Nov 23, 2012

Why Romney Lost and Obama Won

It only takes a few moments to glance at the electoral map and realize why Mitt Romney lost.  While he clearly had more red across the nation than Obama did, he did not have red in key areas.  Mitt lost because he failed to do what successful Presidential candidates before him did.  He failed to connect to people.   He did not lose because America wanted Obama; he lost because America could not connect with Romney.

Consider the key facts –fair warning here Republican diehards, this will not be something you will love to hear, but we need to face it nonetheless.  The facts are simple, Obama connected where it counted the most and Romney did not:

Obama connected with large unions and showed support for them. / Romney informed large unions that he would shut them down – he lost the electoral votes in heavily union areas.
Obama, despite the rumors, has done nothing major against gun owners. /Romney as governor put more restrictive gun laws in place than Obama has ever considered.
Obama promoted Obamacare. / Romney opposed Obamacare, but as governor Romney instituted a health care program very close to Obamacare.
Obama grew up in a middle class family home, raised by his grandparents and basically considered poor by many standards. /Romney grew up privileged and has remained well above what is considered poor all his life.
Obama drew close to people considered poor. / Romney openly talked about the negative aspects of having poor people using government services.
Obama looked to the “Clinton Years” for reference. / Romney tried to distance himself from previous Republican Presidents.
Obama tried to connect with the working class.  / Romney tried to connect with business and was associated with it through Bain and even the slogan “I did build my business”.  Unfortunately for Romney, there are far more workers voting than business owners.
Obama connected with minority voters.  / Romney and Ryan both failed to connect with minority voters.

In the end, Obama connected (barely) with more voters in key areas than Romney did.  The Republican Party must find a candidate in the future able to reach across cultural lines, economic lines, and even political lines and meet the America people where they want to be met.  American’s don’t want to be met simply on the campaign trail in key campaign battle grounds.  American’s want to be met on a level field of play.  They want to be met on a level that says, “I understand and I’m with you.”  Ronald Reagan was called the Great Communicator because he could transcend the cultural, economic, and political lines.  When he came on television to talk to America, he talked with each American.  He talked directly to each American watching about the problem.  He addressed Americans from his office, or from his ranch in a tone that said, “Welcome to my home.  Have a seat and listen for a minute.”  He did not look to the reporters and anticipate their questions, or how to handle them because when he spoke he looked directly into the camera and right out into America.  When the Republican Party finds another candidate like Reagan who says, “I’m with you America.  I’m one of you and we’re all in this together,” then the party will return to its home.