Jul 5, 2016

Clinton Simply "Extremely Careless" With Our National Security

First the DOJ puts off any findings until after the election, next Bill Clinton meets privately with the head of the DOJ, and now the FBI releases that there will be no charges against Hillary Clinton.  The quote running around the world is that she was "extremely careless".    You know, basically an "Oops" on Hillary's part.

What exactly does "extremely careless" mean to us, the American people?  Did she put our sons and daughters around the world serving in the military at risk?  Did she maybe ignore emails that might have saved others....Benghazi?  Or maybe, she was just "extremely careless" with promotions within the State Department.  One thing is certain, until someone does a Freedom of Information Request, and who knows how long that process will take, the rest of us in the nation will simply have to wonder what does "extremely careless" mean?

Americans (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, etc.) would do well to remember that  Hillary was part of the administration that was "extremely careless" in releasing the name "Seal Team Six" to the public.  It should further be noted that several high ranking military officials have made "extremely careless" mistakes like this before and been removed from the military and even charged, prosecuted and put in prison.  It's starting to sound like an Obama controlled Washington will do anything to make sure that Hillary has no roadblocks to the White House.

So, do you really want someone who is "extremely careless" having the power of the President with her finger on our nuclear weapons?  Will you trust your children's future in this woman's hands?  It would be "extremely careless" as a voter not to pay close attention now.

Update at 2:45 p.m. - Within a few hours of the above announcement by the FBI, Hillary and Obama are campaigning in North Carolina.  Does anyone not find that suspicious that they are able to plan a campaign event within hours of a public announcement from the FBI?  WAKE UP AMERICA - THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND HILLARY CLINTON THINK YOU ARE ALL FOOLS!