Sep 17, 2011

Talk is Cheap

It’s an old saying in the English language that runs along side other famous sayings such as “put your money where your mouth is,” or “shut up and put up,” and it has never rang more true than it does today, “Talk is cheap.”  Unfortunately, many Republicans today spend too much time ‘talking’ about the great things they will do, could do, might do, or that they are about to do.  All this time spent talking about great things ultimately never leads to any great outcomes.  Perhaps “Talk is Cheap” is one of the key reasons the Tea Party, Patriots, and other groups continue to grow as the offshoots or even parallels of the Republican Party.

Someone recently said that “just about anybody with an ‘R’ behind their name can win an election right now,” and it’s true.   In a small town yesterday I was told that if you wanted to vote in that town during a primary, you usually had to vote in a Democratic primary.  Now that same small town is seeing a rise of Republicans on the primary ballot.  Unfortunately, since the last election the Republicans propelled to their positions by one of the parties greatest assets (Obama’s actions, inactions, and shortcomings in the eyes of the nation) have done little other than argue with Obama about policy.

The recent job-building bill, something Obama should likely steer well clear of considering his accomplishments in this area, is a prime example of ‘talk’ being cheap.  Republicans are quick to say what they will and will not pass.  On almost all the talk shows and news they quickly say, “We will look at what the President is submitting, but we will not pass it all just because he says to do so.”  Well, that is a shock for crying-out-loud, they are not Democrats.  Face it, for Obamacare, the wonderful cluster of healthcare reforms that those in Washington do not even understand, the Democrats lined up, voted it in, and stood by smiling as Obama signed it into law.  Few of them read it, understood it, and maybe worst of all few of them believed there existed funds to pay for it.  At a time when Obama should have been focusing on an ailing economy, he signed a bill that put fear in the mind of those in the medical field, patients, students, insurance companies, employers, employees, and most taxpayers.  Obama and then controlling Democrats should have been focusing on uplifting the American spirit and building the economy, not terrorizing it.  Republicans had little choice at the time but to watch the bill slink through to Obama’s eager fountain pen.  Nevertheless, they talked about it.  Now, Republicans are in a position to halt and force Obama who suddenly has a shinning desire for everyone to work together.

Republicans are in a position to stop talking and start acting.  They do not have to wait until after the Presidential elections, they can and must act now.   The Tea Party demands action, the Patriot groups demand action, the independents demand action, and Americans across the world are pleading for action.   A quick review of past Presidents of success shows that few of them ran around saying, “Pass this bill” thousands of times.  The past successful Presidents gave the marching orders and then implemented them.  Republicans, fearing any success for America right now will reflect on Obama have simply decided to sit around and ‘talk’ about what they can and will do.  Tea Party groups and others realize the time for ‘talk’ is over.  The United States needs action and it needs to start now regardless of the President’s agenda.   Without immediate action, imports will continue to flood the American economy, destroy American industry, and cripple American families to where someday a choice will have to be made.  Unfortunately, that choice will be “Press 1 for Chinese, Press 2 for English”.