Aug 14, 2013

Obamacare Waste: Small Scale

As Washington scrambles to implement what those who voted for it call "a train wreck" Obamacare is slowly being implemented behind the scenes.  Across America private individuals are being contracted with to implement the first phases of Obamacare.  Already in the Texarkana area an office is in place with phones, staff, and electricity.  Oh, yes, your tax dollar is paying for those phones, staff and electricity. 

The job is simple.  You are contracted to "sell" Obamacare to people.  You will take a list that does not exist, call people at numbers you do not have, visit them at their homes or in the office, have them complete a form you do not have, and sign them up for a healthcare program based on their income which you do not have the figures for right now.  Sounds easy enough.  However, when most people stop to pay attention the the job, some key points stand out:
1.  There is no list to be used for contacts yet.
2.  There are no phone numbers for contact yet.
3.  There is no form to be completed yet.
4.  There is no program to offer yet.

This may sound like government waste and it is, but it even gets better.  Some people have already been in this job for several months!  As the old saying goes, it gets better and better because they have nobody to train them.  That's right, there is no trainers, because nobody knows how to do this job.  So, not only is the person contracted missing the ability to complete their job, they are also responsible to train themselves.  This is like taking your physician right out of high school and telling him or her that she needs to train herself.  You know, just read a few books on anatomy and you'll be good to's your medical license!

President Obama is pushing this so that he can say his program is working.  While it is working, it appears to be working for two important areas.  First, now the census workers will have something to do, and second that something will apparently be surfing the Internet on the government paid for (yes with your tax dollar) computers while they wait for a form and a list that does not exist.  Finally, it is the hope of this writer that at least the hard working government contract workers will have some sort of healthcare....but wait, they are contracted workers, so it's highly unlikely they will have access to the government healthcare plans that all other government workers have...yet again paid for by your tax dollar.