Jan 12, 2021

The Final Days


As of this writing, President Trump has eight days of his presidency left.  Regardless of whether you believe the election was stolen or not, President Trump will walk out of the White House as an Ex-President, and Biden will become President of the United States.  All the "Not my President" stickers and chants in the world will not change the fact that Biden will be President.  But it seems a President who has been the Democrat Political machine's target since before he could even take the oath of office will not get out the door without one last battle to be fought. 

Democrats are now determined to ensure two things.  First, they want to squarely lay the blame for last week's Capitol intrusion and riot on Trump's shoulders.  They want to make him pay with the last few days of his presidency by removing him from office for inciting riots. Personally, I wish they had been this geared up to remove some mayors across the country when they encouraged riots, but hey, I guess that's not as important as having the riot at your own front door...whatever.  At any rate, they want to blame Trump 100%, remove him, and thereby add one final shame to his office.  The second thing they wish to do is ensure that he can not run again in four years.  Democrats are so afraid of the Trump political machine that they want to destroy it at its base and ensure that there is no chance Trump could return and sweep the nation like he once did.   After four years of spending our tax dollars chasing Trump, they want to ensure they never have to waste another tax dollar on him - you know, they have other things to waste your tax dollars on in mind.  

It's a sad day in American history.  Whether you support the President, think his actions were wrong, or outright dislike the man, he only has eight days left in office.  Most presidents slide out the door quietly, retire, write books about the great things they feel like they did, and build libraries so future generations can study and learn about the presidency.  Trump will likely settle in Florida, and let's face it, Florida has no presidential library and depending on what city he selects, it could be a boom for Florida's economy.  It only takes a drive down Clinton Avenue in Little Rock to realize that the Clinton Library helped revive a dying downtown Little Rock and make a boom - it's a fact that much like Trump, it doesn't matter whether you like Clinton or not, his library has helped tourism and business.  But, if Democrats pursue Trump, he will not simply go off quietly and build a library...no, he will become something the Democrat party should be fear more than an ex-president.  If they pursue him and get him out of office before he finishes his term, he will become an American Martyr.

By one definition, a Martyr is someone who "suffers greatly for an idea or a belief."  You can bet that if the Democrats succeed, Trump will have an entirely new set of cards to play in his post-presidency.   He will not only be just the President that helped Make America Great Again, but he will also be the President that had an election stolen from him and then was impeached to ensure he could never run again, all based on partisan politics.   The consequences for such actions and the martyr and political machine it could spawn might end up being one of the most powerful movements in recent American history.  

The bottom line...the Democrats should think long and hard about the next few days.  They must decide if upsetting roughly 74 million voters and making their chosen candidate a martyr is really what they want to face in two years at mid-terms in Congress.  The political battles they open may very well spawn an entirely new generation of "Trump-like" candidates running with the backing and support of not only an ex-president but an ex-president with a cause. 

Jan 11, 2021

When Does a Protest Become a Riot?

Most people would be hard-pressed to find anyone saying the riot, invasion, or illegal entry into the capitol last week was anything but wrong.  Even the most die-hard Trump supporters sat back in shock as people stormed through the halls of the capitol, took over offices, and went into the chambers where our laws are made. Local county committees, state parties, and the national party on both sides denounced the entry into the capitol as wrong.  Soon Governors, Congressional leaders, and President Trump denounced the illegal entry.  This is all well and good, and as it should be in our nation of laws, but it also presents a unique question that needs to be answered.  Exactly when does a "Protest" turn into a "Riot?"

During the last year, the country has seen its share of protest, as Democrat Congressional leaders often called them.  These protests resulted in businesses being burned to the ground, homes destroyed, people hurt or even killed, cars vandalized, and cities damaged.  During one of these protests, AOC of Congress commented that the people in New York were breaking into places because they were "hungry."  These protests took place in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DesMoines, Memphis, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, and many other places.  Democrat Pelosi stated she did not know why there were not more uprisings across the country.  Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris stated, "Protesters should not let up."  

As citizens tried for the most part to avoid areas where the protest was taking place, most Democrats in Congress continued to shrug them off.  From Congressional Democrats down to city leaders, everyone acted like it was simply okay to burn police cars, destroy homes, and terrorize citizens.   But something happened last week.  A "Protest" came to the halls of Congress.  Protestors invaded those Congressional leaders' home space, and their safe zone was suddenly no longer safe.  

As many of the Congressional leaders were in hiding, ushered out of harm's way, protestor stole property, broke items, made threats, and even took up sitting at the head of the Senate chambers.  The result, as you might expect, was swift.  Congressional leaders on both sides condemned the rioters, complained about stolen property, and pushed for the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.  

After last week, citizens of the United States should now know when a "protest becomes a riot."  It becomes a riot when it directly affects Congressional leaders in their home court.  


Dec 18, 2020

Trump to Biden, and The Changing American Media

Donald Trump encouraged schools to reopen as quickly as possible, and the media jumped on it.  The American media accused Trump of putting kids at risk in sports events and classrooms.  While Republican, Democrat, and Independent parents of school-age kids made their choices for the 2020-2021 school year, President Trump maintained we need to return to school.  The media said Trump did not care about the COVID-19 pandemic.  One media outlet even stated that Trump should let Barron go to school in this pandemic. Then came the election, and with it...change.

Now, Joe Biden states that he wants schools to open back up across America within his first 100 days in office.  The media? =Well, that's just a swell idea!  That's right, the same media that hammered President Trump for months because he was putting the kids in danger is now supporting the Biden plan to have the kids back in school within 100 days.  

But wait, the vaccine, praised as the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic - the same vaccine that the media laughed at Trump for saying would be ready by the end of the year - yeah, that vaccine they are now distributing at...oh my, the end of the year just like Trump said!  That vaccine is not expected to be fully distributed until the Spring of 2021, maybe even mid-summer of 2021.  So is Biden putting your kids at risk?  Yes, but the media seems okay with it, so perhaps we should be too!

While President Trump encouraged schools to get back to normal, he did not force them to do so with government interference.  Trump allowed each state, each school district to address the needs in their area.  Some schools went completely virtual, some went part-time, and others offered the choice to have virtual or on-site classes.  Trump maintained freedom of choice by stopping potential government interference.  In return, he received - ridicule, mocking, and outright assault from the American media.  

Now Biden is coming along and pretty much saying the same thing Trump said that schools should open...however, while the American media is lavishing praise on Biden for his idea, they are failing to tell you one thing.  Biden is not offering an option.  He has been on the phone with governors and is telling them schools will open within the first 100 days of his Presidency.  

So, what does this mean for American students?  Potentially a lot, but again, the wonderful change in the tide seen in the American media fails to tell you everything.  If you look closely, Biden will be President on January 20, 21.  100 days after Biden is President will be April 30.  The next potential school day will be May 3, 2021.  Most schools in the country end their school year in mid to late May.  

If Biden orders districts to truly open up in 100 days, imagine the mass confusion of returning kids to classrooms for a two to four week period.  Imagine the crisis of transferring from an online learning environment back to classrooms.  Imagine trying to coordinate for many what will essentially be the first day of school.  Perhaps more importantly, imagine the COVID-19 exposure that will be forced on millions of American kids against their parent's wishes.  Millions of those children will not have had an opportunity to receive the vaccine by May.  Further, millions may simply not want to "experimental" vaccine until later.  

Biden's return to school within the first 100 days is nothing more than a disaster plan.  School districts across the nation will become Superspreaders of COVID.  Our country will go into the summer months with the highest rate of COVID cases in children the nation has ever seen.  

Trump encouraged schools to reopen and left it up to each state and district.  Biden will propel children, your children, and grand-children, into a new wave of COVID exposure of unheard-of disastrous potential.  The media?  Well, what can we say...It's "Biden Time," and the American media is once again in love...so they are not going to tell you of the potential disaster Biden is promoting.  Yes, the tide of the American media has certainly changed. 

Nov 20, 2020

The Radical Left's Unbelievable Thought Patterns

When I sat down to write this column, I honestly could not think of an appropriate heading.  After all, how do we, as Americans, justify hate speech that appears to be accepted, encouraged, and even promoted by a political party and its allies?  Political differences are simply a part of American politics.  It's what makes our world go round-and-round.  We divide by parties based on beliefs, ideas, interpretations, and individual views.  It's always been that way.  Abolitionists, for example, became the Republicans and supported the freedom of an entire enslaved race of people in the United States.  Democrats pushed for continued slavery and ultimately pushed back against laws that would free African-Americans.  It was different views and part of politics in the 1850s.  

Today, political differences continue.  We like to say, "Republicans are for lower taxes, while Democrats want to tax and spend."  Democrats like to say, "Republicans want to take your healthcare away, while Democrats want to help you keep it."  It's political maneuvering based on truths, half-truths, and to be honest, sometimes outright lies...yes, by both parties.  But never has one party promoted genocide, or at least allowed it to be discussed openly among supporters, until recently.  

David Atkins, an elected California member of the Democrat National Committee, has not only promoted reeducation, deprogramming, and other questionable methods to apply to Republicans and Trump supporters, but he has not refuted follow-up comments to his initial post.   

Now, if Atkins was just a random person posting, there would be no reason to take him seriously.  But, he is not a random person.  He is promoted as "an elected Californian member of the Democrat National Committee."  This promoted status makes him sound like a person of authority to many.    His post naturally caught the attention of many people.  

Suggestions were then openly given to Atkins that included internment camps, reeducation camps, and ultimately firing squads for those that refused to be "reprogrammed."  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the post was that there seems to be a lot of support for pushing Republicans into these deprogramming camps.  People claiming to be "Democrats" seem to be following in line with an ideology comparable to that of China and other Communist countries where if you disagree, you lose everything and are forced to change or die. 

Atkins is not alone in his vocal plans for Republicans and specifically Trump supporters.  Others have promoted the idea that all Trump supporters should be ruined, financially and socially.  They have actively stated that those working for Trump or supporting him should be blacklisted.  Don't believe it?  Read it for yourself: 

A list?  

More list

AOC again


Atkins information...

If you don't think anyone is listening to wild ideas, then you may need to think again:

Complete list of attacks on Trump supporters...

It's abundantly clear, as long as Democrat leadership irresponsibly sends a message of hate against Republicans and Trump supporters to their followers, those followers will act.  The list is far longer than what is presented here.  In fact, we could dedicate pages to the cry for revenge against Trump supporters and Republicans.  

Where did all this hatred, anger, and threatening behavior come from?  I mean, according to all national news, their guy won the election, so why all this now?  Truth?  Truth is, it never went away...this all sprang to life in 2016 when the anointed candidate, expected to win, of the Democrat Party, lost the race.  Since that time, hatred, anger, and threats have grown.   However, do not be dismayed...after all, the radical left should not be concerned with internment camps and attacks.   Perhaps, the radical left should be more afraid that the right, that we have watched their playbook now for four years, and we have learned.  

If they want American politics to dissolve into third world thinking and Communist based rhetoric, then the political machine that saw a nation march into Civil War, forced the right for women to vote, and pushed desegregation down the throats of defiant Democrats will rise up again.  We have 166 years of experience in fighting the uphill, underdog battles, and we know how to win.  

So, radical Democrats, touch one family, one person, start one internment camp or start one reprogramming facility, and you will find that 74,000,000 + American Republicans will hit back with a force unseen since Sherman marched to the sea or Grant set siege to Vicksburg.  We will not go quietly into the night.  

Being a Republican is more than being just a Trump supporter.  It is more than being just a political party.  A Republican is an American, and we are many.  We are the party that gave these words to the world, and they ring true today as they did back then.  "...that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth." 

Nov 19, 2020

Republican Censorship and Social Media

Before and after the 2020 elections, a lot of Republicans expressed concern about censorship on both Twitter and Facebook.  The general feeling was these two platforms censored conservatives, worked to prove them false and even removed posts.  These actions resulted in an outcry that freedom of speech was being censored.  Unfortunately, since both Facebook and Twitter are privately owned corporations, they can in effect "censor" anything they wish.  

It should go without saying that censorship did not sit well with Republicans.  With hundreds of social media sites available, it was a general feeling that at least one would not censor our voices.  So, in record numbers, people began to flock to new sites like WeMe and Parler.  

WeMe is essentially another version of Facebook with paid levels.  WeMe has no advertising, so they have to charge something to keep the services going.  You can set up a free account, but to expand very far you're going to be paying something or buying some stickers.  

Parler is on Twitter after a few weeks at the gym!  Parler is pumped up with more writing space, easier sharing of pictures, videos, and articles and easier follows.  You can "echo" another post which is a simple way of saying "Retweet."  You can also "upvote" posts and information.  

Both sites can be found with a simple online search.  As of right now, they are the top two Republicans have been joining.  Both sites also promise no censorship.  Naturally, like almost all online sites, hate speech, pornography, or threats will not be tolerated on these platforms.  The Miller County Republican Committee, my home Republican committee,  updated its website recently to includes information on social media.  Go to Texarkana-millercountygop.com for more information and click on the link "Social Media."