Jul 7, 2012

Romney: Believe in America

After Obama was elected President, his wife commented that for the first time in her adult life she was proud to be an American.  She was proud to be an American because her husband had been elected President.  With this understanding, we can safety assume that she would not be proud to be an American if her husband had not been elected.  Recently she made a questionable remark about doing a service for “just a flag” to her husband.  Her husband, our President, shook his head in agreement. 

Since taking office, Obama has apologized for America, avoided the National Day of Prayer (a tradition started by a Democrat President), and bowed to foreign, Muslim leaders.  He has offended our allies and raised their concern.  He has started working with the United Nations to go behind the United States Constitution and allow the U.N. to demand a worldwide ban on firearms –something his current administration is still cooperating with through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Beyond all this, he has failed to provide the economic relief his programs promised, he has forced a healthcare law onto Americans that few wanted, and he raised taxes – something confirmed by the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding healthcare being a tax.  Recently, Secretary of State Clinton stated that the President’s Administration was “proud” to see the direction France is taking.  France just elected a member of the Socialist Party as President.  President Obama has embraced the Socialist ideas from failed governments around the world.  He is a failed President.

Mitt Romney offers something new and something that few American’s could hope for in an Obama Administration.  Romney offers real hope.  Romney is credited with saving the 2002 Olympics, he is credited with creating jobs at Staples, and while serving as Governor he helped the state of Massachusetts rebound with an unemployment rate that fell from 5.6% when he took office to 4.7%.  This incredible record not only created thousands of new jobs in the state, but when he left the state it had a $2 Billion Dollar rainy day fund.
Romney has proved his ability to lead, he has proved his ability to save an economy, and perhaps the most important he has proved he will stand for and with America.  A few minutes of listening to his speeches and a voter can hear the passion in the voice.  A voter can hear the commitment of a man ready and willing to put America back on track.  One of the interesting things that Romney has said is “Obama cannot run on his record.”  Romney is right; Obama cannot run on his record because his record has failed.  Romney does not have to make up stories or offer, “hope and change”.  Romney just has to stand.  His record already speaks for itself.  Romney will be a President of the people who will work for the people.  He will put America back to work, put America back on top, and repair the damage done to America in the eyes of our people and the world by the Obama Administration.  Once Mitt Romney steps into the White House in January of 2013, we will once again know that “America’s best days are yet to come.”  Americans never stopped believing in America, we just had a four-year hiatus while Obama attempted to tear us down.  It is interesting that another word for hiatus is “recess”.  Well, recess is over.  It is time to put Romney in charge of ringing the bell of freedom and capitalism once again around the world to bring America back.  It is still the time to believe in America.

Raising The Flag

.@MittRomney: Hit the campaign trail with me #Mitt2012

.@MittRomney: Hit the campaign trail with me #Mitt2012