruption is. John McCain is looking forward, not backward. He is looking to raise up the next president behind him (Maybe BO was looking for a daddy figure). Still undecided? Look at John McCain. Line up the two running for President of the United States. Who does America need right now? America needs a Hero and John McCain is an American hero!

Time for a new Ship!

People are jumping ship from the Democratic Party left and right. The key here is doing what is “right”. I am one of those who have jumped ship and the reasons on the list are long. Don’t get me wrong, I still have many friends within the Democratic Party, but the fact is I can no longer support a party with values so opposite of my own. I grew up a Democrat from a strong Democratic family. As far as I can remember, Democratic candidates illuminated my home front life. Names like Clinton, Mondale, Carter, and Dukakis filled our family discussions. In the end though, I found myself agreeing with such leaders as Teddy Roosevelt, George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Abraham Lincoln. I found the views of the Republican Party on Faith, faith based programs, strong anti-abortion stands, and family first drawing nearer to my heart. In the end, it’s hard to put a finger on the single reason that I’m a Republican now. I continue to read the literature, review the voting records, and review the stands of Republican leaders and I find very few areas where I disagree. I am a husband, a father, a friend, a Christian, a pastor, an employee, a business owner, and yes, a Republican.

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