Apr 2, 2017

Trump - Unlike Any Other

President Donald Trump is unlike any other President in recent memory.  He often opens his mouth first, thinks later, and thanks to social media he's able to fire off Tweets sometimes faster than anyone can say, "Well is that really a good idea?" ....Not that he would likely listen to them.

Recently when speaking with a Democrat friend of mine, I asked how he was doing.  We had not been discussing Trump or anything about politics for that matter up to that point.  My friend responded, "Well, as good as a man can be who has a madman running his country."  I laughed it off and didn't offer the response I wanted to offer of "Yes, that's how we felt for eight years too."  We parted ways and I didn't worry about it too much.  I'm not really sure that Trump needs or even wants my defending him.  He is, after all, the billionaire who gave up his privacy, his lifestyle, and to a great extent his reputation, all because he believed that America can be great again.

Trump is still under the 100 day mark in his presidency and already his popularity, even with people who voted for him, has fallen to significant lows.   The media hounds him for anything he does, he is the first President, out of a very long line that includes Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and yes - even Obama - to issue not one travel ban and have a judge overrule it, but to issue two and have judges overrule them.  There was a time when the U.S. would never have allowed a federal judge to overturn a travel ban by the President - oh, and if you're wondering, that time was with the last President - Obama - so not that far off in our history.

For all he tries to do, the media and certainly his opponents find everything wrong with him.   A room is full of people discussing a major health bill and instead of posting pictures of ALL the people in the room, the media post only a picture of the men - then Trump is dealing with women's health with no input from women (those saying this may want to look back to the early 1900's and see how women felt and were treated with their health issues then!).  It seems that if Trump stepped out and signed an Executive Order that said, "Milk is good," the media would come out with a picture and say, "Yeah, Trump is deciding that milk is good without any cows represented.....how do the cows feel about this?"  The bottom line is, in the eyes of the media Trump can do nothing right.  Even when Trump issues orders to round up illegal immigrants- the media, church groups, and others find something to complain about (I noticed they did not do this when Clinton did the same thing).  Everyone seems to forget that the key word here is ILLEGAL.

So with all the low polls, all the complaining about Tweets, all the commotion each time he tries to do anything, it would seem that there would be signs of revolt against the President everywhere.  In fact, with all this, some might ask why don't he just hang it up and let Pence do the job?  What the media is not telling you and what Trump knows is that despite the push to go against Trump, there is a lot of Americans who believe in what he's doing and they like his ability to not be like other Presidents.

Consider a few issues here:

1.  How many times have you heard someone complain that people should not be allowed here in this country illegally?  Likely a lot - those people support Trump.

2.  How many times have you heard others talk about border walls? - Mexico has one in the south - a lot of people believe we should have one.

3.  How many times have you heard people say they can't stand the EPA rules and regulations - regulations that do not seem to apply to them?  A lot.

4.  How many times have you heard people say do something about the Affordable Healthcare Act?  A lot - and that fight is certainly not over at this time by a long shot.

Perhaps the most telling sign though is not the little things that people have complained about for years, but it's the events.  Anywhere Trump goes, he draws a crowd.  Supporters come out in droves to see the man, hear him.  Drive down any Interstate and you'll see "Trump" and "Make America Great Again" stickers on cars, trucks, and big rigs.  Autographed books from before Trump was President are in high demand - setting record prices on Ebay - so somebody has to have all those stickers, somebody has to be buying those books......

The bottom line is a great number of Americans still support what Trump is doing.  He is laying out the groundwork, and starting the foundation for change like no other President has ever done before.  Nobody expected America to be Great Again without  hard work, without change, without some difficult choices.  The difference is that Trump is making those choices.  He is doing what others have held off doing because it might cost votes.

Of the many things that Trump is, he is above all of them a business man.  As a business man, he knows you often have to make the tough choices first, so that in the long run the benefits will be great.  It's the same for a President - tough choices are made in the first year or so, in the second year you start showing what's happening with the program.  All Presidents have done it, and Trump is no different in that action.  What makes Trump different though is the fact that he is doing exactly what he said he would do, and he's making the hard decisions that most politicians do not want to make - unpopular decisions lose votes, but if something is not done, and done quickly, there are a lot of people who will tell you that our government can not continue.  It is bloated, underfunded for the programs it wants to promote, and we simply can not sustain our current rate of spending.  Just because Congress can raise the debt ceiling does not mean it should.   Tough choices are being made and we're fortunate that we have someone unlike any other President in recent memory willing to make those tough choices, and push America to be Great Again.