Oct 24, 2020

Biden's "Dark Winter" Overshadows Hope in Last Debate

If you watched the debate, you are likely to have noticed that former Vice-President Joe Biden made at least a couple of references to COVID-19, causing a "Dark Winter."  Like many Americas, I initially thought very little of this reference, but then it began to pop up all over the Internet.  What becomes even more alarming about the comments is it actually references a government operation from 2001, a time Biden was very much involved with the government.  

Dark Winter was said to be conducted in 2001 from June 22-23.  The operation was a practice or mock exercise in the "What if" preparation for a pandemic of a smallpox attack on the United States.  The bottom line is that the operation was designed for practicing what might happen in the event of a pandemic attack of any kind on the United States.  Several private institutions such as John Hopkins Medical and others participated in the exercise and provided reports, statistics, and feedback to the government.  

While we certainly do not want to fall into a conspiracy theory group here at Texarkana GOP, the fact that Biden chose these words indicates that he expects one outcome.  Biden was trying to imply that more people than expected will die from COVID-19.  One thing is certain, the public can easily search "Dark Winter" and see the experiment information for themselves.  Biden seemed set to use fear, death, and disaster as the cornerstone of his campaign.  The message was clear, "Vote for me, or you're facing death and destruction."  

Fortunately, President Trump has had a clear and decisive plan all along.   When Joe Biden was yelling that President Trump was promoting fear, Trump was closing travel, setting plans in motion, having teams study the virus, and keeping the American people informed.  President Trump said many times that the deaths were projected to be over two million and that "One death from the China virus is too many."  

President Trump loves this country; he loves the people.  He did not set a "fear" and "destruction" rule for the day or promote it to the American people.  Instead, he promoted a response, unity, help, working together, and calm that Biden seems to lack.  President Trump did not yell, "Dark Winter." No, President Trump did what great leaders have always done...he promoted hope.  

A Democrat President during the darkest hours the United States faced during the Great Depression when people were starving, hurting, and crying out for help,  said to the American people, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."  That President projected calm, a plan, and pushed forward...America survived.  President Trump is following in those footsteps of great Presidents...he is projecting calm and reassurance.  

Remember, President Trump himself has faced the enemy and won.  COVID-19 struck at the leader of the nation, and he bounced back.  In the middle of continued attacks from Democrats, the loss of his brother, a full-blown political campaign, rebuilding a country, and trying to help people, Trump faced one of the deadliest pandemics we have seen in a century.  Like he has encouraged us, he faced it unafraid and overcame it.  

Joe Biden wants you to vote out of fear of a "Dark Winter."  President Trump wants you to vote out of confidence in the American Spirit.  I will always side with the fight, confidence, and burning spirit of the American people over the cowardly fear that would promote the horrors of a "Dark Winter." 


Oct 21, 2020

Trump Time!

Trump with Flag

Early voting has started in most places, and November 3 is right around the corner.  To put it bluntly, it's fourth and long, and we're down by a touchdown.  Polls show Biden has an eight to ten-point lead.  His lead is holding in battleground states.  November 3 is going to be a long night of watching results, praying, and hoping that America will not fall into the hands of a party with Socialist, economic destruction, and "Tax and Spend" plans coming.  Your time is now...it's Trump Time!

If you believe America is great and it can still be great, then you have a duty, an obligation, a calling, a requirement to get up, get out, and vote.   Your voice must be counted.  The Christian, the independent, the Republican who supported another candidate, the lover of American, the gun owner, and the right to life supporters are now needed.  You can not stay home and watch the elections pass.   You must vote.  

 On November 4, Americans will wake up most likely to know that either Joe Biden will be President or Trump will serve us for another four years.  We have two choices standing in front of us.  One choice will offer a dark, clouded, and uncertain future filled with next taxes, gun restrictions, and a socialist agenda.   The other choice offers a bright future with economic growth, continued focus on rights, a continued agenda that says America is still the greatest country in the world.  I want to wake up with a feeling of hope with that bright future.  What do you want to wake up to on November 4? 

Sep 29, 2020

Will You Stand with Trump?

In 35 days, we will know the name of the President for the next four years.  The President will either be Donald Trump or Joe Biden - it's a simple choice.  Americans are going to elect a President, and regardless of how we feel at the end of the election- America will live with the choice for four more years.  

As you read this article, men, women, teenagers, college students, and even children are at work to ensure the next four years is met by the man who has stood up for you, stood up for me, and in fact, stood up for all of us against government overreach, government flaws, and government failures.  Donald J. Trump brought something unique to the Presidency.  Perhaps for the first time in history, he brought a leader to the White House who could not be bought, pushed, or "negotiated" into compromising you and your values.  The number one reason the media, elites, Hollywood, and Democrats do not like Trump is their lack of control.   In politics, you always trace the money, and you'll find who pulls strings.  With Donald J. Trump, nobody except Trump and his supporters pull the strings.  He pulls those strings for you.

As stated, children, teenagers, men, women, and college students across America have been hard at work.  They have been working, not for pay, riches, or even political favors or rewards...they have been working to push Trump over the top for another four years.   They have been standing up when threatened, they have been raising their voices when told to shut up, and they have lined yards with signs, worn hats, and publically endorsed Trump.  They have taken these actions at a time in our history when your support for a candidate could cost you your life...in fact, it did cost at least one man his life.  These...heroes, if you will...continue in the face of COVID-19 to operate headquarters, put up the signs, and share the information.   Maybe you are one of them wearing a Trump hat, bearing a sticker on your car, or a flag in your yard.  Maybe you are doing your part.  Or, maybe you're one of the silent majority standing in the back afraid of what will happen, afraid of voicing your opinion or even putting a yard sign out... You're what I call the "Adrians" of the fight for Trump.  

You may remember a now-classic moved called Rocky II.  In the movie Rocky, the underdog, and one that everyone expected to lose, is fighting for himself and Adrian, his wife.  When Adrian is in the hospital, Rocky will not leave her side.  He won't train for the fight, he won't work, he won't do anything except stay with Adrian - it's simple - Adrain, or you the silent majority for Trump - is the only reason he will or will not fight.   Trump is very much like Rocky at this point.  Trump cares about the American people.  He has the trainers, the supporters like those already working headquarters, but he is concerned about the silent majority as they are his "Adrain."  If you remember the rest of the movie, Adrian wakes up, and Rocky tells her that if she doesn't want him to fight, he won't.  In other words, if he doesn't hear it from her, all the other support means nothing.  Her response is powerful.  She simply says, "I want you to win," to which the rest of Rocky's supporters say, "What are we waiting for?  Let's go."  

Do you want Trump to win?  Is it important for you to have another four years of economic, global, and American success?  Do you believe Trump has your interest at heart?  If so, he needs to hear from you now.  With 35 days to go, Trump needs to hear your "Adrain" voice saying, "I want you to win."  He needs to hear it at the rallies, in the streets, on signs, in donations, on bumper stickers, and on flags.  He needs to hear the exit polls that say, "I voted for Trump."  He needs the workers going to the public.  He needs your support now whether it if financial or you find a headquarters and group to donate your valuable time toward victory. 

As you likely know, Rocky went on to win as the underdog.  Trump is that underdog now.  The polls show Biden leading; the Democrats are hovering and waiting to take the White House.  Your time to say, "I support Trump" and show that support is not yet gone...it is now.  To you, it is simple - There stands the President...will you stand with him?  You must stand with Trump or in January, you may just wonder what happened to your country.  

Sep 22, 2020

Racist, the Cruel Lie About Trump

Trump with grandchildren
It seems since the moment Donald J. Trump became the elected President of the United States, he has been called a racist.  Celebrities, Democrats, and even a Wikipedia page have produced stories, incidents, and publications showing just how racist Trump is in the eyes of the world.    There remain two major flaws in the "Racist" lie concerning President Trump.  

The first flaw in the racist chant is the timing.   The racist claim came after Trump was elected.   Prior to the election, Trump was known as an outstanding member of the community with countless awards from minority groups.  Here is a brief list of Trump awards: 

Humanitarian Award from the National Jewish Health Group in 1976
Tree of Life Award from the Jewish National fund in 1983
Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award in 2007
Algemeiner Liberty Award in 2015

Once you come to the 2016 election, the list of awards continues with the Friends of Zion Award in 2017, and in 2019 Trump Square was named in Petah Tikva, Israel, to honor Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  In addition to awards, with little to no reconiztion from those calling him racist, Trump as President also: 

Upgraded Martin Luther King's birthplace to a national park status ensuring federal funding, support, and the status as a national park. 

Trump has focused revitalization on areas to help black communities across the country. 

Trump nominated the first African-American Woman to serve as General for the United States Marine Corps.  

Trump named Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Urban Development and Housing.

Trump named Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation. 

Trump named Tamara Bonzanto as Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Trump named Hannibal Ware as Inspector General of the Small Business Administration.

Trump named Jason Myung-lk Chung as United States Director of Asian Development Bank.

The list goes on for nominations of women and minorities to various departments, appointed positions, etc.  A review of previous Democrat Administrations such as President Carter and President Wilson finds absolutely no diversity in appointments.  In fact, President Wilson fired or removed all African Americans in Washington from the moment he took office!  Yet, Trump with a huge history of support for minotirities, is somehow called racist.  It is simply mind-boggling that anyone would call him a racist in view of so many examples standing against the claim.  

Perhaps those calling Trump a racist would respond that all the examples given have been in Trump's "public" life or have been done to draw attention away from his racism.  Unfortunately, that argument does not hold water.  President Trump has not only dated African American women in his private life, he has also married women from other countries with non-caucasian backgrounds.  

In closing, perhaps the most powerful hit against the racist claim can be seen in simple pictures of joy, love, and fun.  How can a man, who is supposed to be such a huge racist, reach out, show affection and love for his Jewish grandchildren?   His support, love and devotion to those grandchildren goes beyond politics, business, and public images...it goes to the heart of a man who has no racist blood or bones in his body, much less his heart and mind.  Trump is not the racist the left would have you believe...in fact, the left should be ashamed of their continued use of the word "racist" when referring to Trump.  Their continued use of racist in reference to Trump is a cruel, outright lie, and a clear example of a  word that has become a political bomb to be tossed at anyone they do not like.  

Sep 15, 2020

Trump Signs in High Demand

Campaign headquarters across the nation have been reporting a run on Trump signs.  People are getting signs left and right.  While most people simply visit a local headquarters, make a small donation, and obtain a sign, others are so desperate that they are stealing them from yards.  

To those stealing Trump signs, we want to reach out to you.  You do not have to get down to the low level of a thief.   If you require Trump signs, we will help you obtain them.  There's no need to steal them.  While we need donations to keep headquarters moving and to pay for signs, we will gladly work with anyone unable to donate and wanting a sign.  Please just drop by your local Republican headquarters - we are everywhere - and explain your situation to the people working there.  I assure you, they will understand your need and work with you so that you, too, can have a Trump sign in your yard.  

As for those of us having signs walk away with desperate, fellow supporters, take heart.  There are answers for us as well.  You do have options.  Now, keeping in mind this is NOT legal advice, but simply a guide as to what I would do.  If it was me, I would take the following actions: 

1.  Do not under any circumstance set up a trap for your sign.  This could hurt someone, cause you potential legal trouble, and it's simply wrong.  I know it's funny when the guy on Facebook grabs the Trump sign that has been electrified, shakes, and falls out in the yard, but that was, in my opinion, a homeowner asking for legal troubles.  Just put your sign out with no traps.  

2.  Consider a camera.  You can get a wildlife camera or some other camera and catch these fellow Trump supporters in the act of "getting your sign for themselves."  If a fellow Trump supporter sees a camera watching, he or she will not try to take the sign.  A camera can provide video proof as well as serve as a reminder.  

3.  You can report the theft to the police.  In some cases, when the police find the Trump signs, you can then pick them up and place them back in your yard.  A police call naturally causes a police report, etc., so that is a choice you'll have to make regarding a sign. 

4.  Finally, you can make sure that the area where your sign is placed is in the light.  Put it under a motion detector light or closer to the house where a porch light will shine on it. 

Yes, Trump signs are in high demand.   We need to do all we can to help these folks seeking a sign to obtain them.  A few weeks ago, I even saw an additional sign on a yard.  It read, "Trump Supporters, Please Do Not Steal My Sign - Knock on the Door, and I will get you one!"   

So, to all the Trump supporters out there - those with signs and those seeking signs - have a fantastic day!