Dec 18, 2020

Trump to Biden, and The Changing American Media

Donald Trump encouraged schools to reopen as quickly as possible, and the media jumped on it.  The American media accused Trump of putting kids at risk in sports events and classrooms.  While Republican, Democrat, and Independent parents of school-age kids made their choices for the 2020-2021 school year, President Trump maintained we need to return to school.  The media said Trump did not care about the COVID-19 pandemic.  One media outlet even stated that Trump should let Barron go to school in this pandemic. Then came the election, and with it...change.

Now, Joe Biden states that he wants schools to open back up across America within his first 100 days in office.  The media? =Well, that's just a swell idea!  That's right, the same media that hammered President Trump for months because he was putting the kids in danger is now supporting the Biden plan to have the kids back in school within 100 days.  

But wait, the vaccine, praised as the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic - the same vaccine that the media laughed at Trump for saying would be ready by the end of the year - yeah, that vaccine they are now distributing at...oh my, the end of the year just like Trump said!  That vaccine is not expected to be fully distributed until the Spring of 2021, maybe even mid-summer of 2021.  So is Biden putting your kids at risk?  Yes, but the media seems okay with it, so perhaps we should be too!

While President Trump encouraged schools to get back to normal, he did not force them to do so with government interference.  Trump allowed each state, each school district to address the needs in their area.  Some schools went completely virtual, some went part-time, and others offered the choice to have virtual or on-site classes.  Trump maintained freedom of choice by stopping potential government interference.  In return, he received - ridicule, mocking, and outright assault from the American media.  

Now Biden is coming along and pretty much saying the same thing Trump said that schools should open...however, while the American media is lavishing praise on Biden for his idea, they are failing to tell you one thing.  Biden is not offering an option.  He has been on the phone with governors and is telling them schools will open within the first 100 days of his Presidency.  

So, what does this mean for American students?  Potentially a lot, but again, the wonderful change in the tide seen in the American media fails to tell you everything.  If you look closely, Biden will be President on January 20, 21.  100 days after Biden is President will be April 30.  The next potential school day will be May 3, 2021.  Most schools in the country end their school year in mid to late May.  

If Biden orders districts to truly open up in 100 days, imagine the mass confusion of returning kids to classrooms for a two to four week period.  Imagine the crisis of transferring from an online learning environment back to classrooms.  Imagine trying to coordinate for many what will essentially be the first day of school.  Perhaps more importantly, imagine the COVID-19 exposure that will be forced on millions of American kids against their parent's wishes.  Millions of those children will not have had an opportunity to receive the vaccine by May.  Further, millions may simply not want to "experimental" vaccine until later.  

Biden's return to school within the first 100 days is nothing more than a disaster plan.  School districts across the nation will become Superspreaders of COVID.  Our country will go into the summer months with the highest rate of COVID cases in children the nation has ever seen.  

Trump encouraged schools to reopen and left it up to each state and district.  Biden will propel children, your children, and grand-children, into a new wave of COVID exposure of unheard-of disastrous potential.  The media?  Well, what can we say...It's "Biden Time," and the American media is once again in they are not going to tell you of the potential disaster Biden is promoting.  Yes, the tide of the American media has certainly changed. 

Nov 20, 2020

The Radical Left's Unbelievable Thought Patterns

When I sat down to write this column, I honestly could not think of an appropriate heading.  After all, how do we, as Americans, justify hate speech that appears to be accepted, encouraged, and even promoted by a political party and its allies?  Political differences are simply a part of American politics.  It's what makes our world go round-and-round.  We divide by parties based on beliefs, ideas, interpretations, and individual views.  It's always been that way.  Abolitionists, for example, became the Republicans and supported the freedom of an entire enslaved race of people in the United States.  Democrats pushed for continued slavery and ultimately pushed back against laws that would free African-Americans.  It was different views and part of politics in the 1850s.  

Today, political differences continue.  We like to say, "Republicans are for lower taxes, while Democrats want to tax and spend."  Democrats like to say, "Republicans want to take your healthcare away, while Democrats want to help you keep it."  It's political maneuvering based on truths, half-truths, and to be honest, sometimes outright lies...yes, by both parties.  But never has one party promoted genocide, or at least allowed it to be discussed openly among supporters, until recently.  

David Atkins, an elected California member of the Democrat National Committee, has not only promoted reeducation, deprogramming, and other questionable methods to apply to Republicans and Trump supporters, but he has not refuted follow-up comments to his initial post.   

Now, if Atkins was just a random person posting, there would be no reason to take him seriously.  But, he is not a random person.  He is promoted as "an elected Californian member of the Democrat National Committee."  This promoted status makes him sound like a person of authority to many.    His post naturally caught the attention of many people.  

Suggestions were then openly given to Atkins that included internment camps, reeducation camps, and ultimately firing squads for those that refused to be "reprogrammed."  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the post was that there seems to be a lot of support for pushing Republicans into these deprogramming camps.  People claiming to be "Democrats" seem to be following in line with an ideology comparable to that of China and other Communist countries where if you disagree, you lose everything and are forced to change or die. 

Atkins is not alone in his vocal plans for Republicans and specifically Trump supporters.  Others have promoted the idea that all Trump supporters should be ruined, financially and socially.  They have actively stated that those working for Trump or supporting him should be blacklisted.  Don't believe it?  Read it for yourself: 

A list?  

More list

AOC again


Atkins information...

If you don't think anyone is listening to wild ideas, then you may need to think again:

Complete list of attacks on Trump supporters...

It's abundantly clear, as long as Democrat leadership irresponsibly sends a message of hate against Republicans and Trump supporters to their followers, those followers will act.  The list is far longer than what is presented here.  In fact, we could dedicate pages to the cry for revenge against Trump supporters and Republicans.  

Where did all this hatred, anger, and threatening behavior come from?  I mean, according to all national news, their guy won the election, so why all this now?  Truth?  Truth is, it never went away...this all sprang to life in 2016 when the anointed candidate, expected to win, of the Democrat Party, lost the race.  Since that time, hatred, anger, and threats have grown.   However, do not be dismayed...after all, the radical left should not be concerned with internment camps and attacks.   Perhaps, the radical left should be more afraid that the right, that we have watched their playbook now for four years, and we have learned.  

If they want American politics to dissolve into third world thinking and Communist based rhetoric, then the political machine that saw a nation march into Civil War, forced the right for women to vote, and pushed desegregation down the throats of defiant Democrats will rise up again.  We have 166 years of experience in fighting the uphill, underdog battles, and we know how to win.  

So, radical Democrats, touch one family, one person, start one internment camp or start one reprogramming facility, and you will find that 74,000,000 + American Republicans will hit back with a force unseen since Sherman marched to the sea or Grant set siege to Vicksburg.  We will not go quietly into the night.  

Being a Republican is more than being just a Trump supporter.  It is more than being just a political party.  A Republican is an American, and we are many.  We are the party that gave these words to the world, and they ring true today as they did back then.  "...that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." 

Nov 19, 2020

Republican Censorship and Social Media

Before and after the 2020 elections, a lot of Republicans expressed concern about censorship on both Twitter and Facebook.  The general feeling was these two platforms censored conservatives, worked to prove them false and even removed posts.  These actions resulted in an outcry that freedom of speech was being censored.  Unfortunately, since both Facebook and Twitter are privately owned corporations, they can in effect "censor" anything they wish.  

It should go without saying that censorship did not sit well with Republicans.  With hundreds of social media sites available, it was a general feeling that at least one would not censor our voices.  So, in record numbers, people began to flock to new sites like WeMe and Parler.  

WeMe is essentially another version of Facebook with paid levels.  WeMe has no advertising, so they have to charge something to keep the services going.  You can set up a free account, but to expand very far you're going to be paying something or buying some stickers.  

Parler is on Twitter after a few weeks at the gym!  Parler is pumped up with more writing space, easier sharing of pictures, videos, and articles and easier follows.  You can "echo" another post which is a simple way of saying "Retweet."  You can also "upvote" posts and information.  

Both sites can be found with a simple online search.  As of right now, they are the top two Republicans have been joining.  Both sites also promise no censorship.  Naturally, like almost all online sites, hate speech, pornography, or threats will not be tolerated on these platforms.  The Miller County Republican Committee, my home Republican committee,  updated its website recently to includes information on social media.  Go to for more information and click on the link "Social Media." 

Nov 17, 2020

Tom Cotton Has Georgia on His Mind: Senator heads to Georgia to help Republicans!

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is headed to Georgia.  As most of you know, the runoff in Georgia is critical for the control of the Senate.  Republican candidates are in a heated battle there that will not only affect Georgia but will also affect the entire United States.  Cotton has launched a financial campaign as well DONATE TO THE FIGHT TODAY.  

Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Senator Kelly Loeffler is favored right now by most of the press to win the runoff; however, as all Republicans know, we can not take what the press says for granted.  Senator Loeffler is fighting against a Democrat machine throwing millions into the race.  She needs YOUR help today! Don't delay!

David Perdue

Senator David Perdue is in an uncertain race in Georgia.  Senator Perdue has served the Senate since 2015 and his Democrat challenger is taking aim at not only Senator Perdue's seat, but also at a majority in the Senate.  This is another critical battle where your dollars can make a difference.  He needs YOUR help today!  Don't let either of these two down in their battle.  

Tom Cotton will be with both candidates Thursday, November 19 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds at 3:00 p.m.  Call your friends in Georgia, call the Republicans you know in every state, get support financially and in prayer to this critical race.  The future of the SCOTUS, our 2nd Amendment rights, and even our freedom of speech may very well depend on these two Republicans holding office and going to Washington to fight not only for Georgia but also for the entire nation.  A huge thank you to Tom Cotton and his team for coming to bat and helping our fellow Republicans! 

Join the battle, donate today!

Nov 10, 2020

It Ain't Over Until It's Over!

Yankee's baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over until it's over!"  Naturally, he was talking about a game of baseball.  As any sports fan can tell you, your team can be down and even counted out, but that doesn't mean the game is finished.  Perhaps that legendary cry is the new cry behind Trump now as people continue to search for the reason "Why" in regards to what appears to be an election loss.  

Already the Trump Administration has filed lawsuits, complained, and even prompted investigations into the election integrity.   It's a fight that will likely last into December and will push the boundaries of election law, and hopefully reform, to the edge of the American conscious.  

Biden's team on the other hand is already moving toward January and a first day that promises to undo many things Trump has done, start strict gun law legislation, and promote an agenda that is fundamentally socialist in nature.  Biden, the media favorite, has already stood toe-to-toe with an AR-15 owner and basically told him he could kiss his gun rights goodbye.  As if that wasn't enough, "Dementia Joe" seemed ready to step outside and have a fistfight with the young man...a fight most are fairly sure security would have had to stop to save the candidate.  Make no mistakes, Biden is planning big and the Biden / Harris ticket has their eyes set on destroying the oil industry, destroying the 2nd Amendment, and likely propelling America into the "Dark Winter" he so famously referred to in his first debate with Trump.  Keep in mind, a "Dark Winter" would put more people dependent on the government for bailouts and it will put Biden in a position of handing that help out to Americans. 

So as Trump says it's not over, as lawyers scramble and as the media call's Trump's claims "baseless" perhaps the only thing we can be sure of as we move forward is "It ain't over until it's over."  In all honesty, and based on past situations similar to this, we can likely know that on January 21, Biden will move into the White House and Trump will move out.  

In the end, Trump will join history with Carter, and Bush in the not-so-recent past as being a one-term President.  Trump will have a choice.  He can go to Florida and quietly build his Presidential Libray, play golf, and enjoy retirement, or he can become a voice of resistance.  Who knows, he might just appear campaigning again in two years.    The only thing certain about Trump is that for him the phrase "it ain't over until it's over" applies to life and not simply a four-year term.  Trump has proven again and again that when he's down and everyone thinks he's done, he has a way of coming back stronger and bigger.   I personally don't think we've seen the last of this fighter by a long shot.  

Nov 2, 2020

The Final Day of Election 2020 is Almost Here!

Americans are entering the last two days of election 2020.  While there will be many battleground states where other elections will be fought, there is no doubt that the biggest election for the country comes down to two candidates.  Trump and Biden will be the race that dominates newscasts, reports, and updates for several hours, if not days, and will ultimately decide the direction of the country for the next four years.  

America has faced some great challenges in fact, we are still facing those challenges in a damaged economy, a locked up Congress unable to agree on a way to help, and a pandemic with consequences not yet fully realized.  It simply is not a normal election year

We have a choice to have a choice to make.  Do you want proven leadership that has met challenge after challenge, brought America back up in the world, brokered more peace treaties than any other President this century, or do you want to go with a 47 year, career politician who did little to help while collecting huge salaries for a "do-nothing" career?  

Americans have a clear choice...success in Trump and the opportunity to keep America great, or back to the same, old, routine politics which have stagnated this countries growth while giving its wealth and success away to countries like China.  If you listen to the media and the left, they would have you believe that Trump is a failure.  Well, that's an easy line to push if your friends around the world are not benefiting from America anymore.  

We know where Joe Biden stands - he wants to disarm Americans, place socialism firmly in American lives, play nice with China and other countries for his own benefit, and he wants lawlessness to be the norm of the day so the focus is off of him and on the streets.  For the first time in history, not a single police group or union has endorsed Joe Biden...think about that.  Not a single police group or union has endorsed Joe Biden.  Why?  Because the officers on our streets know, they see, and they can sniff out corruption when it's there.  Believe me, corruption is there and it is deep...anyone that continues to let the ANTIFA dot com domain point to his page without rebuttal, anyone that calls ANTIFA "an idea" is simply too blind to lead this nation.  

Donald Trump has told us where he stands.  Even further than that, he has kept his promises.  He made promises to communities, to the world, and to Americans working day in and day out just to get by.  He has put his money where his mouth is and not taken one paycheck from the government.  There is nobody in the media, the Congress, any party, or any person or nation able to buy him...Donald Trump is not for sale and they don't like it.  

November 3 is tomorrow.  If you have not voted, vote.  If your Trump-supporting friends in battleground states have not voted, call them, text them, email them and get them to vote.  Americans can not stay home for this election.  Do not take record numbers at the polls already as a sign Trump will win...Take nothing for granted and vote.  When the dust of this election settles, we will either move America forward toward greatness, or we will go into Joe Biden's "Dark Winter" that may well reach far beyond a four-year term.  You have to decide now.  

Oct 27, 2020

Americans Support President Trump Now!

In the now-classic film Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the king, and his followers are all alone in the final battle when help arrives.  You may remember that in the final minutes of the battle, the king decides with his advisors to ride out and face the entire enemy army alone.  It's certain doom, but it's also the last chance to give his people hope and at least allow some of them to survive.  In those final moments, Gandalf arrives with reinforcements.  He makes a comment, "There stands the king alone," to which the response is "He is not alone."  The troops are then encouraged with the battle cry "To the king."  As you know, the rest is history as they soundly defeated the enemy and won the battle.  (  

As we come to the close of the 2020 election, we find November 3 quickly approaching.  We also find President Trump in much the same position as the king in the Lord of the Rings.  According to almost every poll, the media, the various newspapers, the Internet, and the Democrat party, the President is without hope.  For an election, this means they believe he does not have the support in votes to win.  The expectation is that the Democrats will have a tide of voters and that President Trump will be voted out of office.  When you listen, it's not hard to imagine Gandalf saying, "There stands the President alone..."  

At this moment, we, the voters, the silent majority, represent the army that arrived with Gandalf.  We have a clear choice.  We can retreat, hide in our homes from COVID and other fears, allow those who would intimidate us into shaming us into hiding, or we can declare loudly, "To President Trump" by voting.  

Make no mistake, friends... the Democrats have an army.  They are banging on the White House gates, and in the eyes of much of America, President Trump is almost standing alone.  Yes, the rallies have been great, the campaign headquarters are doing well, and there are boat parades and vehicle parades across the country, but that does not translate into votes.  The army that arrived in the movie looked good.  They rallied well, paraded well, and looked fantastic, but it was not until they wielded their weapons that they became great.  Your weapon is your vote.  Use it.  Cast it for Trump.  Vote.  

If on November 4, we wake up to the news that Trump lost, let it not because we failed to go to him in his hour of need.  He has stood for America for four years.  He has fought the fight, sometimes alone, for four years for you.  He has worked, been attacked, fought off false impeachments, attacks on his family, attacks on his character, and he has fought against lies.  According to the news, he now "stands alone."  Will he stand alone, or will you charge to the polls with the cry, "To the President?"  If you do, no matter what happens on November 3, you will have fought the good fight and stood by President Trump.    

Oct 24, 2020

Biden's "Dark Winter" Overshadows Hope in Last Debate

If you watched the debate, you are likely to have noticed that former Vice-President Joe Biden made at least a couple of references to COVID-19, causing a "Dark Winter."  Like many Americas, I initially thought very little of this reference, but then it began to pop up all over the Internet.  What becomes even more alarming about the comments is it actually references a government operation from 2001, a time Biden was very much involved with the government.  

Dark Winter was said to be conducted in 2001 from June 22-23.  The operation was a practice or mock exercise in the "What if" preparation for a pandemic of a smallpox attack on the United States.  The bottom line is that the operation was designed for practicing what might happen in the event of a pandemic attack of any kind on the United States.  Several private institutions such as John Hopkins Medical and others participated in the exercise and provided reports, statistics, and feedback to the government.  

While we certainly do not want to fall into a conspiracy theory group here at Texarkana GOP, the fact that Biden chose these words indicates that he expects one outcome.  Biden was trying to imply that more people than expected will die from COVID-19.  One thing is certain, the public can easily search "Dark Winter" and see the experiment information for themselves.  Biden seemed set to use fear, death, and disaster as the cornerstone of his campaign.  The message was clear, "Vote for me, or you're facing death and destruction."  

Fortunately, President Trump has had a clear and decisive plan all along.   When Joe Biden was yelling that President Trump was promoting fear, Trump was closing travel, setting plans in motion, having teams study the virus, and keeping the American people informed.  President Trump said many times that the deaths were projected to be over two million and that "One death from the China virus is too many."  

President Trump loves this country; he loves the people.  He did not set a "fear" and "destruction" rule for the day or promote it to the American people.  Instead, he promoted a response, unity, help, working together, and calm that Biden seems to lack.  President Trump did not yell, "Dark Winter." No, President Trump did what great leaders have always done...he promoted hope.  

A Democrat President during the darkest hours the United States faced during the Great Depression when people were starving, hurting, and crying out for help,  said to the American people, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."  That President projected calm, a plan, and pushed forward...America survived.  President Trump is following in those footsteps of great Presidents...he is projecting calm and reassurance.  

Remember, President Trump himself has faced the enemy and won.  COVID-19 struck at the leader of the nation, and he bounced back.  In the middle of continued attacks from Democrats, the loss of his brother, a full-blown political campaign, rebuilding a country, and trying to help people, Trump faced one of the deadliest pandemics we have seen in a century.  Like he has encouraged us, he faced it unafraid and overcame it.  

Joe Biden wants you to vote out of fear of a "Dark Winter."  President Trump wants you to vote out of confidence in the American Spirit.  I will always side with the fight, confidence, and burning spirit of the American people over the cowardly fear that would promote the horrors of a "Dark Winter." 


Oct 21, 2020

Trump Time!

Trump with Flag

Early voting has started in most places, and November 3 is right around the corner.  To put it bluntly, it's fourth and long, and we're down by a touchdown.  Polls show Biden has an eight to ten-point lead.  His lead is holding in battleground states.  November 3 is going to be a long night of watching results, praying, and hoping that America will not fall into the hands of a party with Socialist, economic destruction, and "Tax and Spend" plans coming.  Your time is's Trump Time!

If you believe America is great and it can still be great, then you have a duty, an obligation, a calling, a requirement to get up, get out, and vote.   Your voice must be counted.  The Christian, the independent, the Republican who supported another candidate, the lover of American, the gun owner, and the right to life supporters are now needed.  You can not stay home and watch the elections pass.   You must vote.  

 On November 4, Americans will wake up most likely to know that either Joe Biden will be President or Trump will serve us for another four years.  We have two choices standing in front of us.  One choice will offer a dark, clouded, and uncertain future filled with next taxes, gun restrictions, and a socialist agenda.   The other choice offers a bright future with economic growth, continued focus on rights, a continued agenda that says America is still the greatest country in the world.  I want to wake up with a feeling of hope with that bright future.  What do you want to wake up to on November 4? 

Sep 29, 2020

Will You Stand with Trump?

In 35 days, we will know the name of the President for the next four years.  The President will either be Donald Trump or Joe Biden - it's a simple choice.  Americans are going to elect a President, and regardless of how we feel at the end of the election- America will live with the choice for four more years.  

As you read this article, men, women, teenagers, college students, and even children are at work to ensure the next four years is met by the man who has stood up for you, stood up for me, and in fact, stood up for all of us against government overreach, government flaws, and government failures.  Donald J. Trump brought something unique to the Presidency.  Perhaps for the first time in history, he brought a leader to the White House who could not be bought, pushed, or "negotiated" into compromising you and your values.  The number one reason the media, elites, Hollywood, and Democrats do not like Trump is their lack of control.   In politics, you always trace the money, and you'll find who pulls strings.  With Donald J. Trump, nobody except Trump and his supporters pull the strings.  He pulls those strings for you.

As stated, children, teenagers, men, women, and college students across America have been hard at work.  They have been working, not for pay, riches, or even political favors or rewards...they have been working to push Trump over the top for another four years.   They have been standing up when threatened, they have been raising their voices when told to shut up, and they have lined yards with signs, worn hats, and publically endorsed Trump.  They have taken these actions at a time in our history when your support for a candidate could cost you your fact, it did cost at least one man his life.  These...heroes, if you will...continue in the face of COVID-19 to operate headquarters, put up the signs, and share the information.   Maybe you are one of them wearing a Trump hat, bearing a sticker on your car, or a flag in your yard.  Maybe you are doing your part.  Or, maybe you're one of the silent majority standing in the back afraid of what will happen, afraid of voicing your opinion or even putting a yard sign out... You're what I call the "Adrians" of the fight for Trump.  

You may remember a now-classic moved called Rocky II.  In the movie Rocky, the underdog, and one that everyone expected to lose, is fighting for himself and Adrian, his wife.  When Adrian is in the hospital, Rocky will not leave her side.  He won't train for the fight, he won't work, he won't do anything except stay with Adrian - it's simple - Adrain, or you the silent majority for Trump - is the only reason he will or will not fight.   Trump is very much like Rocky at this point.  Trump cares about the American people.  He has the trainers, the supporters like those already working headquarters, but he is concerned about the silent majority as they are his "Adrain."  If you remember the rest of the movie, Adrian wakes up, and Rocky tells her that if she doesn't want him to fight, he won't.  In other words, if he doesn't hear it from her, all the other support means nothing.  Her response is powerful.  She simply says, "I want you to win," to which the rest of Rocky's supporters say, "What are we waiting for?  Let's go."  

Do you want Trump to win?  Is it important for you to have another four years of economic, global, and American success?  Do you believe Trump has your interest at heart?  If so, he needs to hear from you now.  With 35 days to go, Trump needs to hear your "Adrain" voice saying, "I want you to win."  He needs to hear it at the rallies, in the streets, on signs, in donations, on bumper stickers, and on flags.  He needs to hear the exit polls that say, "I voted for Trump."  He needs the workers going to the public.  He needs your support now whether it if financial or you find a headquarters and group to donate your valuable time toward victory. 

As you likely know, Rocky went on to win as the underdog.  Trump is that underdog now.  The polls show Biden leading; the Democrats are hovering and waiting to take the White House.  Your time to say, "I support Trump" and show that support is not yet is now.  To you, it is simple - There stands the President...will you stand with him?  You must stand with Trump or in January, you may just wonder what happened to your country.  

Sep 22, 2020

Racist, the Cruel Lie About Trump

Trump with grandchildren
It seems since the moment Donald J. Trump became the elected President of the United States, he has been called a racist.  Celebrities, Democrats, and even a Wikipedia page have produced stories, incidents, and publications showing just how racist Trump is in the eyes of the world.    There remain two major flaws in the "Racist" lie concerning President Trump.  

The first flaw in the racist chant is the timing.   The racist claim came after Trump was elected.   Prior to the election, Trump was known as an outstanding member of the community with countless awards from minority groups.  Here is a brief list of Trump awards: 

Humanitarian Award from the National Jewish Health Group in 1976
Tree of Life Award from the Jewish National fund in 1983
Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award in 2007
Algemeiner Liberty Award in 2015

Once you come to the 2016 election, the list of awards continues with the Friends of Zion Award in 2017, and in 2019 Trump Square was named in Petah Tikva, Israel, to honor Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  In addition to awards, with little to no reconiztion from those calling him racist, Trump as President also: 

Upgraded Martin Luther King's birthplace to a national park status ensuring federal funding, support, and the status as a national park. 

Trump has focused revitalization on areas to help black communities across the country. 

Trump nominated the first African-American Woman to serve as General for the United States Marine Corps.  

Trump named Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Urban Development and Housing.

Trump named Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation. 

Trump named Tamara Bonzanto as Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Trump named Hannibal Ware as Inspector General of the Small Business Administration.

Trump named Jason Myung-lk Chung as United States Director of Asian Development Bank.

The list goes on for nominations of women and minorities to various departments, appointed positions, etc.  A review of previous Democrat Administrations such as President Carter and President Wilson finds absolutely no diversity in appointments.  In fact, President Wilson fired or removed all African Americans in Washington from the moment he took office!  Yet, Trump with a huge history of support for minotirities, is somehow called racist.  It is simply mind-boggling that anyone would call him a racist in view of so many examples standing against the claim.  

Perhaps those calling Trump a racist would respond that all the examples given have been in Trump's "public" life or have been done to draw attention away from his racism.  Unfortunately, that argument does not hold water.  President Trump has not only dated African American women in his private life, he has also married women from other countries with non-caucasian backgrounds.  

In closing, perhaps the most powerful hit against the racist claim can be seen in simple pictures of joy, love, and fun.  How can a man, who is supposed to be such a huge racist, reach out, show affection and love for his Jewish grandchildren?   His support, love and devotion to those grandchildren goes beyond politics, business, and public goes to the heart of a man who has no racist blood or bones in his body, much less his heart and mind.  Trump is not the racist the left would have you fact, the left should be ashamed of their continued use of the word "racist" when referring to Trump.  Their continued use of racist in reference to Trump is a cruel, outright lie, and a clear example of a  word that has become a political bomb to be tossed at anyone they do not like.  

Sep 15, 2020

Trump Signs in High Demand

Campaign headquarters across the nation have been reporting a run on Trump signs.  People are getting signs left and right.  While most people simply visit a local headquarters, make a small donation, and obtain a sign, others are so desperate that they are stealing them from yards.  

To those stealing Trump signs, we want to reach out to you.  You do not have to get down to the low level of a thief.   If you require Trump signs, we will help you obtain them.  There's no need to steal them.  While we need donations to keep headquarters moving and to pay for signs, we will gladly work with anyone unable to donate and wanting a sign.  Please just drop by your local Republican headquarters - we are everywhere - and explain your situation to the people working there.  I assure you, they will understand your need and work with you so that you, too, can have a Trump sign in your yard.  

As for those of us having signs walk away with desperate, fellow supporters, take heart.  There are answers for us as well.  You do have options.  Now, keeping in mind this is NOT legal advice, but simply a guide as to what I would do.  If it was me, I would take the following actions: 

1.  Do not under any circumstance set up a trap for your sign.  This could hurt someone, cause you potential legal trouble, and it's simply wrong.  I know it's funny when the guy on Facebook grabs the Trump sign that has been electrified, shakes, and falls out in the yard, but that was, in my opinion, a homeowner asking for legal troubles.  Just put your sign out with no traps.  

2.  Consider a camera.  You can get a wildlife camera or some other camera and catch these fellow Trump supporters in the act of "getting your sign for themselves."  If a fellow Trump supporter sees a camera watching, he or she will not try to take the sign.  A camera can provide video proof as well as serve as a reminder.  

3.  You can report the theft to the police.  In some cases, when the police find the Trump signs, you can then pick them up and place them back in your yard.  A police call naturally causes a police report, etc., so that is a choice you'll have to make regarding a sign. 

4.  Finally, you can make sure that the area where your sign is placed is in the light.  Put it under a motion detector light or closer to the house where a porch light will shine on it. 

Yes, Trump signs are in high demand.   We need to do all we can to help these folks seeking a sign to obtain them.  A few weeks ago, I even saw an additional sign on a yard.  It read, "Trump Supporters, Please Do Not Steal My Sign - Knock on the Door, and I will get you one!"   

So, to all the Trump supporters out there - those with signs and those seeking signs - have a fantastic day!

Aug 31, 2020

ANTIFA Domain points to Biden's Campaign Page opens directly to, and that should concern all Americans. By the time you read this, the Biden campaign may change or challenge the owners of the domain, but for the time being, the nameservers point to Biden's donation page.

This morning I read a post on a friend's Facebook page that said that "" typed into the web browser takes you to "," a fundraiser page for the Democrat candidate for president.  Now, knowing that sometimes stuff can come up on Facebook that is not always true (shocking!), I tested the little theory.  At roughly 6:30 a.m. CST, I used "" on my web browser, and I was taken directly to "," where an opportunity for me to donate to the campaign immediately popped up on the screen - don't worry, I did not donate.   

Several other people also commented, and I noticed that one person even said it checks out as true on Snopes.  Well, to be fair, Snopes called it "Mostly True," which to me is like saying, "I'm mostly fat," the end, I'm still "fat" and the redirect for is still "True."  (

According to several sources, this is not the first time that has pointed to Biden's page.  At some point, maybe a month ago or so, it did and was stopped when questioned.  As of 7:45 a.m., it was still pointing just fine to Joe's picture and a chance to donate.  

Now, we need to be fair - anyone can change a nameserver at any point and have it point to another domain name.  It's easy to do if you know what you're doing or if your hosting company has good tech support.   So, whoever owns could simply be having the domain point to Biden's site without the campaign's knowledge.  However, doesn't it seem like the campaign would take some sort of action?  

If Biden's campaign is really concerned about a domestic terrorist organization having its domain point to his website, a public statement, a press release, or speech at the least should be made to state that Biden does not support or endorse ANTIFA should be made.  To date, there does not seem to be one. 

Further, if Biden's campaign was concerned, shouldn't in addition to a public statement, it consider some sort of legal action?  It would be easy to file as a lawsuit against the hosting company to get the name of the ANTIFA owner and claim defamation of character.  There is clearly defamation going on as the American voters come to believe Biden supports ANTIFA...naturally, it's only defamation if it's not true, right?  So, where is the lawsuit?  

The simple fact is, Biden is accepting visits to his website from anywhere.  He needs visitors, he needs to reach out, and he doesn't care where a redirect comes from as long as the person reaches his site.  At a time that Biden should be condemning the domestic terrorist actions of ANTIFA, he seems content to use them as a vehicle to get what he wants...The Presidency of the United States and that willingness to allow ANTIFA to play a role in the election should concern all Americans regardless of party. 

Aug 8, 2020

As Congress Fails to Help Americans, Trump Steps Up


Last week Congress failed to come up with a plan to help the American people during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Perhaps more specifically, Democrats in Congress failed to help, propose, or approve a plan to help Americans.  Republicans offered nine plans.  Democrats refused to approve all nine.  The President decided that those hurting can not wait, so he stepped up for Americans

A short time ago today, President Trump signed Executive Orders to give a tax holiday on payroll taxes starting in August through the end of the year for people making less than $100,000 a year - perhaps that part upset the Democrats in Congress since they continue to make $150,000+ a year in salaries as the rest of the nation suffers.  President Trump also issued unemployment benefits to extend through the end of the year.  Those benefits will be $400 instead of the previous $600, but when it comes to a "Do-Nothing" Congress giving $0, $400 beats $0 all day! 

While the President is rushing toward the fight and rushing to help Americans, Democrats have already said they will file a lawsuit.  Yes, you read that right - the Democrats are going to file a lawsuit to stop the President's Executive Order.  This means they want those people making less than $100,000 a year to continue to pay payroll taxes.  They want people unemployed to get $0 from the Federal Government.  

Make no mistake here - The Democrats in Congress want you, making less than $100,000 a year, and you the unemployed to continue to suffer during this pandemic.  Understand this, while Republicans have tried in Congress, Democrats have blocked them.  Now the President is taking actions, and Democrats are going to file a lawsuit....they are actually going to file a lawsuit that says you can not have a tax break in the middle of a National Crisis and that the unemployed and hurting Americans can not have additional unemployment befits.  Are you getting this?  Do you understand that the Democrat party is placing politics over your family and your well-being?  If you can not see it, then you need to WAKE UP and pay attention. 

As Democrats prepare to file lawsuits to stop your tax relief and stop your unemployment,  President Trump standing up for you said this in response to the threats, "You always get sued." 

In November, remember that when the chips were down and times were tough, President Trump had your back.  While Congress rakes in $150,000+ salaries a year, the President taking a salary of $0 stepped up for you in what has been the darkest hour for some Americans. 

Aug 7, 2020

NPR Uses Taxpayer Funds to Attack the President

 It's known fact in the world of journalism that readers often only glance at headlines.  The headlines catch attention and often the story is not even read.  This well know fact continues to be a weapon of the media at large.  It's hard to control large corporations that own various media outlets, but when it comes to the NPR (National Public Radio) they are supposed to be a non-biased based media outlet...well, they are tax-funded and should be anyway.  

So, if they are tax-funded and non-bias, then why do they outright lie or place deceptive headlines in their news outlets?  After all, I'm sure they know that many readers only read the headlines, right?  So if you saw this NPR headline on the right and only read the headline, what would you think?

Wow - doesn't it appear that the Census Bureau is having problems because of "White House interference?"  I mean it clearly says the "White House," the place where President Trump resides, is guilty of "interference" in the counting efforts.   Poor Census Bureau...they cannot do their Constitutionally appointed job because the President is interfering. 

But wait!  It gets better!  Especially if you actually read the article they published.  Not only is the wild headline of the "Interference" dropped once you click the link, it changes completely to "Census Cuts All Counting Efforts Short By A Month"  But, I thought the "White House" was the problem?  

A full read of the article does show that the White House did interfere.  However, it was not in the negative way the article originally leads the reader to believe.  The White House actually extended the deadline for the counting to September 30, 2020, to allow the Census Bureau to collect all data in the middle of a National Emergency and the COVID-19 Pandemic.  That's right...The White House and specifically President Trump tried to help the Bureau meet their Constitutionally demanded jobs by giving them more time.  The article clearly states this fact!

It is bad enough that the jerks and morons typing the news and putting it out have forgotten that they should be reporting the news and not using it as a political weapon, but for the NPR to be doing it with taxpayers money - that is simply a violation of the conditions of their federal funding.  This should be looked into, investigated, and perhaps it's high time that NPR has to go out and get advertising support like other traditional news outlets.  I personally do not want my tax dollars going to fund any news outlet that allows their "Opinion" articles to become journalism or the headlines for what was otherwise a neutral article.  Shame on you NPR. 

Oh, and if you think it's insignificant, NPR has a $166 Million Budget as of 2015.  25% comes from the federal government - uh, yeah...your money.  Another 40% comes from public funding - cities, donations, etc.  I'm not sure how Americans should feel about $41,500,000 in tax funds on average going to support the political agenda of NPR. 

Aug 4, 2020

Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert Fires Back

Recently Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert was hospitalized with a diagnosis of COVID-19.  Rapert managed to communicate with supporters and friends through his various social media accounts.  When the announcement was made, it was simple, direct, and positive.  Rapert asked for prayers for his "family and every family who has lost a loved one to COVID-19."  It should have ended there with some follow up post of support and then updates from Rapert as he fought the battle.  It did not, unfortunately, stop there.

Within minutes of Rapert's post, hate postings started showing up on the Twitter account.  Some wanted to know if he would have a mask on his casket, and others outright wished him death.  At a time when politics should have been set aside, some chose to attack a man in the hospital fighting for his life.  Sadly, this is what many in our nation finds acceptable.  These people would take a moment of crisis for Rapert and his family and turn it into a driving force for hate.  I followed some of the posts and responded to some of them.  I will tell you that what I saw was simply appalling, nasty, and downright horrible. 

While several people immediately jumped to Rapert's defense, offered prayers, and chastised those who would attack Rapert while he was down, nothing could have prepared the attackers for what would come.  Not only did Rapert continue to get better and recover, but he also began to systematically fire back at his attackers. 

The responses that Rapert decided to take was unique.  He did not directly respond in most cases to the attacker; instead, he promoted the attacker's post.  Rapert took screenshots of the hate postings, reposted them on his own timeline, and called the person out by name and notified Twitter as well as other social media outlets regarding the hate post.  Regardless of where you stand on politics, hate posts are generally not accepted on social media.   By taking this approach, Rapert called attention to the post, ensured it was kept as part of the record, and the original posting person could not delete it. He called it to the attention of the social media review groups.  Rapert was professional, direct, and blunt with his attackers.

Rapert's response is not only the right thing to do; it is the thing that has been needed for a long time.  Too long, Republicans have sat by as Democrats, and others call us "Racist," "Anti-Women," "Deplorable," "Ignorant," and so many other things.  We have sat and listened as people try to scream over our speech and yell obscenities in our faces.  We have watched as they tear down our political signs, attack our headquarters,  and knock campaign hats off of kids.  We have listened to the death threats and even the cheers when candidates have been sick, hurt, or attacked.  We have also seen recently a Trump supporter killed for what police believe was his support of the President.  No more.  It's about time that our leaders lead the charge.  Trump set the stage, and it shocked the world when he acted "Non-Political" in his responses.  Now it's time that we do it on all levels. 

Rapert is leading the way as an Arkansas Senator and showing that we do not have to sit by and simply accept the attacks.  We can, and we should respond to them.  We do not have to drop to their low levels and use curse words and name-calling.  We can simply repost, point out, and fight back in a way that shows we will not roll over and go quietly because someone screamed at us. 

It's high time the Republican Party and Republicans, in general, met the attackers.   Jason Rapert not only had to fight a battle with COVID-19, but he also had to fight a struggle with radical people wishing him death.   Well done, Mr. Rapert.  You have an army of Arkansas supporters at your back, we are with you, and we will not take it anymore.

Jul 30, 2020

Bernell Trammel

His name was Bernell Trammell.  He was an American.  He was a business leader.  He was an African-American man.  He was described as kind, polite, and always out and about.  He had friends, family, and associates around the town.  He was also a Trump supporter, and on July 23 in Milwaukee, police now believe that is what cost Mr. Trammell is life. 

You read correctly friends.  Police now believe that Bernell Trammell was killed due to his support of President Donald Trump.  Ironically, Trammell is not what you would call a "Die-Hard" Republican though as he also supported some Democrat candidates.   He sounded like the kind of man that looked at the candidate more than the party.  Whatever the case was, he held signs supporting President Donald Trump and promoted the President.  Now, Bernell Trammell is dead. 

The efforts of those opposing President Donald Trump to silence the rest of Americans have been questionable and most likely outright harassment up to this point.  People have had MAGA has slapped off their heads or taken, people have been called racist, yelled at, and some have even called for physical harm against Trump supporters.  American politics has looked more like an episode of "COPS" than a political system built on the honor and dignity of a Republic.  Now, that other side has resorted to murder.  When yelling curse words, calling us names, destroying property, busting into headquarters for campaigns, and outright harassment and intimidation did not work...they have now decided that a few killings might silence the rest of us. 

In the words of the famous English Idioms "You done gone and done it now."  We will not go silent, and in fact, social media has come alive with hashtags like #JusticeforBernellTrammell and others.   No, see, you will not scare us into not voting or not supporting President Trump.  We will not hide away our signs, hats, and banners.  Rather now you have shown us by your actions that your intimidation knows no bounds.  Yes, you have certainly done gone and done it now - You have awakened every Trump supporter from the hills of North Carolina to the streets of Texas, from the ranches and farms to the business rooms, you have awakened an army.  From Maine to Arkansas, to Washington state and Alaska, we will turn out.  Trump flags will fly, Trump signs will be planted, and Trump hats and shirts will triple in numbers. 

You killed Mr. Bernell Trammell, a man with home-made Trump signs and a small area of influence in Milwaukee.  He had little influence outside his circle, but now we know his name.  Now we know what you have "done gone and done."  We know that there are simply no limits to what you will do illegally to silence us.  You have silenced you face millions and we will not be silenced now or in November.

President Tweets Out to Texarkana

President Donald Trump mentioned Texarkana in a tweet on July 29.  The President spoke of several grants and economic improvements being presented around the country.   This may be the first time a sitting President of the United States has ever mentioned Texarkana, Arkansas in an official tweet on social media.

In the "Texarkana Tweet," the President specifically discussed the grant for the Texarkana Regional Airport.  There are currently six grants being presented by the government to Arkansas for airport work.  The Texarkana grant will provide 3.6 million to reconstruct the terminal area.

As of this morning, the tweet had over 10,000 retweets or shares as it is sometimes called, and over 43, 0000 "Likes."  Several people on social media had shared the tweet and discussed it in the area.  Naturally, friends and supporters of the President expressed excitement at being recognized by the President's private Twitter account. 

President Donald Trump specifically noted that he was "glad to help the people of Arkansas."  Well, Mr. President, if you happen to stumble across our little article, our airport affects people from  Texarkana, Texas, and Arkansas, and people from Southeast Oklahoma and Northwest Louisiana.  We appreciate the grant.  We appreciate the shout out on Twitter.  However, most importantly, we appreciate all you are doing to Keep America Great.  Thank you, and God Bless you from your friends and supporters in Texarkana, USA.

Jul 27, 2020

Miller County Republican Committee to Open Headquarters

Miller County, AR: The Miller County Republican Committee is preparing to open a 2020 headquarters on Arkansas Boulevard in Texarkana. The headquarters will open on August 1, Saturday, at 9:00 a.m. for the first day. The headquarters is located at 1022 Arkansas Blvd. in Texarkana, Arkansas.

The headquarters will be open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. According to the Headquarters Committee, the hours will extend the closer to the November election date it gets. The headquarters telephone number is (870) 648-1071.

Volunteers and committee members will be on-site for visitors wishing to view the headquarters and obtain campaign material. The headquarters will feature Trump hats, shirts, signs, and other materials for the upcoming 2020 election.

Quick Facts:

Opening Day: August 1
Time: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Schedule: Monday through Saturday
Address: 1022 Arkansas Blvd.
Telephone: 870-648-1071
Website: Miller County Republican Committee

Jul 8, 2020

What's Your

Unless you are directly involved in politics, you likely have given little thought to your party affiliation.  You may claim to be a Democrat, Independent, or a Republican simply based on your voting history or views, but as far as formally declaring your party, few people do.  A search of most registered voters in Arkansas, for example, will reveal most are members of the "Optional" Party.  That simply means the person has no declared party.  In fact, unless you go down to the clerk's office and declare yourself a Democrat, Republican, or another party, you are likely listed as "Optional" Party. 
Once you become involved in politics, you likely declare your party.  Young people will going groups like "Young Democrats" or "Young Republicans."  Adults will join groups like the Miller County Republican Committee or the Miller County Democratic Party.  Many of them will then contact the clerk and make sure it clearly shows on voter registration a Democrat or Republican.  This is usually done when someone wants to be active, run for office, or work for a specific campaign.  

Whether a person is a "Claimed" Democrat or Republican based on voting history or a declared party member or voter, at some point, that person made a decision.  Sometimes people join the party of their parents, grandparents, or a close friend.  At other times they join a party based on the current president or an elected official.  Whatever the reason, people become Republicans, Democrats or Independents either officially or unofficially.  

One of the chief complaints seen by all parties is when a long-standing member of the party decides to change parties.  It may be a voter changing party, a potential candidate for office, or an officeholder who chooses to switch parties.  Ultimately, there is only a handful of reasons to change a fact, there are only three. 

The first reason to change a party is that it's not your party.  Maybe you grew up as a Democrat, but you've always supported and liked Republicans.  Maybe you like their platform and agree with it more than the Democrat platform, but mom and dad were Democrats, so you claim or declare that party.  One day you come to the realization that you're only a Democrat because of your parents, and you decide it's time to join the Republican Party.  So, your change comes because you realize it was never your party. 

The second reason to change a party is that the party leaves you behind.  Maybe you have been a Republican all your life, but you find that the platform of the party no longer agrees with your beliefs.  You look at other platforms, and you see the Democrat platform is more in line with your way of thinking.  At this point, you change parties because your current party left you behind. 

The third and final reason for changing parties is election outcomes.  Maybe your area has historically been pro-Democrat, and you've been a Democrat for years.  One day you find that the locality where you live is now pro-Republican.  You look around and see more Republican voters, more Republican officeholders, and more Republican-leaning people in your area.  At this point, you evaluate your position and find that the only way you believe you can win the election is to be a Republican candidate.  So, you switch parties to win the election.  

History is full of people changing parties.  I know of one potential candidate that has been an Independent, Republican, Democrat, and back to Republican while running for office.  That candidate has never won an office.  Many supporters of Ronald Reagan are surprised to learn that he was once a Democrat, but it's true, and he changed parties.  

In the end, the change to a different political party simply puts money into that party's account.  Those filing for office pay the party, those wishing to join local committees or parties pay money, and donations often increase when that party is popular.  The only real way to know if the candidate or citizen is truly a Democrat, Republican, or Independent is to watch the way they vote, where their support goes, and if elected officials, how they vote, represent, and what legislation they support or introduce.   

In recent years, Arkansas has seen a good number of Democrats change to the Republican Party.   This change has upset some long-standing Republicans.  Those Republicans have expressed concern because they feel like these new Republican converts are merely joining the party to win votes, and that may be true.  However, Republicans must keep in mind that some of these new converts may also have seen the changes in the Democrat Party and decided they do not like those changes.  

For the time being, all the Republican Party can do is accept filing fees, support the Republican candidates and monitor the candidate after he or she is in the office to see if that candidate supports Republican initiatives and pushes the platform and party views.   Only time will tell if a Democrat becoming a Republican is a real change or merely a wolf playing in the field of sheep.   

May 21, 2020

Kamala Harris and Her Mission for Political Correct Virus Names

Well, Kamala Harris is once again seeking little attention, folks.  If you remember, she is the former Democrat presidential candidate who claimed, "My failing campaign shows America's not ready for a woman of color as President."  Naturally, in her great claim to point the finger at all Americans, Harris failed to mention that only Democrats had been voting for or against her at that point in the primaries.  She also failed to point out that those same Democrats overwhelming pushed for Obama to the nominee twice and for Hillary to be the nominee last time.  Somehow, and suddenly, just three years after the party hailed Hillary (Yes, a woman) as the number one choice for the Democrat party, Harris decided that she was not being nominated simply because she is a woman and a woman of color.  Well, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.  Unfortunately, that little attention-seeking stunt was not enough.  Now Harris is at it again.

What else could Kamala Harris do?  Well, she needs to stay in the spotlight, so maybe Joe Biden will select her as his running mate.  After all, if Joe remembers which is a really easy debate to initiate, he said he would select a woman for his VP ticket.  So, Harris has decided to introduce new legislation.  It's not bad enough that she appears to feel anyone not voting for her is know, all those Democrats that did not vote for she wants to push these distorted types of beliefs on the rest of us. The act of a few people deciding what is politically correct and what is not politically correct seems to be something Democrats love to do.  So, in the excellent fashion of a Democrat, Harris has introduced a resolution that would declare it racist to call COVID-19 the "Wuhan Virus" or a "Chinese Virus."

Harris' actions must prompt an eyebrow rising from at least loyal Democrat voters as they wonder why one of their representatives seems to think defending a Communist Government and country is more important than America's freedom of speech.  "Wuhan Virus" or "Chinese Virus" is not a racist slur.  In fact, these statements are simply a fact.  The virus that now plagues most of the world came from the Wuhan area in China.   It's not a racist statement.  Apparently, Harris is more concerned about introducing her resolution to defend China than she is about helping the Americas in need.  To make a comparison, if the virus originated in Texarkana, I would see no problem in calling it the "Texarkana Virus," but it did began in Wuhan.  So, we refer to it from the area where it started or was first reported. 

Harris' resolution is merely uncalled for, failing to focus on Americans who are hurting, and a waste of Congressional time when we need them doing anything except wasting time and money on silly resolutions debating names for a pandemic virus.  But, if she is going to go down this road and make resolutions for viruses associated with places, she has a long road to go, and she had better get started.  I'm sure that is precisely what the voters in her district want...more political correctness.  So now that Harris has tackled the "Wuhan"..err, I mean "COVID-19," maybe she can pick a few out of this list next.  I would suggest any associated with the United States first...just saying:

West Nile Virus from the West Nile District of Uganda
Guinea Worm from the Guinea Coast of West Africa
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from the Western United States
Lyme disease from Lyme, Connecticut
Ross River Fever from the Ross River in Australia
Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever from Omsk, Russia
Ebola Fever from the Ebola River in Africa
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome from Saudi Arabia
Valley Fever from San Joaquin Valley in California
Marburg Virus from Marburg, Germany
Norovirus from Norwalk, Ohio
Zika Fever from Zika area in Uganda
Japanse Encephalitis from...get ready for it...Japan
German Measles from Germany
Spanish Flu because Spain started reporting deaths first
Lassa Fever from Lassa, Nigeria
Legionnaire's Disease from folks going to an American Legion convention in the United States

Yes, Kamala has work cut out for her now...

Mar 13, 2020

Democrats Need to Shut Up

You read corect "Democrats Need to Shut Up." 

Almost immediately after the President made his statement regarding the Corvid-19 virus, Democrats began yelling and screaming that the President had not done enough.  They yelled that he was at fault for the spread of the virus in the United States and that he was to blame for the shortage of testing kits.  Well...America is fed up with it.  Democrats - those yelling about Trump being to blame for the Corvid-19 in the United States - SHUT UP. 

Democrats have no room for complaining.  Why?  Well, here's a simple fact, while this potentially deadly disease was coming to light in China and starting to spread, you (Democrats) were busy parading around Washington, handing out impeachment pens, and celebrating the fact that you were initiating impeachment proceedings against the President.  You, Democrats, were so wrapped up in the idea of "Get Trump" that you failed on a monumental scale to watch, consider, and have a plan developed for a real crisis that was coming together quickly out of China.  You were either too wrapped up to notice, too stupid to notice, or you simply cared more about "Get Trump" than you did the American people you represent. 

Too harsh?  Really?  I don't think so.  Let's review the timeline here shall we:

January 11 - China state media reports the first known death.

January 15 - The House votes at Pelosi's urging to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. 

January 21 - Covid-19 comes into the United States from China

January 23 - Opening arguments in the House and at the same time China shuts down access to the Wuhan area.

January 30- Senators start two days of questions while the World Health Organization declares an emergency.
January 31 - Senate votes on more witnesses.  At this time, while fighting an impeachment shame, President Trump declares an emergency and places travel restrictions on travel from and going to China - at this time Presidential hopeful Democrat Joe Biden yells that Trump is guilty of "Fear-mongering."

February 3- Closing arguments finally start for Senate trial.

February 4 - President address the Corvid-19 virus in his State of the Union address.  It's an address that Pelosi rips up, calling it all lies.

February 5 - Senate votes and ends articles of impeachment and attention is turned to the Corvid-19 virus. 

The bottom line... The President not only had to fight an impeachment trial, but he had to continue to protect and safeguard America.  He did his job. 

The President warned by restricting travel - Democrats accused him of making up stuff!
The President warned in his State of the Union address- Democrats ignored him calling it all lies.

Now Democrats want to say the President did not do enough and did not do enough soon enough. 

No!  You do not get it both ways, dear Democrats.  You ignored the problem.  You focused on Impeachment.  You fought with the President and even called his concern over the Corvid 19 virus wrong.  Then, when you lost the battle just as you knew you would from the very start.  At that point, you suddenly want to take up the battle and work on it.  But you can't even work on the crisis while keeping your mouth's shut.  Even now, as you attempt to look good once again in the public's eyes, you can not simply shut up and listen. 

It's sad, but the fact is you will not shut up and will continue to fight the President at every turn.  It's plausible, and extremely likely, that if the President's team finds a cure for Corvid 19, you Democrats will say, "That's not the cure" and fight him all the way on that including possibly keeping away funding that would help. 

One thing is certain though... you had better hope that the hatred for President Trump runs deep enough in the eyes of your voters.  If it is deep enough, then they will keep electing you.  If that hatred is deep enough, they will elect you even if you continue to put their lives and safety second to your chase after Trump.  If you can't keep that shame going, those Democrat voters are going to wake up and realize you don't give two cents about them as long as they vote for you. 

Yes...Now would be a good time for you to just shut up.

Feb 10, 2020

Wilson Yells "You Lie" Pelosi Rips Up Speech: What is the Difference?

As President Barack Obama addressed a joint meeting of Congress in 2009, he paused briefly in his speech when the unthinkable happened.  A Republican Representative, Joe Wilson, yelled out, "You lie."  The President glanced toward the voice before continuing the speech.  The nation heard the voice, the world heard the voice and certainly, other members of Congress heard the voice. 

Immediately both Republicans and Democrats in Congress condemned Wilson's action.  In the end, Joe Wilson apologized to the President, the President accepted the apology, the House of Representatives issued a reprimand to Wilson, and life went on as usual.  Some thought there should have been more action taken, but overall the general feeling was that the issued had been put to rest.  Consequently, the President's acceptance of the apology and desire to move on likely helped a great deal with ending the issue.

Now, we fast forward to 2020.  President Trump addresses a joint meeting of Congress.  He notes progress, praises heroes of the United States military, and praises other individuals for their contributions.  Like most Presidential speeches to Congress, some agreed with the President and some disagreed.  For the most part, Congress listened to the speech, applauded when appropriate, and moved on afterward.  Several members of Congress decided not to attend the speech - certainly, their right and those members should answer to their constituents as to why they were not represented in the joint session, but that is between the representative and the voters back home. 

As the President wrapped up his speech, one individual took a moment to stand up, look around the room and individually tear each page of the President's speech up not only in front of Congress but also for the national television audience to see. 

Since Pelosi decided to tear up the speech, an act being questioned by many, including people from her own district,  as destroying government property social media has been swamped with hashtags and statements.  Some of the hashtags have been such statements as #Pelositantrum #Pelosimeltdown and others.  Some in Congress have called for an apology or some other action, but as to date, nothing official has been done. 

Ironically, no members of the Democrat Party have condemned Pelosi's actions, there has been no apology to the President made by Pelosi, and there is no news as of this time of any official reprimand from any body of Congress. 

The question has to be asked to Democrats and Republicans alike, "What is the difference?"  When Wilson yelled, "You lie," it was viewed by almost everyone as a disrespectful action.  He had shown disrespect not only to the President, but also to both houses of Congress, to the American people, and to his voters in his district.  The call for action was swift and immediate.  Now, as Pelosi clearly shows disrespect to the President, both houses of Congress, to the American people and to the voters in her district, there is no real call for action.

The two actions, yelling and destroying a President's speech, have the same end result.  Both actions are a sign of disrespect for the President and the office.  It does not matter whether you believe Obama lied or whether you dislike Trump, the actions taken by these two representatives of the people were the actions of disrespect.  There is no difference and the consequences should be the same.  If we can not all agree and see that as a nation of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, then maybe it is time we reexamine some of our core values as citizens of the United States of America.

Jan 29, 2020

First Female Republican County Judge Continues Line of First

When Cathy Hardin-Harrison was elected as the County Judge for Miller County, Arkansas in the 2018 election, she started a long line of first in Arkansas.  Cathy was the first Republican female in the state's history elected to the position of County Judge.  She was also the first female elected as County Judge in Miller County.  Cathy had already served as the County Tax Collector and served on her local Republican Committee as the Treasurer and State Committeewoman for several terms when she was sworn in as County Judge.  She continues to serve as the Republican State Committeewoman for Miller County at this time.  Now she has once again accomplished another first.

On December 12, 2019, The Supreme Court of Arkansas appointed several new members to the Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness.  The appointments include mayors, county officials, sheriffs, and others from around the state of Arkansas who will serve a term on the committee until September 30, 2022.  Among the appointees is the name "Cathy Hardin Harrison, Miller County of Texarkana."  With this appointment, Cathy once again has pushed the envelope of firsts.  She is now the first female County Judge, and the first female Republican County Judge to be appointed to the committee.

According to Cathy, the committee meets two to three times a year with a concentration on security and emergency preparedness for all the counties in Arkansas.  Cathy is already gathering information and input from others as she prepares for her first meeting.

We congratulate Cathy on her appointment.  It should also be noted that Cathy continues to debunk the Democrat's old lies about how Republicans do not like women.  Many in the Democrat Party would have you believe Republicans try to hold women back.  No, my dear Democrat friends, we do not hold Republican women back.  We promote them, support them, and help elect qualified, Republican women in Miller County, across Arkansas and across the nation.  Besides that, anyone that knows a Republican woman like Cathy would already know, there isn't anyone able to or going to hold them back.  Republican women are strong, independent, and filled with a conservative love and push for this country more powerful than you can imagine.  My advice to any Democrats when Republican women are moving, get out of the way.