May 13, 2022

Lightfoot's Lalaland

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, tweeted out a "call to arms" on her confirmed Twitter account regarding the Supreme Court. Specifically, Lightfoot tweeted:
"To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community-the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms." She added a follow-up tweet "We will not surrender our rights without a fight-a-fight to victory!"

Lightfoot, who historically seems to be in LaLaLand*, has once again landed herself in there with a tweet that makes no sense whatsoever, calls for armed insurrection against the United States, and ultimately begs the question, "Exactly what are you going to fight with? You're anti-gun, right?" Let's not even mention that if a Republican made the same statement, it would be plastered all over the news, an investigation would be initiated, and in some cases, the Twitter account would be suspended or even banned. Still, I'm sure that would never happen to a Republican, right?

If we take Lightfoot seriously, which I must admit is a stretch for most people, then we can break down precisely what is meant by her statement:

1. She has no idea what the Supreme Court is doing. Over the last several years, the court has upheld gay marriage, LGBTQ+ rights in the workforce and community, and always ruled in favor of the rights of the LGBTQ+ person. So why does she think they are suddenly coming after the LGBTQ+ community? Is she saying this because of abortion, and if so, is abortion rights a major focus or issue in the LGBTQ+ community? Overnight, the Supreme Court will backtrack on the last ten years' worth of ruling and come after the LGBTQ+ community...not likely. This is simply a mayor seeking attention for her tweets and reaching into her community to stir something up where nothing is present to be stirred.

2. Next, Lightfoot wants a call to arms. Again, she wants this call to arms because of what the Supreme Court is apparently about to do. Lightfoot, with her inside view into the legal workings of the court, has decided they are going to do something. Again, here they are going to come after the LGBTQ+ community in some mysterious way. Lightfoot wants a call to arms, or another term that will be familiar to everyone is an "insurrection" because, after all, a call to arms against the Supreme Court is a call to arms against the United States. Yeah, and just as a side-note here...a call to arms against the United States is illegal and punishable under the law.

3. Finally, along with the call to arms, Lightfoot promises the LGBTQ+ community will not allow this...whatever this happen without a fight. We clearly see she wants the community armed - yeah, that goes along with her anti-gun views - and she wants to fight. Based on her statements, we can conclude that the mayor of Chicago is preparing to attack the Supreme Court of the United States of America. That's what she said in her tweet, and based on a logical breakdown, that is what we must assume she intends to happen.

So, the ultimate question here is, should Lightfoot's threat be taken seriously? She has 150,000+ followers on her Twitter account. She is the mayor of a large city with some of the highest incidents of gun violence despite its strict anti-gun laws, and she has a significant group of followers. Yes, she should be taken seriously. Based on previous actions and investigations into threats against the United States, at the least, there should be an investigation. Will there be an investigation? Ultimately, that's up to the powers that be, but I bet if someone told those powers she is now a Republican, it would be front-page news, she would be banned from Twitter, and the FBI would be knocking on her door...just saying.

* Lalaland is a colloquial term for “being out of touch with reality,” usually due to bliss or ignorance. (from

Apr 11, 2022

Miller County Gets Ready for Republican Meet and Greet

Candidates for the county and state will undertake the challenge to meet, greet, win your vote, and provide you with the best chili around tomorrow night.  The Miller County Republican Committee is hosting a "Meet and Greet Chili Cook-Off" Tuesday, April 12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Crossties in Texarkana.  Crossties is located at 324 E. Broad Street and offers an open floor venue for public events.  Over 30 candidates will step up to the challenge of providing chili for the community and judges.   In addition, candidates will have speaking times throughout the event. 

Laura Bates, the Miller County Tax Collector and a member of the committee for the meet and greet has provided a video showcasing the setting that can be found at:

Apr 1, 2022

Several Miller County Candidates Drop Out of Republican Primary 2022

The primary election cycle is barely starting, and already several candidates have withdrawn from races across Miller County, Arkansas.  Justice of the Peace 3 and 7 have both seen withdrawals.  In addition, Constable 3 had a candidate withdraw early before the ballot draw was completed. 

Justice of the Peace 3 started with a contest between Ethan Eppinette and Danny Jewell.  Before the ballot draw in March, Jewell officially withdrew his name as a candidate.  As a result, he will not appear on the ballot for the primary.  Eppinette has now secured the Republican nomination, but he will face a Democrat opponent in the general election. 

Constable 3 had a primary race between Tom Morrisey and Mark Brown.  Before the ballot draw, Morrisey withdrew as a candidate, leaving Brown as the only Republican on the ballot.  Brown does not face an opponent for the general election, so he has secured the position of Constable 3. 

Justice of the Peace 7 was set for a three-way Republican Primary race.  Jeff Paige, Roy Pitt, and James Syler filed for the position.  Paige officially withdrew on March 31st.  Because the ballots have already been submitted, Paige will appear on ballots for the primary; however, he will not be counted as an official candidate.  The primary will be between Pitt and Syler.  The primary winner faces no challenger in the general election and will therefore secured the position. 

Mar 28, 2022

Miller County Secure as Republican for 2022 Elections

For the 2022 election cycle, Miller county, Arkansas, already has a Republican dominance, and the first vote has not even been cast yet.  In 2018, Miller county saw 27 Republicans take office at the end of the election cycle.  In 2020, the number of Republicans in Miller County increased by one for a total of 28 Republicans in office.  Before the election has even started, 21 Republicans are already guaranteed positions this year.  

The county has 34 elected positions, from Constable to State Senator and State Representative.  Currently, 21 Republicans have no opponents.  There are 6 positions with a Republican Primary race.  This means that the 21 Republicans will be joined by six additional people on the primary night.  Therefore, there will be 27 Republicans secure in their positions on the primary night with no opposition.  

Only two Justice of the Peace (JP) Races have challengers to the Republican position.  JP 1 will see Republican John Wilson facing off with an Independent.  JP 4 will see Republican Ethan Eppinette facing a Democrat challenger.  On the county level, there is currently only one Democrat on the ballot, and he is running for JP 4.  

State Representatives Carol Dalby, Danny Watson, and Lane Jean will all be secure in their Republican nominations, but they will face Libertarian opponents in the general election.  In addition, state Senator Jimmy Hickey will face an independent in the general election. 

Based on current projections, only two races present a viable challenge to the Republican Party, JP 1 and JP 4.  If Republicans can secure these two positions, Miller County could see a county with 34 Republicans in office starting on January 1, 2023.  While there are no guarantees in politics, it certainly looks like the county will have a Republican-controlled government into the foreseeable future. 

For more information and candidates, see the Miller County Election Cycle

To learn more about the Miller County Republican Committee, visit the Miller County Republican Committee

Mar 3, 2022

Republican Growth Continues in Miller County

Republican Symbol

The growth and influence of the Miller County Republican Committee has never been more evident than during the filings this year.  There was a time when Republicans were openly encouraged to run as a Democrat in Miller County.  A Republican would go to the courthouse to file for an office, and those helping would immediately say, “Oh, you don’t want to run as a Republican. You won’t get elected.  You need to run as a Democrat.”  Sadly, in some cases, those Republicans decided running as a Democrat was the only way to win; however, other Republicans stood firm.  Those Republicans may have lost the race, but they refused to give up their values.  Today, thanks to the work of a dedicated Republican Committee in Miller County, Republicans no longer need to fear hearing they should run as Democrats.  

Filing ended at noon on March 1, 2022.  At 12:01, the reports showed a clear and continued shift in the county.  It’s a shift that has been slowly growing as Americans wake up to the platform of the Republican Party.  Forty-five Republicans filed for the thirty-four open positions representing the citizens of Miller at a state and county level.  Three Libertarians filed, two independents filed, and only one Democrat filed.  After years of seeing Democrats across the ballots in Miller County, there is now only one left willing to run for office.  County Republicans secured twenty-one uncontested races at the end of the filing.  

The last committee count revealed a total of sixty-four members.  With the filing complete, seventy Republicans will take over the county committee at the County Convention this year.  Candidates and Committee Members will lead the way into the primary and general election of 2022.  The Miller County Republican Committee is a vibrant and overshadowing example of what Republicans can do when the message is clear and shared with citizens. The values are American. The mission is to help keep this great country great.  We work at the county level, but without a county committee, there is no district, no state, and no federal level- so keep working, Republicans, because your growth and influence are alive and well in Miller County, Arkansas.