Jan 25, 2013

Curtis Coleman in Texarkana February 5

Jan 4, 2013

Open Letter to John Boozman and Tom Cotton

I would like to remind our friends in Washington, Tom Cotton and John Boozman, that we elected you to stand up for our rights. As new gun control legislation is being considered, you each need to remember that the 2nd Amendment states "shall not be infringed." Any legislation that attempts to ban, remove, on hinder legal gun ownership by law abiding citizens is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment. If an infringement is allowed on any single one of our Bill of Rights, then it opens a door for further infringements on any and/or all rights guaranteed to the people of the United States. Gun control is a much larger issue than simply one amendment to the United States Constitution. If you stand by while one amendment of our important Bill of Rights is violated, can we trust you not to stand by while all of them are violated? Our campaign rallies, fundraisers, support, work, donations, and ultimately our votes carried you each to Washington to fight for the fourth District. More importantly though, we sent you there to uphold the Constitution, the rights, and the core of the freedoms that make up the United States for everyone in this country.