Apr 2, 2021

HB 1435 - Misinformation and Lies

There is an old saying I heard someone use the other day, and it goes, "Lies go around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on."  A recent event in the House Judiciary Committee in Little Rock highlights the truth about this old saying.  A vote on HB1435 within the committee was called, voted on, and the bill did not advance.  In simple terms, it failed to pass the committee.  The bill was intended to help prevent Federal enforcement of unconstitutional laws in the state of Arkansas.   It should have ended there, or it should have been rewritten and tried again, or any number of other avenues if the sponsors of the bill wanted it to proceed, and this may still happen.  The problem was not the failure to pass the bill out of the committee. The problem is the rapid and almost immediate spread of misinformation and lies about who voted and did not vote on the bill.  

Representative Carl Dalby of Texarkana, the Judiciary Committee chair, came under fire on social media for a video of the vote and a lie stating she did not vote.  In the video, the Judiciary Committee called for the vote.  Each name was called out except for Dalby's.  From this video, the misinformation concerning how the vote was handled was spread across social media.  This misinformation took life as the lie that Dalby did not vote.  People began to say that the vote was 8 in favor of the bill moving forward, 9 against, and 2 abstaining.  In truth, Dalby is the committee chair and therefore would have given her vote directly from the chair's position-this is not uncommon, and it is not uncommon to not call the chair's name.  Dalby's "Yes" vote was recorded in the state's record. 

As soon as the misinformation and lie were spread, Dalby went online, addressed it, and posted a final tally vote copy.  Dalby voted "Yes," according to this document.  The resulting vote was a 9 for, 9 against, and 2 abstaining.  A tie is called a failed vote, and therefore the bill did not move forward.  

You would think Dalby presenting this would be the end of the discussion; however, as noted, "Lies go around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on."  Well, as the lie spread, more people began to contact Dalby.  While some were naturally polite, many others were not.  There have been threats against Dalby's life, against her home, and outright rude calls.  She has been called names and threatened as the lie continues to spread.  Unfortunately, some of those calling Dalby even claim to be Republicans.  

It is time to stop.  

The threats, the attacks, the misinformation, and the lies need to stop now.  It is not only the right thing to do; it may very well be the legally correct thing to do.  Dalby, an attorney, will be much more familiar with the laws concerning threats than I am.  I can only assume that she is considering all avenues of legal responses to the people who spread the misinformation, lies, and threats.   As for those threatening Representative Dalby, you need to consider crawling back under whatever rock-covered infestation you came out of and be thankful if there are no legal repercussions.  

Dalby has worked diligently for the Texarkana area and Arkansas since being elected as a Representative.  She has spoken with people freely, she has answered questions, and she has kept an open line of communication with anyone, even people outside her district, wishing to talk with her.  She has proven time and time again to be an honorable representative, and perhaps more important than that, she has proven to be a loyal and honorable person.   I dare say some of those calling Representative Dalby would not wish to compare records and history with this woman.  Hopefully, the calls will stop, the lies will stop, this spread of misinformation will be stopped.   Dalby deserves better than this, and in fact, Arkansas deserves better respect for all of our elected officials. 

Mar 9, 2021

Don't Ever Count Me Out

Leslie Rutledge
Rutledge, a Republican woman running what some would consider an uphill battle for Arkansas Governor, should never be counted out.  At an introduction meeting to the Miller County Republican Committee, Leslie Rutledge informed the committee she is used to tough battles, and she should not be counted out early. 

During her presentation, Rutledge informed the committee that in her first run for Attorney General of Arkansas, there was a three-way Republican Primary race.  Recent polling showed Rutledge at 9% or dead last behind the other two candidates.  Never one to give up, Rutledge continued to campaign door-to-door and across the state.   She continued to push her message out to the people of the state.  On election night, that "Never Give Up" spirit propelled her to the number one position with 47% of the vote.  Although she had a runoff, she won the race and went on to win the general election as well.  Since that time, Leslie Rutledge has served as Arkansas's first Republican female Attorney General.  

Now Rutledge has turned her attention to the Governor's office of Arkansas.  She will be in a tight primary with a well-known national figure and friend of hers, Huckabee-Sanders.  During the committee meeting, one member asked her if she thought the race would be a good one, and with a straightforward, no-nonsense answer, Rutledge replied, "Well, that's the plan.  I don't plan to lose."  

Perhaps Leslie Rutledge's entire campaign can be summed up in words she used when addressing the committee.  Rutledge said, "Don't ever count me out."  The words were direct and honest.  If Arkansas has learned one thing from the years of Rutledge as Attorney General, it is that she is a fighter that will fight until the last bell has run.  Rutledge has a plan, a desire to serve Arkansas, and a campaign pushing to see a bright and positive future for the state.  If she goes down in the primaries, it certainly will not be for lack of fight and Arkansas spirit. 

Jan 29, 2021

The King of Executive Orders!

Biden Executive Order stack
President Joe Biden had promised to write executive orders starting on his first day in office.  Well, you have to admit whether you like him or not, he has kept that promise.  As of this writing, Biden has signed forty-two Executive Orders in his first ten days.    January 30 will mark Biden's tenth day in office, so he technically has a little more time to expand on that record should he wish. 

In the age of social media and quick contempt, remarks, and criticism, it has taken little time for the world to notice the huge amount of executive orders coming out of the White House.  Biden is actually signing orders so fast that a website (https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders) which keeps up with the executive orders of Presidents only had twenty-two listed as of this afternoon.  

To give a clear comparison and understanding of why Biden is taking criticism, you must look at the last few presidents and their executive orders.  Trump signed seven executive orders in his first ten days which was an expansion on Obama's six signed in his first ten days.  Bush only signed two in his first ten days.  For the most part, these other Presidents relied more on sending measures to Congress for review and consideration.  Biden seems to be flying to executive orders as if it might be his last day. 

Critics have noticed that Biden's orders have killed over 11,000 pipeline jobs, and angered our friends in Canada.  Biden stopped the border wall which also killed current jobs and left materials sitting on the round in New Mexico.  Those materials are already paid for by the government, and so they will likely sit there.  Consequently, New Mexico has reported the wall was working and helping to slow illegal entry into our country.  New Mexico also reported that Biden's order kills the project when it was almost complete.  Executive orders have also sent us back into the Paris Climate group, a questionable deal at best that will cost the American taxpayers more money.  The overriding common factor appears to be an effort to undo everything President Trump had set in motion.  Biden seems intent on stopping anything that had a "Trump" seal on it from pipelines to walls.  For a President who boasted of wanting unity in his inaugural address to the nation, Biden has spent his first ten days slapping the seventy-four million voters who voted for Trump and his policies.  Ironically, by slapping the pipeline down, Biden also hit some of his own supporters in the unions. 

Jim Moore wrote a book during the Clinton Presidential years called Clinton, Young Man in a Hurray.  Well, Clinton's actions of being in a hurry pale compared to Biden's.  Perhaps someone needs to write a new book regarding the Biden Administration.  A good title for the book might be Biden, Old Man in a Hurray because he seems to be on a mission to complete his presidency with executive orders only.  Saldy, Biden seems to take these actions as if he is taking revenge on Trump.  So far, the Biden revenge seems to know no bounds and he seems to care little if his executive orders hurt American workers, taxpayers, or the states which Biden promised to unify and represent as a President for everyone.  

So far on unifying the country, Biden has shut down two major job streams, put the safety of people in New Mexico at risk, opened the door for mass illegal immigration during a worldwide pandemic, and angered our neighbors to the north in Canada.  The only thing clear so far is that Biden, signing forty-two executive orders without Congressional oversight or approval, seems to be acting like a dictator who unifies everyone by simply saying, "My way or the highway," although you may end up walking on the highway since he is also shutting down oil and gas production on federal lands.  

Jan 26, 2021

Impeaching Trump 2.0

Regardless of how you feel about President Trump, there is a looming question that must be considered - Can Congress impeach a private citizen?  Only being a layperson reading the Constitution, I can not give a legal opinion; however, I certainly can give an opinion, and that opinion is...No.  

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution states: 

"The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for , and Conviction of , Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors"

Again, stressing this is my opinion, but looking at Donald J. Trump on February 9 in the Senate raises one major problem for all Senators....Trump is not the President, Vice President, or a civil office holder of the United States.  Simply put, Trump is a private citizen.  The Constitution did not and does not at any point provide a legal avenue to "Impeach" a private citizen.  

The fact that impeachment proceedings started while Trump was in office also has to be reviewed.  There might be a slim chance that someone could argue that the impeachment did start while Trump was President; however, the Articles of Impeachment were not sent to the Senate from the House until January 25...five days after Trump was a private citizen.  That effectively means the House did not deliver impeachment proceedings per the Constitution within the timeframe of his service as President.  

The new question becomes why impeach Trump at all?  Or perhaps more specifically, why spend millions of the taxpayer's dollars to impeach a private citizen who lost the election?  The answer is easy...2024.  Democrats in Washington fear the Trump political machine.  They know that if he returns in 2024, especially if they have a failed Democrat President, the election could suddenly go Trump's way for a second term as President.   From the very start with Trump's election victory in 2016 to now, Democrats have hated Trump with such a passion that they will do anything to "Get Trump."  Impeachment 2.0 is just the last-ditch effort to ensure Trump is never able to return to the office.  

Ultimately Democrats will waste millions of your tax dollars on the impeachment of a private citizen.  Trump's history is clear...he will fight the impeachment all the way to the SCOTUS.  If I was placing bets, simply based on the language of impeachment, I would put my money on Trump winning.  

Democrats on the hunt have failed to consider two important things.  First, if the impeachment is allowed to go through and becomes an accepted interpretation of the Constitution, then that opens the door to impeach Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush, and anyone who has ever served in the capacity of a civil office of the United States.   Consequently, this would also include former Congressional members.  The House and Senate could simply impeach people based entirely on political views and based on which party has control, which is a hazardous prospect and akin to something you find in third world countries or in the past with such places as Nazi Germany.   

The second thing Democrats have failed to consider is a wise old saying.  When you grow up going into the woods and spending time in nature, you will sometimes hear neat little folk-type sayings.  One of those sayings is, "Never poke a bear."  The implication is that poking a bear will provoke it to strike back, and a bear's strike can be deadly.  Instead of letting Trump go into the sunset and plan his future, Democrats have decided to "Poke the bear."  Trump is a big bear with a huge following of supporters, and you can rest assured that since they have decided to poke him...he will be free to focus all his efforts on striking back politically. 

Jan 25, 2021

Part Three - Now What?

 (Note: Part One and Part Two are already published on this blog) 

elephant and flag
Now we have looked at ways to slow down the Democrats in Washington by sharing our ideas, views, and providing input in a neutral way on the issues.  We have also looked at ways we can challenge the Democrat machine.  Now, we will look at education.  

It may surprise you to find out that a lot of people know little to nothing about the Republican Party.  For example, I was listening to one Republican telling a story about a discussion where he found highly educated men thought Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.  He was shocked since all the men he was talking to were educated, politically involved, and overall intelligent people.  Not surprisingly, the men were astounded to learn that Lincoln was a Republican.  Stories like this are repeated over and over and it becomes shocking how little the public knows about the Republican Party.  

So, what does the public know about the party?  Well, here's a few things we have been told, heard, or seen promoted about the party: 

  1.   Republicans are against women's rights
  2.   Republicans are against labor and labor unions
  3.   Republicans want to remove healthcare benefits from people
  4.   Republicans only want tax breaks for the rich
  5.   Republicans do not support African-American initiatives 
  6.   Republicans are a bunch of old white, racist men

Should I go on?  I can, but I think you get the idea.  What a lot of people know about the party comes from...to be honest here...the lies of the Democrat Party, mainstream media, and many in the education system.  Want to know the truth regarding the above list?  Here it is:

  1. Republicans have promoted women's rights since the right to vote, the right to advance in college and obtain law degrees, the right to own businesses and property, the right to run for office, and in fact more Republican women are running for office today more than ever in history. 
  2. Republicans are found in labor unions, and labor groups across the country.  Republicans promote jobs such as the pipeline which was recently signed away by President Joe Biden (A Democrat in case you're confused here). 
  3. Republicans want healthcare to benefit all, to be affordable, and to provide free choice in the market for your physician and the decisions you and your physician make.  
  4. Tax breaks have been seen, especially in recent administrations, to have positive outcomes for poor, middle class, and upper-class Americans.  It's not about giving special tax breaks to the rich, it's about cutting taxes everywhere and using what tax dollars are needed in a responsible way. 
  5. The NAACP was founded by Republican women, Republicans pushed for the right of African-Americans to vote, Republicans pushed for equality, and when that equality was challenged by Democrats as was the case in Little Rock, a Republican President sent the United States Marshalls and the Army to ensure desegregation happened whether Democrats wanted it or not.  Today more African-American businesses are supported by Republican initiatives than ever before and it's growing. 
  6. You need to visit a Republican meeting.  You will see young women, young men, African-American men and women, Hispanic men and women, and in fact, you'll see people from all walks of life.  These Republican men and women represent today and will continue to represent the wave of Republicans to come tomorrow.  
Now, it's all well and good for us to share the lies and then clarify the truth in an article meant for Republicans, but how do you go beyond that?  It is really simple.  Here's a formula to use:

Fund Education + Present Education = Educated Public

You can do this on your own, or with the support of your local committee or party.  You need to have a Public Relations campaign in your area.  It does not have to be big, but it will take a little money.  How much you will spend will vary.  You will need to have your facts lined up from either the party platform, history, or some other source.  There are hundreds of sources out there with Republican information.  The Texarkana GOP (Texarkanagop.blogspot.com) has some information at the bottom of the main page.  Take that information, with the funding needed, and find an avenue to present it locally.  

Here are a few avenues for presenting your education - Facebook advertising, banners at sports event stadiums, advertising in yearbooks, advertising in-game brochures for local high school or college teams, advertising signs for yards, host special events such as "Meet the candidate" and provide brochures on the party.  Advertising or promoting can be simple.  A banner for example may say something like this:

Miller County Republican Committee

More women elected to office in your county than ever before!


Get on the Public Relationsions committee, talk about ideas, take the one above and take it apart and develop your own.  Make it short, make it long.  Give the information to force the people to ask, "Wait, Democrats told me Republicans are against women...why are Republicans electing women to office?" and other questions.   Once people start asking questions, they will question what they have been told, what they have learned, and what they believe.  At that point, they will seek the truth and you need to provide that truth about the party. 

Education is the final key to working through the next few years in the "Now What?" aspect of our current political climate.  As a party, on the national level, we've been knocked down...but we have been down before and guess what?  We have always gotten back up....So, as the saying goes in a fight, "Get up because I ain't heard no bell yet and it ain't over."