Apr 6, 2014

Republicans Obamacare Decision, "Repeal or Modify?"

The Affordable Healthcare Act, or the better-known name Obamacare, is now in full swing across the country.  People are already feeling the effects, both good and bad, and the impact is reaching Independents, Democrats and Republicans. 

Independents and others who have little claim for either major party have stood by watching to see the outcome.  They have cast their votes in the last election, signed up in some cases through the online sites, and sat back and waited.  None are really sure what the outcome of Obamacare is going to be.  In the end, they will side with whoever is the winner.

Democrats on the other hand have tried to distance themselves from the once, great reform their party embraced.  Naturally, they endorsed it with the intelligence of “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.  Sadly, that mentality is one of a docile state of pure fools who appear willing to pass anything their anointed leader bestows upon them while supposedly representing their people back home.  Now that everyone is reading it, Democrats are scrabbling to give extensions, waivers, and most importantly to distance themselves from this disastrous law.  The election season does not look good for Obamacare supporters.

Republicans for their part have continued the uphill battle of repeal.  With some Republicans fleeing to the Libertarian or other political parties, some calling themselves the Tea Party, and others simply throwing their hands up in disgust, the party seems more fractured than ever before.  Naturally, nobody in “Conservative Movement” seems to remember the Reform Party, and everybody seems to forget about the strength in numbers factor.  However, the one point we seem to be united on is the need to repeal Obamacare.  Unfortunately, repealing Obamacare could hand the Democrats the much-needed offensive weapon to wipe out Republican officials in 2016 and beyond. 

The fact is Obamacare is currently boasting sign up numbers of around six to seven million.  This is good news for President Obama because that means there are six to seven million potential voters who will feel beholden to the Democrats.  They will feel like it was Obama’s fight to get them healthcare.  Unfortunately, a Republican push to remove Obamacare would potentially mean that six to seven million voters would be without healthcare, a fact that would not go unnoticed by the Democrats.    For Republicans to demand and push for a complete repeal now, could essentially make the party appear as the ones denying healthcare.  Naturally, there are people who have lost their healthcare, lost their doctors and seen premiums skyrocket.  Those people would support the Republican cause….maybe.  Maybe, because by the time Republicans can repeal the law, those same people who lost their healthcare will now have new healthcare through Obamacare.  They will have adjusted to their new rates, new physicians, and new insurance companies.  They will once again be living normal lives when the Republicans repeal Obamacare and force them to start over again.  The interviews will appear on television and across the Internet and people will proclaim, “I finally had a doctor I like and a plan I could live with under Obamacare, and those idiot Republicans took it away from me!”  The Democrats will be fast to grab onto the same people who slammed them initially and carry their banner against the Monster Republicans who want to take healthcare away from deserving Americans. 

In the end, the Republican Party faces a decision.  It can fight Obamacare and eventually repeal it.  We’ve seen Prohibition repealed, and laws changed before so there is no reason not to believe that Obamacare can be repealed in the future.  The decision will become whether to repeal it, or modify it.  Republicans will have to unite and figure out the best action on Obamacare.  It can be modified, maybe it can be fixed, or it can be simply appealed with the hope that no major political backlash comes to the party.   

One thing is certain no matter what the party decides to do, it must do it with a united effort.  Republicans need the Tea Party – the Tea Party needs the Republicans and yes, as much as it may pain some Republicans, we need those Libertarians and others on our side too.  The bottom line is you have to have the numbers in votes.  Without the number in votes, Democrats will remain united and in 2016 there will be no repeal, or modification of Obamacare.  We will continue down this road with a law that Democrats so happily informed us with their blind, ignorance that “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Apr 1, 2014

News Flash: President Obama Joins the Republican Party!

This morning as I thumbed through the Texarkana Gazette (http://www.texarkanagazette.com/) I was shocked to learn that President Barack Obama had left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party!  That’s right, in the ink, printed pages there is a small article about this huge change.   I have heard of politicians changing parties, but I had never heard of a sitting president leaving his party.

This must have been a shock to many Democrats.  Can you imagine being a Democrat right now and going into the November elections without Obama on your side?  Well…uh….okay, maybe it was more of a relief to the Democrats.  After all, for Republicans, Obama has been one of the biggest allies with the American public in years. 

Since Obama became president, Republicans have begun a revival based almost completely on Obama’s policies.  It seems that anytime the President opens his mouth on policies, Republicans are elected.  Obama says something about gun control, and Republican candidates get elected on the local, state and national level.  Obama forces healthcare on people, and Republicans get elected.  Even when the President offers his views on international situations, Republicans get elected!   It’s not just Republicans getting elected either….Obama is good for gun sales as well!  Imagine owning a small gun store and selling ammunition.  Over the last few years ammunition has been selling at alarming rates to public and private buyers.  Often the President will make a statement about gun control, and the ammunition sweeps off the shelf!  It would not be surprising to find that in some stores, Obama is credited with being the number one salesperson! 

So the question has to become, do the Republicans really want Obama?  Since he made this decision to leave the Democratic Party, we predict that Democrats may have sweeping victories in November.  They will likely reclaim a solid majority in Congress.  They will start immediate action to draft “Benghazi” Clinton as their number one choice to be the next president.  They will quickly, and quietly, tell gun owners that it’s okay to have a gun and defend yourself.  They will blame Obama for Obamacare, the Benghazi attack, and even the failing American economy all while pointing out that Obama’s “Republican” Platform, held as an Obama secret all these years, is the real reason America is failing as a nation.  Yes, you can bet they are going to have a field day attacking Obama and the Republicans now.  Naturally, their attacks will not be racially motivated….no, they will completely disagree with his policies and point out the failures of the policies while denying that race has anything to do with their stand against Obama.  In the end, Republicans may not really want all the Obama baggage that comes with a President who now has lower approval ratings than some dictators have on the world stage. 

Fortunately, the decision of Obama to leave the Democrats and bring his failed polices to the Republicans did not happen as the Gazette portrayed this morning.  Happy April Fool’s Day!   In a world where a President fails to stand up for Americans, fails to stand up for the American Military and his or her family, fails to stand up for American Business, and fails to ensure the protection of Americans around the world (Benghazi 2012) and fails to provide an American response when attacked, Republicans simply do not want Obama.  Republicans want to see America move forward, not into an increasingly Socialist form of government from Obama which borders very closely to a form of Communism where all it takes is a pen and a phone to get your way.