Sep 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Deplorables

He thought people were deplorable too in his nation

Let's face the facts, politics has changed.  There was a time when supporters campaigned for their candidates without fear of reprisal, without fear of putting out campaign signs only to have them destroyed, and without fear of having damage to their private property simply due to their candidate support.  At that time we expected our candidates to fight it out with words on stage.  They would start out saying what all they would do, and end with how bad their opponent would be if elected.  Those times are over.  

Since the Tea Party supporters and Republicans were targeted by an IRS encouraged by the Obama Administration, it has become clear that we are now a nation of parties.  Democrats have continued using any position of power to intimidate and threaten Republicans and their allies.  In fact, Democrats used their ability to intimidate to ensure Hillary would become the nominee of their own party.   Since Trump's nomination, they have thrown eggs at supporters, torn down signs, and even tried to sabotage vehicles owned by supporters.  

While you can not point to the entire party on the actions of these few supporters, it is natural to expect the leaders of the party to condemn those actions publicly and respect the voters regardless of their choice.  That is no longer the case.  

Hillary Clinton stated that she put over half of Trump supporters in what she calls a "Basket of deplorables".  She then went on to describe us in further derogatory details.  Hillary is considered the top of the Democrat party elite at this time.  By calling Trump supporters, or Republicans, deplorables, she has crossed the line from campaigning against Donald Trump to targeting a group of Americans simply based on their political views.  

Hillary Clinton has made one thing very apparent.  If elected, you can expect she will go after those deplorables.  It can further be expected that her definition of deplorables will expand to cover anyone not agreeing with her agenda.  She has already proven that she feels and appears to be above our laws.  So, if she wants the gloves off and wants to be brutally honest, we deplorables would much rather be grouped together with Trump than to be stacked with her.    Perhaps we should be calling her "Hitler Hillary" since it was once Adolf Hitler who called various people in his country names based on their religious, political, and private views.  Once elected to office, he did everything within his power to persecute those people.  It leaves us wondering if Hillary....apparently capable of campaigning like Hitler did...will consider persecuting Americans that she decides are deplorable simply based on her own views and to the extent that Hitler once did. 

Jul 5, 2016

Clinton Simply "Extremely Careless" With Our National Security

First the DOJ puts off any findings until after the election, next Bill Clinton meets privately with the head of the DOJ, and now the FBI releases that there will be no charges against Hillary Clinton.  The quote running around the world is that she was "extremely careless".    You know, basically an "Oops" on Hillary's part.

What exactly does "extremely careless" mean to us, the American people?  Did she put our sons and daughters around the world serving in the military at risk?  Did she maybe ignore emails that might have saved others....Benghazi?  Or maybe, she was just "extremely careless" with promotions within the State Department.  One thing is certain, until someone does a Freedom of Information Request, and who knows how long that process will take, the rest of us in the nation will simply have to wonder what does "extremely careless" mean?

Americans (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, etc.) would do well to remember that  Hillary was part of the administration that was "extremely careless" in releasing the name "Seal Team Six" to the public.  It should further be noted that several high ranking military officials have made "extremely careless" mistakes like this before and been removed from the military and even charged, prosecuted and put in prison.  It's starting to sound like an Obama controlled Washington will do anything to make sure that Hillary has no roadblocks to the White House.

So, do you really want someone who is "extremely careless" having the power of the President with her finger on our nuclear weapons?  Will you trust your children's future in this woman's hands?  It would be "extremely careless" as a voter not to pay close attention now.

Update at 2:45 p.m. - Within a few hours of the above announcement by the FBI, Hillary and Obama are campaigning in North Carolina.  Does anyone not find that suspicious that they are able to plan a campaign event within hours of a public announcement from the FBI?  WAKE UP AMERICA - THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND HILLARY CLINTON THINK YOU ARE ALL FOOLS!  

Jun 11, 2016

Asa Hutchinson: Fighting for Arkansas, Not Politics

Update:  I received the following from Asa's office by way of Twitter:

 In reply to 
Thanks Clint. You lay out the facts fairly and with balance. Keep writing.

Asa, as he is known around Arkansas, took office in 2015 and in over a little over a year and a half has stirred supporters and opponents almost on equal grounds.   Recently a clash over the Arkansas Highways to raise money without raising taxes had Asa in the spotlight in a positive way for Arkansas.  However, there are other situations such as the Medicaid Expansion plan that has drawn fire from Republicans.  Finally, the same detractors from Asa's record tend to forget that he is setting the Arkansas education system years ahead of most other states with the coding program.

On social media there are tweets and posting saying things like "He's no Republican" and "I'll never vote for him again."  Most of the tweets are centered around Medicaid issues and Arkansas Works, but these people - expressing their free speech as they should be doing - are overlooking some key factors that Asa not only represents, but understands.

First, Asa has been in Washington serving before.  He knows how the government works and he understands how funding to the states works.  He understands that if the federal government supports a program within a state, then often matching federal dollars roll into that state.  The fact of the matter is the Affordable Healthcare Act is here to stay.  While we all would like to see it repealed, the best we can safely hope for is some future modification of the program.  There are no politicians in Washington going to fully support repealing a program that provides healthcare to millions of Americans because that equates to millions of "voters".  Politicians do not work that way no matter what they tell the people.  Asa and many other Arkansas legislators recognize that, at least for now, the Affordable Healthcare Act is here to stay in its current form.  States that have fought back against the federal government in this area have lost money and continue to lose money.  Those states, once they start losing federal tax dollars, then have to look at making Medicaid cuts within their own borders.  Those cuts affect the disabled, the elderly, nursing homes, state institutions, hospitals, clinics, group homes and if that doesn't have your attention enough, ultimately employees from physicians clear to direct care staff working in those settings.  The bottom line is Arkansas, like many other states, needs that federal money to keep programs going.  Asa knew that Washington would cut funds to Arkansas for failing to meet the requirements of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Asa and others in Little Rock found a way to work with Medicaid expansion, help our people, and keep the state rolling without putting the tax payers out on the block.  People bashing Asa need to stop and remember those annual tax returns they complete - that money you send to Washington, often comes back to Arkansas where it's needed - Asa is just working to make sure we maximize that money.  Does this make him look Anti-Republican?  Sure, in many people's eyes it does - but as stated he is not simply working Arkansas to get votes, he is fighting to help Arkansas.

While the state argued over how to fix the roads, where to get the money, and what happens to the money once it is received, Asa put forth a plan that used excess money, did not raise any taxes, and guaranteed matching federal dollars to the state.   Republicans and Democrats alike should be hard pressed to find anything wrong with Asa's plan here, but once again he did it for the people of Arkansas and not for politics.  He could have sided with a modest tax raise that in all truthfulness would likely have been forgotten by the next election or he could have simply opted to do nothing.  Instead, Asa recognized that safe roads help bring industry, reduce accidents, and increase tourism opportunities for the state.  He focused on improving the state, protecting tax payers, and obtaining federal money to help the program.

Finally, early in Asa's term he pushed for high schools in Arkansas to have "coding" as part of the curriculum offered.  Coding means simply "Computer Coding" and it goes way beyond your desktop computer.  Coding is used in everything from your coffee maker, to your smart phone, to the security systems that control your home.  There is almost no industry today that is not affected in some way by coding.  This push by Asa propelled Arkansas far ahead of other states, and isn't it about time that Arkansas moves ahead?
The author with Asa (I'm the fat one on the right) :)