Apr 21, 2015

Hope Has Huckabee On The Way

Someone once told me that "You either like Mike Huckabee or you don't.  There's no middle ground."  Since I happen to "Like Mike"-a slogan I wouldn't mind seeing-I disputed the person's view and stated that Mike is a very likable and capable leader.  After giving some further thought to the person's statement though, I realized it's true.  You either like Mike or you don't and the reason for that couldn't be any more clear.

Politician's generally tell people exactly what they want to hear to win votes.  This is not the case with Mike.  He has spent years in the public eye on radio, in the pulpit, on television, in books, etc.  He has spent so much time in the public eye that he has no choice except to state his case bluntly.  In other words, unlike other politicians he can not hide behind rhetoric designed to make him look good.  If he said he's against sometime, unless there has been a sincere change of heart, then he's still against it today.  The people do not receive a politician that says only what is nice to say, they hear a leader who presents the facts as he sees them and presents his views as he believes them.  That, simply put, will make you either "Like Mike" or not.  You either agree with his views or you don't, but there's more to consider here than simply whether you like Mike or not.  What needs to be considered is how do you want your country to run over the next four years?  In a few short days Mike is expected to make a major announcement.  Tickets are being given away, state officials and representatives from all around are being invited and Mike is coming back to his home, Arkansas, to make the announcement that many believe will be the start of the 2016 Huckabee Campaign for President.

So, in a nutshell, how do you want your country to run for the next four years?  Do you want a president who tells you want you want to hear to make you happy, and then perhaps does the opposite once you are out-of-sight?  Or do you want a president who will tell you the truth, and be honest with you regardless of the outcome?  Mike Huckabee has a long written and digital history of where he stands on the issues.  He has had many of his views long before this presidential race and others.  Mike Huckabee has also been a successful Governor, leader, and communicator with the people of Arkansas and the nation.  He is not afraid to stand on his faith, he is not afraid to make hard decisions, and he has by far shown more loyalty and love for this nation than some of the other candidates preparing to announce and who have already announced.

Yes, you either like Mike or you don't.  But, before you get too judgmental of him, keep in mind that Mike Huckabee gave up what was, in 2011, a $500,000 a year salary with Fox, he gave up other income streams related to being with Fox News, and he stepped off the stage of a very popular news show in preparation to make this announcement.  Mike Huckabee had it made with name recognition, fame, and money, but he chose to give that up.  Mike has given this up because he still believes the office of president can be filled with someone who is honest, works hard, and knows what it's like to work his way up in the American dream.  Mike Huckabee believes that America deserves better than liars who will lie to Congress and the American people.  It's no wonder that Mike chose to come back to his hometown of Hope, Arkansas to make this anticipated announcement to America that hope for our highest office and our country is once again on the way.