Nov 20, 2020

The Radical Left's Unbelievable Thought Patterns

When I sat down to write this column, I honestly could not think of an appropriate heading.  After all, how do we, as Americans, justify hate speech that appears to be accepted, encouraged, and even promoted by a political party and its allies?  Political differences are simply a part of American politics.  It's what makes our world go round-and-round.  We divide by parties based on beliefs, ideas, interpretations, and individual views.  It's always been that way.  Abolitionists, for example, became the Republicans and supported the freedom of an entire enslaved race of people in the United States.  Democrats pushed for continued slavery and ultimately pushed back against laws that would free African-Americans.  It was different views and part of politics in the 1850s.  

Today, political differences continue.  We like to say, "Republicans are for lower taxes, while Democrats want to tax and spend."  Democrats like to say, "Republicans want to take your healthcare away, while Democrats want to help you keep it."  It's political maneuvering based on truths, half-truths, and to be honest, sometimes outright lies...yes, by both parties.  But never has one party promoted genocide, or at least allowed it to be discussed openly among supporters, until recently.  

David Atkins, an elected California member of the Democrat National Committee, has not only promoted reeducation, deprogramming, and other questionable methods to apply to Republicans and Trump supporters, but he has not refuted follow-up comments to his initial post.   

Now, if Atkins was just a random person posting, there would be no reason to take him seriously.  But, he is not a random person.  He is promoted as "an elected Californian member of the Democrat National Committee."  This promoted status makes him sound like a person of authority to many.    His post naturally caught the attention of many people.  

Suggestions were then openly given to Atkins that included internment camps, reeducation camps, and ultimately firing squads for those that refused to be "reprogrammed."  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the post was that there seems to be a lot of support for pushing Republicans into these deprogramming camps.  People claiming to be "Democrats" seem to be following in line with an ideology comparable to that of China and other Communist countries where if you disagree, you lose everything and are forced to change or die. 

Atkins is not alone in his vocal plans for Republicans and specifically Trump supporters.  Others have promoted the idea that all Trump supporters should be ruined, financially and socially.  They have actively stated that those working for Trump or supporting him should be blacklisted.  Don't believe it?  Read it for yourself: 

A list?  

More list

AOC again


Atkins information...

If you don't think anyone is listening to wild ideas, then you may need to think again:

Complete list of attacks on Trump supporters...

It's abundantly clear, as long as Democrat leadership irresponsibly sends a message of hate against Republicans and Trump supporters to their followers, those followers will act.  The list is far longer than what is presented here.  In fact, we could dedicate pages to the cry for revenge against Trump supporters and Republicans.  

Where did all this hatred, anger, and threatening behavior come from?  I mean, according to all national news, their guy won the election, so why all this now?  Truth?  Truth is, it never went away...this all sprang to life in 2016 when the anointed candidate, expected to win, of the Democrat Party, lost the race.  Since that time, hatred, anger, and threats have grown.   However, do not be dismayed...after all, the radical left should not be concerned with internment camps and attacks.   Perhaps, the radical left should be more afraid that the right, that we have watched their playbook now for four years, and we have learned.  

If they want American politics to dissolve into third world thinking and Communist based rhetoric, then the political machine that saw a nation march into Civil War, forced the right for women to vote, and pushed desegregation down the throats of defiant Democrats will rise up again.  We have 166 years of experience in fighting the uphill, underdog battles, and we know how to win.  

So, radical Democrats, touch one family, one person, start one internment camp or start one reprogramming facility, and you will find that 74,000,000 + American Republicans will hit back with a force unseen since Sherman marched to the sea or Grant set siege to Vicksburg.  We will not go quietly into the night.  

Being a Republican is more than being just a Trump supporter.  It is more than being just a political party.  A Republican is an American, and we are many.  We are the party that gave these words to the world, and they ring true today as they did back then.  "...that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." 

Nov 19, 2020

Republican Censorship and Social Media

Before and after the 2020 elections, a lot of Republicans expressed concern about censorship on both Twitter and Facebook.  The general feeling was these two platforms censored conservatives, worked to prove them false and even removed posts.  These actions resulted in an outcry that freedom of speech was being censored.  Unfortunately, since both Facebook and Twitter are privately owned corporations, they can in effect "censor" anything they wish.  

It should go without saying that censorship did not sit well with Republicans.  With hundreds of social media sites available, it was a general feeling that at least one would not censor our voices.  So, in record numbers, people began to flock to new sites like WeMe and Parler.  

WeMe is essentially another version of Facebook with paid levels.  WeMe has no advertising, so they have to charge something to keep the services going.  You can set up a free account, but to expand very far you're going to be paying something or buying some stickers.  

Parler is on Twitter after a few weeks at the gym!  Parler is pumped up with more writing space, easier sharing of pictures, videos, and articles and easier follows.  You can "echo" another post which is a simple way of saying "Retweet."  You can also "upvote" posts and information.  

Both sites can be found with a simple online search.  As of right now, they are the top two Republicans have been joining.  Both sites also promise no censorship.  Naturally, like almost all online sites, hate speech, pornography, or threats will not be tolerated on these platforms.  The Miller County Republican Committee, my home Republican committee,  updated its website recently to includes information on social media.  Go to for more information and click on the link "Social Media." 

Nov 17, 2020

Tom Cotton Has Georgia on His Mind: Senator heads to Georgia to help Republicans!

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is headed to Georgia.  As most of you know, the runoff in Georgia is critical for the control of the Senate.  Republican candidates are in a heated battle there that will not only affect Georgia but will also affect the entire United States.  Cotton has launched a financial campaign as well DONATE TO THE FIGHT TODAY.  

Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Senator Kelly Loeffler is favored right now by most of the press to win the runoff; however, as all Republicans know, we can not take what the press says for granted.  Senator Loeffler is fighting against a Democrat machine throwing millions into the race.  She needs YOUR help today! Don't delay!

David Perdue

Senator David Perdue is in an uncertain race in Georgia.  Senator Perdue has served the Senate since 2015 and his Democrat challenger is taking aim at not only Senator Perdue's seat, but also at a majority in the Senate.  This is another critical battle where your dollars can make a difference.  He needs YOUR help today!  Don't let either of these two down in their battle.  

Tom Cotton will be with both candidates Thursday, November 19 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds at 3:00 p.m.  Call your friends in Georgia, call the Republicans you know in every state, get support financially and in prayer to this critical race.  The future of the SCOTUS, our 2nd Amendment rights, and even our freedom of speech may very well depend on these two Republicans holding office and going to Washington to fight not only for Georgia but also for the entire nation.  A huge thank you to Tom Cotton and his team for coming to bat and helping our fellow Republicans! 

Join the battle, donate today!

Nov 10, 2020

It Ain't Over Until It's Over!

Yankee's baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over until it's over!"  Naturally, he was talking about a game of baseball.  As any sports fan can tell you, your team can be down and even counted out, but that doesn't mean the game is finished.  Perhaps that legendary cry is the new cry behind Trump now as people continue to search for the reason "Why" in regards to what appears to be an election loss.  

Already the Trump Administration has filed lawsuits, complained, and even prompted investigations into the election integrity.   It's a fight that will likely last into December and will push the boundaries of election law, and hopefully reform, to the edge of the American conscious.  

Biden's team on the other hand is already moving toward January and a first day that promises to undo many things Trump has done, start strict gun law legislation, and promote an agenda that is fundamentally socialist in nature.  Biden, the media favorite, has already stood toe-to-toe with an AR-15 owner and basically told him he could kiss his gun rights goodbye.  As if that wasn't enough, "Dementia Joe" seemed ready to step outside and have a fistfight with the young man...a fight most are fairly sure security would have had to stop to save the candidate.  Make no mistakes, Biden is planning big and the Biden / Harris ticket has their eyes set on destroying the oil industry, destroying the 2nd Amendment, and likely propelling America into the "Dark Winter" he so famously referred to in his first debate with Trump.  Keep in mind, a "Dark Winter" would put more people dependent on the government for bailouts and it will put Biden in a position of handing that help out to Americans. 

So as Trump says it's not over, as lawyers scramble and as the media call's Trump's claims "baseless" perhaps the only thing we can be sure of as we move forward is "It ain't over until it's over."  In all honesty, and based on past situations similar to this, we can likely know that on January 21, Biden will move into the White House and Trump will move out.  

In the end, Trump will join history with Carter, and Bush in the not-so-recent past as being a one-term President.  Trump will have a choice.  He can go to Florida and quietly build his Presidential Libray, play golf, and enjoy retirement, or he can become a voice of resistance.  Who knows, he might just appear campaigning again in two years.    The only thing certain about Trump is that for him the phrase "it ain't over until it's over" applies to life and not simply a four-year term.  Trump has proven again and again that when he's down and everyone thinks he's done, he has a way of coming back stronger and bigger.   I personally don't think we've seen the last of this fighter by a long shot.  

Nov 2, 2020

The Final Day of Election 2020 is Almost Here!

Americans are entering the last two days of election 2020.  While there will be many battleground states where other elections will be fought, there is no doubt that the biggest election for the country comes down to two candidates.  Trump and Biden will be the race that dominates newscasts, reports, and updates for several hours, if not days, and will ultimately decide the direction of the country for the next four years.  

America has faced some great challenges in fact, we are still facing those challenges in a damaged economy, a locked up Congress unable to agree on a way to help, and a pandemic with consequences not yet fully realized.  It simply is not a normal election year

We have a choice to have a choice to make.  Do you want proven leadership that has met challenge after challenge, brought America back up in the world, brokered more peace treaties than any other President this century, or do you want to go with a 47 year, career politician who did little to help while collecting huge salaries for a "do-nothing" career?  

Americans have a clear choice...success in Trump and the opportunity to keep America great, or back to the same, old, routine politics which have stagnated this countries growth while giving its wealth and success away to countries like China.  If you listen to the media and the left, they would have you believe that Trump is a failure.  Well, that's an easy line to push if your friends around the world are not benefiting from America anymore.  

We know where Joe Biden stands - he wants to disarm Americans, place socialism firmly in American lives, play nice with China and other countries for his own benefit, and he wants lawlessness to be the norm of the day so the focus is off of him and on the streets.  For the first time in history, not a single police group or union has endorsed Joe Biden...think about that.  Not a single police group or union has endorsed Joe Biden.  Why?  Because the officers on our streets know, they see, and they can sniff out corruption when it's there.  Believe me, corruption is there and it is deep...anyone that continues to let the ANTIFA dot com domain point to his page without rebuttal, anyone that calls ANTIFA "an idea" is simply too blind to lead this nation.  

Donald Trump has told us where he stands.  Even further than that, he has kept his promises.  He made promises to communities, to the world, and to Americans working day in and day out just to get by.  He has put his money where his mouth is and not taken one paycheck from the government.  There is nobody in the media, the Congress, any party, or any person or nation able to buy him...Donald Trump is not for sale and they don't like it.  

November 3 is tomorrow.  If you have not voted, vote.  If your Trump-supporting friends in battleground states have not voted, call them, text them, email them and get them to vote.  Americans can not stay home for this election.  Do not take record numbers at the polls already as a sign Trump will win...Take nothing for granted and vote.  When the dust of this election settles, we will either move America forward toward greatness, or we will go into Joe Biden's "Dark Winter" that may well reach far beyond a four-year term.  You have to decide now.