Aug 23, 2011

Tusk Club: Foundations of The Arkansas Republican Party

Started in the 1970’s, the Tusk Club is the cornerstone of support for Arkansas Republicans.  Chairman Webb and Finance Director Curtis have traveled the state presenting the status of the party and information about the Tusk Club to potential members.   They are working tirelessly to ensure that people have a voice that is heard from downtown Little Rock, clear to the halls of Washington.

During a time when the Democratic Party is operating with nearly a billion dollars of campaign funding, Americans have found their values being tossed out the door.  Americans are tired of being told how health care will be, they are tired of being told how to live their lives, and they are tired of being told that taxes must go up.  The fact is there is an alternative.  There stands one party still fighting for the American people.  One party is still holding the line against total government control of American life.   We must limit government spending, we must combat government waste, and fortunately, there is one party, the Republican Party, which is championing the fight to do just that.  The Tusk Club of Arkansas is the foundation of support for the Republican Party of Arkansas.  Those interested in combating big government and taking back our country from Democrats only wanting to tax and spend should seriously consider membership in the Tusk Club program.   Together, America can be great once again.   For more information, go to Tusk Club Information

Aug 13, 2011

Ronald Reagan's Approach to Economic Recovery

Reagan meeting press: picture
Today is an exciting day for U.S. History and Republicans.  Thirty years ago in 1981, Ronald Reagan signed the largest tax cut in U.S. History.  America was in an economic slump, gas prices were out of sight, unemployment was up, and the country was on the verge of another depression. 

At his ranch in California, President Reagan sat down at an outside table with two simple microphones attached.  He wore the clothing of the common man at the time.  He did not wear the traditional suit and tie so often associated with a Presidential signing, but instead he decided to connect with America.  He wore a denim jacket, a button down shirt, and jeans.  He decided not to sign the tax cut at the White House amidst the fanfare and politics of Washington, but instead he signed it at a small ranch.  He signed it at what he considered to be “home”.  That day, Reagan stood out not as the President of the United States, but instead as one of the people.  He stood out as a man united with the nation.  It was clear that August day in 1981, that the nation was not a “You and me,” but rather a “We” and we were going forward together.

That largest tax cut was called the Economic Recovery Tax Act.  While some have argued that it propelled the country into owing trillions of dollars and hurt the U.S. standing on the global economic field, there is no denying that at home it launched a revolution.  People went back to work, the United States became “United” again, and it was clear we were in this together.  Our President was standing for us, but more importantly, he was standing “with” us.  The United States was propelled by Reagan’s common man approach, his willingness to stand with us, and the tax cuts into the largest economic rise in the history of the United States. 

How many worked to put up this sign?
While today is a day to remember what Reagan did thirty years ago, it is also a day to look to the future.  As Republicans and the nation lunge toward the Presidential race once again, we must seek that candidate who will stand with us.   President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, has failed to launch the U.S. economy.  Across the nation faded signs proclaim Obama’s economic stimulus with the words “Putting America to work” in front of empty fields where no Americans are working.  America must push a candidate who is one of the people, standing with the people, into the White House again. 

Aug 10, 2011

Representative David Simpson: Protecting Americans First

from: Texas GOP Vote

It is no secret that Texas is in a budget crisis like other states in America today.  It was at one of these budget discussions concerning proposed cuts for homes of people with Developmental Disabilities where I first met Representative David Simpson.  Budget cuts had been made affecting the healthcare of the people living in these homes, and I had gone to speak on behalf of them against further budget cuts.

The host of the meeting was still in the process of introductions and welcoming everyone there when Mr. Simpson arrived.  He slipped into the room unnoticed by most and sat down next to me.  Being from Texarkana, I had no idea who the man sitting next to me was.  We passed a basic greeting of “hello” before he asked me to confirm that this was the meeting for the proposed budget cuts.  I told him it was and figured he was another healthcare provider there to state his case against the proposed cuts.

By luck of having arrived first and signed the list first, I was allowed to present my case or presentation first.  I took the podium and informed the group why healthcare cuts against people with Developmental Disabilities would be devastating to the people, the caregivers, and the providers trying to maintain a positive quality of life. 

After my presentation, a few others went to the podium to discuss similar reasoning against the cuts.  Mr. Simpson leaned over and asked to glance at my notes.  Figuring he might be able to use my information in his presentation, I gladly shared them with him in hopes of gaining additional support for our position. 

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Simpson introduced himself and handed me a card.  It read simply, “David Simpson for Texas State Representative District 7”.    Excited that I had someone’s ear that would actually be making the decisions in Austin, I prepared myself mentally to start stating the reasons we were against the cuts, but before I could start my mini-presentation, Mr. Simpson began asking me questions. 

Mr. Simpson spent several minutes listening to each answer before asking another question.  In the end, he told me that he had been in the timber business and was given the opportunity to serve by being elected.  He was clearly humbled by this opportunity.  He seemed to have a true desire to help not only the people in his district, but people everywhere.  He had heard about the proposed cuts and wanted to learn more since he would be facing these issues in Austin.   His final statement was perhaps the most promising, Mr. Simpson said, “I know that if I had a family member living in one of these homes, I would want to know they had the funding needed, so I felt like I needed to know about these homes to help me make a good decision for the people I represent.”

Since that time I have had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Simpson’s Chief of Staff on the phone several times, corresponding through email and we have meet face to face to discuss the cuts being proposed.   Mr. Simpson has made it clear that he wants to do what is best for people.  His proposed bills, protecting people from being touched inappropriately and without cause by airport security, even brought the threat from TSA that all flights in Texas would be cancelled should the bill go into law.  Can you imagine TSA canceling all flights in Texas just because Mr. Simpson wanted to protect children, the elderly, men and women from being groped by airline security without probable cause?  What can you tell your young daughter or son after spending time informing them that no one except a physician or nurse trying to help them should touch certain places and then an airline security person does it?  You can tell them it’s not right, they had no reason to suspect them of being a terrorist, and you can tell them that men like David Simpson are still fighting to protect them and all people.  It is time for more men and women like David Simpson to stand up and tell the federal government, “we do not work for you, you work for us and you will respect our rights.”  

Republican Representative David Simpson can be contacted at