Aug 21, 2021

Biden's Afghanistan 2021

Fall of Saigon and Afghanistan
They say those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it, and perhaps that is the problem Joe Biden now faces in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, for all the memes, jokes, cartoons, and political discussions about Biden's mental status, it appears his forgetfulness is in full swing when it comes to American history.  According to his own assessments, Biden has been in service to the United States for more than 120 years (, but he now appears to be on the verge of a full-blown Dementia attack.  It's no joke that he sometimes appears to be suffering from some stage of Dementia, but with all the history surrounding his staff, it is unclear why someone would not remind him about the fall of Saigon in 1975.  

We are now repeating history.  The Vietnam of 2021 is Afghanistan.   Much like those shocking images from 1975, we are now seeing shocking images in 2021 as a United States President pulls out.  Like Vietnam, there is no "formal" surrender being written or completed, but we are running out of Afghanistan like we did Vietnam.  As we run, the Viet Cong of today -the Taliban -is sweeping across the country, taking control, changing government, and ultimately preparing to be in command of all U.S. weapons, resources, and supplies left behind as we abandon the country.  

Let me be Vietnam, Afghanistan does not represent the loss of the war by the American military.  No, Afghanistan today represents the loss of the war by one, and that one is Joe Biden.  As Biden rushes to cover himself by blaming a previous President, even Congressional Democrats and Republicans are keenly aware that Biden is doing this all by himself.  For twenty years, the American military has followed orders, served, lost lives, and fought the war on terrorism that started that September 11 morning.  

Like many, I can remember September 11.  I remember the cries for revenge, retribution, and war.  I remember one interview with some military members just hours after the attacks.  They said, "Give us the target, and we will take them out."  These men and women were not making political statements; they knew the power of the American military.  They knew the power of their friends in uniform, and they knew the power of those who would sign up, train, and go to war.  They knew they could win, and they did.  

Make no mistake.  What will go down in history most likely as a defeat in Afghanistan is not a defeat of the American military.  It is not a defeat of those who died, those who suffered and are still suffering.  It is not a defeat of those who came home.  It is not a defeat of the United States.  No, this defeat sits squarely on President Joe Biden's shoulders.  He has tried to blame Trump for setting a deadline. Still, that statement only shows that Biden thinks the American public is stupid...after all, Biden has changed just about everything else Trump did, so why would he not change a deadline or withdrawal plan?  No, Joe, this is all yours. 

We, the American people, our military, our veterans, know.  We know where the defeat of Afghanistan is, and it is not with us.  No, President Joe Biden, this is all your defeat.  Further, when the next election rolls around, we will not forget.  You and your administration have betrayed our veterans, military, and country with this surrender in Afghanistan.  The Biden Administration and all those associated with it will be remembered in Afghanistan by the people you abandon there.   Further, you will be remembered in America by the people who vote.