Jul 8, 2020

What's Your Party...now?

Unless you are directly involved in politics, you likely have given little thought to your party affiliation.  You may claim to be a Democrat, Independent, or a Republican simply based on your voting history or views, but as far as formally declaring your party, few people do.  A search of most registered voters in Arkansas, for example, will reveal most are members of the "Optional" Party.  That simply means the person has no declared party.  In fact, unless you go down to the clerk's office and declare yourself a Democrat, Republican, or another party, you are likely listed as "Optional" Party. 
Once you become involved in politics, you likely declare your party.  Young people will going groups like "Young Democrats" or "Young Republicans."  Adults will join groups like the Miller County Republican Committee or the Miller County Democratic Party.  Many of them will then contact the clerk and make sure it clearly shows on voter registration a Democrat or Republican.  This is usually done when someone wants to be active, run for office, or work for a specific campaign.  

Whether a person is a "Claimed" Democrat or Republican based on voting history or a declared party member or voter, at some point, that person made a decision.  Sometimes people join the party of their parents, grandparents, or a close friend.  At other times they join a party based on the current president or an elected official.  Whatever the reason, people become Republicans, Democrats or Independents either officially or unofficially.  

One of the chief complaints seen by all parties is when a long-standing member of the party decides to change parties.  It may be a voter changing party, a potential candidate for office, or an officeholder who chooses to switch parties.  Ultimately, there is only a handful of reasons to change a party...in fact, there are only three. 

The first reason to change a party is that it's not your party.  Maybe you grew up as a Democrat, but you've always supported and liked Republicans.  Maybe you like their platform and agree with it more than the Democrat platform, but mom and dad were Democrats, so you claim or declare that party.  One day you come to the realization that you're only a Democrat because of your parents, and you decide it's time to join the Republican Party.  So, your change comes because you realize it was never your party. 

The second reason to change a party is that the party leaves you behind.  Maybe you have been a Republican all your life, but you find that the platform of the party no longer agrees with your beliefs.  You look at other platforms, and you see the Democrat platform is more in line with your way of thinking.  At this point, you change parties because your current party left you behind. 

The third and final reason for changing parties is election outcomes.  Maybe your area has historically been pro-Democrat, and you've been a Democrat for years.  One day you find that the locality where you live is now pro-Republican.  You look around and see more Republican voters, more Republican officeholders, and more Republican-leaning people in your area.  At this point, you evaluate your position and find that the only way you believe you can win the election is to be a Republican candidate.  So, you switch parties to win the election.  

History is full of people changing parties.  I know of one potential candidate that has been an Independent, Republican, Democrat, and back to Republican while running for office.  That candidate has never won an office.  Many supporters of Ronald Reagan are surprised to learn that he was once a Democrat, but it's true, and he changed parties.  

In the end, the change to a different political party simply puts money into that party's account.  Those filing for office pay the party, those wishing to join local committees or parties pay money, and donations often increase when that party is popular.  The only real way to know if the candidate or citizen is truly a Democrat, Republican, or Independent is to watch the way they vote, where their support goes, and if elected officials, how they vote, represent, and what legislation they support or introduce.   

In recent years, Arkansas has seen a good number of Democrats change to the Republican Party.   This change has upset some long-standing Republicans.  Those Republicans have expressed concern because they feel like these new Republican converts are merely joining the party to win votes, and that may be true.  However, Republicans must keep in mind that some of these new converts may also have seen the changes in the Democrat Party and decided they do not like those changes.  

For the time being, all the Republican Party can do is accept filing fees, support the Republican candidates and monitor the candidate after he or she is in the office to see if that candidate supports Republican initiatives and pushes the platform and party views.   Only time will tell if a Democrat becoming a Republican is a real change or merely a wolf playing in the field of sheep.   

May 21, 2020

Kamala Harris and Her Mission for Political Correct Virus Names

Well, Kamala Harris is once again seeking little attention, folks.  If you remember, she is the former Democrat presidential candidate who claimed, "My failing campaign shows America's not ready for a woman of color as President."  Naturally, in her great claim to point the finger at all Americans, Harris failed to mention that only Democrats had been voting for or against her at that point in the primaries.  She also failed to point out that those same Democrats overwhelming pushed for Obama to the nominee twice and for Hillary to be the nominee last time.  Somehow, and suddenly, just three years after the party hailed Hillary (Yes, a woman) as the number one choice for the Democrat party, Harris decided that she was not being nominated simply because she is a woman and a woman of color.  Well, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.  Unfortunately, that little attention-seeking stunt was not enough.  Now Harris is at it again.

What else could Kamala Harris do?  Well, she needs to stay in the spotlight, so maybe Joe Biden will select her as his running mate.  After all, if Joe remembers which is a really easy debate to initiate, he said he would select a woman for his VP ticket.  So, Harris has decided to introduce new legislation.  It's not bad enough that she appears to feel anyone not voting for her is prejudice...you know, all those Democrats that did not vote for her...now she wants to push these distorted types of beliefs on the rest of us. The act of a few people deciding what is politically correct and what is not politically correct seems to be something Democrats love to do.  So, in the excellent fashion of a Democrat, Harris has introduced a resolution that would declare it racist to call COVID-19 the "Wuhan Virus" or a "Chinese Virus."

Harris' actions must prompt an eyebrow rising from at least loyal Democrat voters as they wonder why one of their representatives seems to think defending a Communist Government and country is more important than America's freedom of speech.  "Wuhan Virus" or "Chinese Virus" is not a racist slur.  In fact, these statements are simply a fact.  The virus that now plagues most of the world came from the Wuhan area in China.   It's not a racist statement.  Apparently, Harris is more concerned about introducing her resolution to defend China than she is about helping the Americas in need.  To make a comparison, if the virus originated in Texarkana, I would see no problem in calling it the "Texarkana Virus," but it did not...it began in Wuhan.  So, we refer to it from the area where it started or was first reported. 

Harris' resolution is merely uncalled for, failing to focus on Americans who are hurting, and a waste of Congressional time when we need them doing anything except wasting time and money on silly resolutions debating names for a pandemic virus.  But, if she is going to go down this road and make resolutions for viruses associated with places, she has a long road to go, and she had better get started.  I'm sure that is precisely what the voters in her district want...more political correctness.  So now that Harris has tackled the "Wuhan"..err, I mean "COVID-19," maybe she can pick a few out of this list next.  I would suggest any associated with the United States first...just saying:

West Nile Virus from the West Nile District of Uganda
Guinea Worm from the Guinea Coast of West Africa
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from the Western United States
Lyme disease from Lyme, Connecticut
Ross River Fever from the Ross River in Australia
Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever from Omsk, Russia
Ebola Fever from the Ebola River in Africa
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome from Saudi Arabia
Valley Fever from San Joaquin Valley in California
Marburg Virus from Marburg, Germany
Norovirus from Norwalk, Ohio
Zika Fever from Zika area in Uganda
Japanse Encephalitis from...get ready for it...Japan
German Measles from Germany
Spanish Flu because Spain started reporting deaths first
Lassa Fever from Lassa, Nigeria
Legionnaire's Disease from folks going to an American Legion convention in the United States

Yes, Kamala has work cut out for her now...

Mar 13, 2020

Democrats Need to Shut Up

You read corect "Democrats Need to Shut Up." 

Almost immediately after the President made his statement regarding the Corvid-19 virus, Democrats began yelling and screaming that the President had not done enough.  They yelled that he was at fault for the spread of the virus in the United States and that he was to blame for the shortage of testing kits.  Well...America is fed up with it.  Democrats - those yelling about Trump being to blame for the Corvid-19 in the United States - SHUT UP. 

Democrats have no room for complaining.  Why?  Well, here's a simple fact, while this potentially deadly disease was coming to light in China and starting to spread, you (Democrats) were busy parading around Washington, handing out impeachment pens, and celebrating the fact that you were initiating impeachment proceedings against the President.  You, Democrats, were so wrapped up in the idea of "Get Trump" that you failed on a monumental scale to watch, consider, and have a plan developed for a real crisis that was coming together quickly out of China.  You were either too wrapped up to notice, too stupid to notice, or you simply cared more about "Get Trump" than you did the American people you represent. 

Too harsh?  Really?  I don't think so.  Let's review the timeline here shall we:

January 11 - China state media reports the first known death.

January 15 - The House votes at Pelosi's urging to send articles of impeachment to the Senate. 

January 21 - Covid-19 comes into the United States from China

January 23 - Opening arguments in the House and at the same time China shuts down access to the Wuhan area.

January 30- Senators start two days of questions while the World Health Organization declares an emergency.
January 31 - Senate votes on more witnesses.  At this time, while fighting an impeachment shame, President Trump declares an emergency and places travel restrictions on travel from and going to China - at this time Presidential hopeful Democrat Joe Biden yells that Trump is guilty of "Fear-mongering."

February 3- Closing arguments finally start for Senate trial.

February 4 - President address the Corvid-19 virus in his State of the Union address.  It's an address that Pelosi rips up, calling it all lies.

February 5 - Senate votes and ends articles of impeachment and attention is turned to the Corvid-19 virus. 

The bottom line... The President not only had to fight an impeachment trial, but he had to continue to protect and safeguard America.  He did his job. 

The President warned by restricting travel - Democrats accused him of making up stuff!
The President warned in his State of the Union address- Democrats ignored him calling it all lies.

Now Democrats want to say the President did not do enough and did not do enough soon enough. 

No!  You do not get it both ways, dear Democrats.  You ignored the problem.  You focused on Impeachment.  You fought with the President and even called his concern over the Corvid 19 virus wrong.  Then, when you lost the battle just as you knew you would from the very start.  At that point, you suddenly want to take up the battle and work on it.  But you can't even work on the crisis while keeping your mouth's shut.  Even now, as you attempt to look good once again in the public's eyes, you can not simply shut up and listen. 

It's sad, but the fact is you will not shut up and listen...you will continue to fight the President at every turn.  It's plausible, and extremely likely, that if the President's team finds a cure for Corvid 19, you Democrats will say, "That's not the cure" and fight him all the way on that including possibly keeping away funding that would help. 

One thing is certain though... you had better hope that the hatred for President Trump runs deep enough in the eyes of your voters.  If it is deep enough, then they will keep electing you.  If that hatred is deep enough, they will elect you even if you continue to put their lives and safety second to your chase after Trump.  If you can't keep that shame going, those Democrat voters are going to wake up and realize you don't give two cents about them as long as they vote for you. 

Yes...Now would be a good time for you to just shut up.

Feb 10, 2020

Wilson Yells "You Lie" Pelosi Rips Up Speech: What is the Difference?

As President Barack Obama addressed a joint meeting of Congress in 2009, he paused briefly in his speech when the unthinkable happened.  A Republican Representative, Joe Wilson, yelled out, "You lie."  The President glanced toward the voice before continuing the speech.  The nation heard the voice, the world heard the voice and certainly, other members of Congress heard the voice. 

Immediately both Republicans and Democrats in Congress condemned Wilson's action.  In the end, Joe Wilson apologized to the President, the President accepted the apology, the House of Representatives issued a reprimand to Wilson, and life went on as usual.  Some thought there should have been more action taken, but overall the general feeling was that the issued had been put to rest.  Consequently, the President's acceptance of the apology and desire to move on likely helped a great deal with ending the issue.

Now, we fast forward to 2020.  President Trump addresses a joint meeting of Congress.  He notes progress, praises heroes of the United States military, and praises other individuals for their contributions.  Like most Presidential speeches to Congress, some agreed with the President and some disagreed.  For the most part, Congress listened to the speech, applauded when appropriate, and moved on afterward.  Several members of Congress decided not to attend the speech - certainly, their right and those members should answer to their constituents as to why they were not represented in the joint session, but that is between the representative and the voters back home. 

As the President wrapped up his speech, one individual took a moment to stand up, look around the room and individually tear each page of the President's speech up not only in front of Congress but also for the national television audience to see. 

Since Pelosi decided to tear up the speech, an act being questioned by many, including people from her own district,  as destroying government property social media has been swamped with hashtags and statements.  Some of the hashtags have been such statements as #Pelositantrum #Pelosimeltdown and others.  Some in Congress have called for an apology or some other action, but as to date, nothing official has been done. 

Ironically, no members of the Democrat Party have condemned Pelosi's actions, there has been no apology to the President made by Pelosi, and there is no news as of this time of any official reprimand from any body of Congress. 

The question has to be asked to Democrats and Republicans alike, "What is the difference?"  When Wilson yelled, "You lie," it was viewed by almost everyone as a disrespectful action.  He had shown disrespect not only to the President, but also to both houses of Congress, to the American people, and to his voters in his district.  The call for action was swift and immediate.  Now, as Pelosi clearly shows disrespect to the President, both houses of Congress, to the American people and to the voters in her district, there is no real call for action.

The two actions, yelling and destroying a President's speech, have the same end result.  Both actions are a sign of disrespect for the President and the office.  It does not matter whether you believe Obama lied or whether you dislike Trump, the actions taken by these two representatives of the people were the actions of disrespect.  There is no difference and the consequences should be the same.  If we can not all agree and see that as a nation of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, then maybe it is time we reexamine some of our core values as citizens of the United States of America.

Jan 29, 2020

First Female Republican County Judge Continues Line of First

When Cathy Hardin-Harrison was elected as the County Judge for Miller County, Arkansas in the 2018 election, she started a long line of first in Arkansas.  Cathy was the first Republican female in the state's history elected to the position of County Judge.  She was also the first female elected as County Judge in Miller County.  Cathy had already served as the County Tax Collector and served on her local Republican Committee as the Treasurer and State Committeewoman for several terms when she was sworn in as County Judge.  She continues to serve as the Republican State Committeewoman for Miller County at this time.  Now she has once again accomplished another first.

On December 12, 2019, The Supreme Court of Arkansas appointed several new members to the Committee on Security and Emergency Preparedness.  The appointments include mayors, county officials, sheriffs, and others from around the state of Arkansas who will serve a term on the committee until September 30, 2022.  Among the appointees is the name "Cathy Hardin Harrison, Miller County of Texarkana."  With this appointment, Cathy once again has pushed the envelope of firsts.  She is now the first female County Judge, and the first female Republican County Judge to be appointed to the committee.

According to Cathy, the committee meets two to three times a year with a concentration on security and emergency preparedness for all the counties in Arkansas.  Cathy is already gathering information and input from others as she prepares for her first meeting.

We congratulate Cathy on her appointment.  It should also be noted that Cathy continues to debunk the Democrat's old lies about how Republicans do not like women.  Many in the Democrat Party would have you believe Republicans try to hold women back.  No, my dear Democrat friends, we do not hold Republican women back.  We promote them, support them, and help elect qualified, Republican women in Miller County, across Arkansas and across the nation.  Besides that, anyone that knows a Republican woman like Cathy would already know, there isn't anyone able to or going to hold them back.  Republican women are strong, independent, and filled with a conservative love and push for this country more powerful than you can imagine.  My advice to any Democrats when Republican women are moving, get out of the way.