Oct 1, 2014

The Attorney General that Arkansas Needs: Leslie Rutledge

Leslie Rutledge addressing issues in Texarkana
Leslie Rutledge came into Texarkana today to meet with lawyers, local business leaders, and tour the area before meeting this evening with supporters.  A full room of supporters had the opportunity to visit with Leslie at the Arkansas Convention Center in Texarkana.  Leslie spent up to an hour visiting with everyone before being introduced by local business leader Curt Green.

Leslie explained a vision she has for the Attorney General's Office that is not a "Sit on the sidelines" approach to office.  She rightly pointed out that too many of Arkansas' Attorney Generals have simply sat by and allowed Washington to push laws into the Arkansas that are not in the best interest of the state.  One prime example Leslie noted was the EPA's expanded control in the state, a control that she contends will cost jobs and possibly force needed energy plants out of the area.  During this discussion, Representative Mary "Prissy" Hickerson pointed out that those regulations would hurt the newly opened power plant in our region of the state.  Leslie was quick to agree and to point out that the current Attorney General has done little, or nothing, to address those problems.

During Leslie's talk, two things became clear.  First, she speaks with authority that can easily cause someone to imagine she could convince a courtroom that it was nighttime outside, even at mid-day.   She has a commanding presence and approach that shouts, "I'm here, let's address this problem and see what the law says!"  The second thing that was clear is that she is a worker.  She is not simply a lawyer who one day woke up and said, "Hey, politics is fun....I want to be a politician."  She is instead a lawyer who has worked with campaigns, worked with the RNC, and even advised a Governor of Arkansas.  She believes in doing the research, forming the legal opinion and then arguing it based on established laws.  She is a firm supporter of gun rights and someone might assume she would have a somewhat different view than the current Democrat Attorney General on Arkansans and their rights under the Second Amendment.  It should be noted that Leslie is also a concealed carry permitted resident.

Another issue noted by some supporters is the current Attorney General Office's lack of ability to respond to request for information and opinions.  It was noted that currently seventy (70) lawyers work in the Attorney General's Office and often they will not respond to request unless you force the issue with the Attorney General himself.  Leslie quickly pointed out that would not be the operational procedure when she is Attorney General.  Her office would respond to all request.

Leslie, in addressing the issues of responding to request or notifications pointed to a recent Democrat advertisement that gave out her private cell number (in this writer's opinion another low, and just one of them See Voter Example,  political attacks from the Democratic Party) and how she responded.  Each call that came in was addressed by her or her staff.  The reader should keep in mind these were negative phone calls which many candidates might dismiss.  Leslie Rutledge did not dismiss them.  Instead she met the challenge head on, returned the calls, and addressed the issues or concerns the individuals expressed.   The reader should keep one thing in mind - If Leslie Rutledge will address negative campaign calls directly when she does not even hold office, how much more effectively will she and those seventy (70) lawyers address the concerns and rights of all Arkansans?  The answer is simple, the Democrats giving away of Leslie's private number only shows that she is exactly the type of fighter we need in the office of Attorney General to address the needs of Arkansas.  So the question to voters becomes "Do you want a Democrat Attorney General whose campaign resorts to questionable political campaign tactics defending your laws and your state, or do you want one that faces the challenges head on?"  If you're like this writer, then you want Leslie Rutledge as your Arkansas Attorney General.

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