May 21, 2020

Kamala Harris and Her Mission for Political Correct Virus Names

Well, Kamala Harris is once again seeking little attention, folks.  If you remember, she is the former Democrat presidential candidate who claimed, "My failing campaign shows America's not ready for a woman of color as President."  Naturally, in her great claim to point the finger at all Americans, Harris failed to mention that only Democrats had been voting for or against her at that point in the primaries.  She also failed to point out that those same Democrats overwhelming pushed for Obama to the nominee twice and for Hillary to be the nominee last time.  Somehow, and suddenly, just three years after the party hailed Hillary (Yes, a woman) as the number one choice for the Democrat party, Harris decided that she was not being nominated simply because she is a woman and a woman of color.  Well, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.  Unfortunately, that little attention-seeking stunt was not enough.  Now Harris is at it again.

What else could Kamala Harris do?  Well, she needs to stay in the spotlight, so maybe Joe Biden will select her as his running mate.  After all, if Joe remembers which is a really easy debate to initiate, he said he would select a woman for his VP ticket.  So, Harris has decided to introduce new legislation.  It's not bad enough that she appears to feel anyone not voting for her is know, all those Democrats that did not vote for she wants to push these distorted types of beliefs on the rest of us. The act of a few people deciding what is politically correct and what is not politically correct seems to be something Democrats love to do.  So, in the excellent fashion of a Democrat, Harris has introduced a resolution that would declare it racist to call COVID-19 the "Wuhan Virus" or a "Chinese Virus."

Harris' actions must prompt an eyebrow rising from at least loyal Democrat voters as they wonder why one of their representatives seems to think defending a Communist Government and country is more important than America's freedom of speech.  "Wuhan Virus" or "Chinese Virus" is not a racist slur.  In fact, these statements are simply a fact.  The virus that now plagues most of the world came from the Wuhan area in China.   It's not a racist statement.  Apparently, Harris is more concerned about introducing her resolution to defend China than she is about helping the Americas in need.  To make a comparison, if the virus originated in Texarkana, I would see no problem in calling it the "Texarkana Virus," but it did began in Wuhan.  So, we refer to it from the area where it started or was first reported. 

Harris' resolution is merely uncalled for, failing to focus on Americans who are hurting, and a waste of Congressional time when we need them doing anything except wasting time and money on silly resolutions debating names for a pandemic virus.  But, if she is going to go down this road and make resolutions for viruses associated with places, she has a long road to go, and she had better get started.  I'm sure that is precisely what the voters in her district want...more political correctness.  So now that Harris has tackled the "Wuhan"..err, I mean "COVID-19," maybe she can pick a few out of this list next.  I would suggest any associated with the United States first...just saying:

West Nile Virus from the West Nile District of Uganda
Guinea Worm from the Guinea Coast of West Africa
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from the Western United States
Lyme disease from Lyme, Connecticut
Ross River Fever from the Ross River in Australia
Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever from Omsk, Russia
Ebola Fever from the Ebola River in Africa
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome from Saudi Arabia
Valley Fever from San Joaquin Valley in California
Marburg Virus from Marburg, Germany
Norovirus from Norwalk, Ohio
Zika Fever from Zika area in Uganda
Japanse Encephalitis from...get ready for it...Japan
German Measles from Germany
Spanish Flu because Spain started reporting deaths first
Lassa Fever from Lassa, Nigeria
Legionnaire's Disease from folks going to an American Legion convention in the United States

Yes, Kamala has work cut out for her now...