Apr 30, 2018

Trump Goes to Bat with North Korea

The President of South Korea is calling President Trump a "Nobel Peace Prize" candidate.  North Korea is stopping all their nuclear work.  North and South Korea are meeting to finally end a war that has only been on a "Cease Fire" since 1954.  For the first time since 1954, we may actually see peace between North and South Korea.  The world is hailing Trump's administration for ending the war.  The Democrats are... well, the Democrats are still doing something, but it's not certain what they are doing since they can say nothing positive about President Trump. 

Since President Trump took office he has had a hard line rhetoric against North Korea.  Trump has met Kim Jong Un word-for-word.  If North Korea said they had a "Nuclear Button," Trump reminded them that not only did he also have a "Nuclear Button," but that his was bigger.  He's called Trump names, and Trump has responded in like-terms.  The fact is, Trump has managed to accomplish what diplomats have never been able to do because they do not understand the rest of the world. 

Most of our past Presidents, for the good and the bad, have been diplomats.  They have spent years learning that to get negotiations done, you show your opponent respect, honor, and avoid at all cost any name-calling, threats, or language unbecoming a President.  Fortunately, now America has a President that doesn't do that.  While Trump certainly understands negotiations and how to talk with people, when called names, faced with threats, or receiving language that most Americans would consider un-becoming for Presidents, Trump has ignored political correctness and met the enemy word-for-word.  In other words, he spoke the language of the enemy.

Anyone that has ever faced a schoolyard bully will tell you that usually, the bully understands only one thing.  He understands if you refuse to accept his threats, meet his threats verbally and if necessarily meet his physical aggression with like-force.  Meeting a bully on his terms is usually all a bully understands...it's sad, and I'm sure psychologist are rolling over right now thinking, "No, you talk it out and reason," but let's face it, when has talking it out and reasoning with your bully ever stopped him?  More importantly, when has talking and reasoning with those who threaten the United States security ever worked? 

The fact is America is viewed by our enemies in the power or stand of the President.  There have been several cases of this in the past where bully-like nations have been met by Presidents who refused to use political correctness in negotiations.   Just a few things to consider about past Presidents:
1.  Andrew Jackson made it very clear to Mexico that should they cause problems or invade the United States after the Texas Revolution, that Jackson himself would lead the forces against Mexico.  The Mexican War did not start until after Jackson died.
2.  Teddy Roosevelt, feeling the boiling tension around the world, sent the United States Navy on tour as a show of power.  He made it well known that as President he would not allow anyone to take advantage of America.  Peace, some have argued, lasted longer because of Roosevelt's approach and it may have delayed the first World War.
3.  When Iran took hostages in the late 1970s, they did not fear President Carter, but when Reagan went into the office, they immediately released the hostages and sought a peaceful outcome.  This was based on the attitude that Reagan had shown during the election toward those who would oppose the United States.
4.  After 9-11, several captives enemy troops, especially high ranking operatives, have stated that they attacked because they thought Bush was unlike his father and was weak.  One even went so far as to state, "We did not realize that Cowboy would fight!" 

History is full of examples of strong Presidents keeping the United States safe by taking strong stands that have not always been politically correct.  It is no coincidence that Trump sent people to meet with North Korea prior to Trump's planned meeting.  Shortly after that meeting, the North has come to the table to start peace.   It is clear to the world and should be clear to anyone, including our Democrat friends, that Trump's no-political correctness attitude has clearly paved the way toward a peace.  The bottom line, enemies of the United States understand one thing and that is "Whoever is willing to use the biggest bat wins with a home run," and Trump is clearly willing to not only show the bat but use it if needed to make a major home run for America.