Sep 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Deplorables

He thought people were deplorable too in his nation

Let's face the facts, politics has changed.  There was a time when supporters campaigned for their candidates without fear of reprisal, without fear of putting out campaign signs only to have them destroyed, and without fear of having damage to their private property simply due to their candidate support.  At that time we expected our candidates to fight it out with words on stage.  They would start out saying what all they would do, and end with how bad their opponent would be if elected.  Those times are over.  

Since the Tea Party supporters and Republicans were targeted by an IRS encouraged by the Obama Administration, it has become clear that we are now a nation of parties.  Democrats have continued using any position of power to intimidate and threaten Republicans and their allies.  In fact, Democrats used their ability to intimidate to ensure Hillary would become the nominee of their own party.   Since Trump's nomination, they have thrown eggs at supporters, torn down signs, and even tried to sabotage vehicles owned by supporters.  

While you can not point to the entire party on the actions of these few supporters, it is natural to expect the leaders of the party to condemn those actions publicly and respect the voters regardless of their choice.  That is no longer the case.  

Hillary Clinton stated that she put over half of Trump supporters in what she calls a "Basket of deplorables".  She then went on to describe us in further derogatory details.  Hillary is considered the top of the Democrat party elite at this time.  By calling Trump supporters, or Republicans, deplorables, she has crossed the line from campaigning against Donald Trump to targeting a group of Americans simply based on their political views.  

Hillary Clinton has made one thing very apparent.  If elected, you can expect she will go after those deplorables.  It can further be expected that her definition of deplorables will expand to cover anyone not agreeing with her agenda.  She has already proven that she feels and appears to be above our laws.  So, if she wants the gloves off and wants to be brutally honest, we deplorables would much rather be grouped together with Trump than to be stacked with her.    Perhaps we should be calling her "Hitler Hillary" since it was once Adolf Hitler who called various people in his country names based on their religious, political, and private views.  Once elected to office, he did everything within his power to persecute those people.  It leaves us wondering if Hillary....apparently capable of campaigning like Hitler did...will consider persecuting Americans that she decides are deplorable simply based on her own views and to the extent that Hitler once did.