Apr 30, 2018

Trump Goes to Bat with North Korea

The President of South Korea is calling President Trump a "Nobel Peace Prize" candidate.  North Korea is stopping all their nuclear work.  North and South Korea are meeting to finally end a war that has only been on a "Cease Fire" since 1954.  For the first time since 1954, we may actually see peace between North and South Korea.  The world is hailing Trump's administration for ending the war.  The Democrats are... well, the Democrats are still doing something, but it's not certain what they are doing since they can say nothing positive about President Trump. 

Since President Trump took office he has had a hard line rhetoric against North Korea.  Trump has met Kim Jong Un word-for-word.  If North Korea said they had a "Nuclear Button," Trump reminded them that not only did he also have a "Nuclear Button," but that his was bigger.  He's called Trump names, and Trump has responded in like-terms.  The fact is, Trump has managed to accomplish what diplomats have never been able to do because they do not understand the rest of the world. 

Most of our past Presidents, for the good and the bad, have been diplomats.  They have spent years learning that to get negotiations done, you show your opponent respect, honor, and avoid at all cost any name-calling, threats, or language unbecoming a President.  Fortunately, now America has a President that doesn't do that.  While Trump certainly understands negotiations and how to talk with people, when called names, faced with threats, or receiving language that most Americans would consider un-becoming for Presidents, Trump has ignored political correctness and met the enemy word-for-word.  In other words, he spoke the language of the enemy.

Anyone that has ever faced a schoolyard bully will tell you that usually, the bully understands only one thing.  He understands if you refuse to accept his threats, meet his threats verbally and if necessarily meet his physical aggression with like-force.  Meeting a bully on his terms is usually all a bully understands...it's sad, and I'm sure psychologist are rolling over right now thinking, "No, you talk it out and reason," but let's face it, when has talking it out and reasoning with your bully ever stopped him?  More importantly, when has talking and reasoning with those who threaten the United States security ever worked? 

The fact is America is viewed by our enemies in the power or stand of the President.  There have been several cases of this in the past where bully-like nations have been met by Presidents who refused to use political correctness in negotiations.   Just a few things to consider about past Presidents:
1.  Andrew Jackson made it very clear to Mexico that should they cause problems or invade the United States after the Texas Revolution, that Jackson himself would lead the forces against Mexico.  The Mexican War did not start until after Jackson died.
2.  Teddy Roosevelt, feeling the boiling tension around the world, sent the United States Navy on tour as a show of power.  He made it well known that as President he would not allow anyone to take advantage of America.  Peace, some have argued, lasted longer because of Roosevelt's approach and it may have delayed the first World War.
3.  When Iran took hostages in the late 1970s, they did not fear President Carter, but when Reagan went into the office, they immediately released the hostages and sought a peaceful outcome.  This was based on the attitude that Reagan had shown during the election toward those who would oppose the United States.
4.  After 9-11, several captives enemy troops, especially high ranking operatives, have stated that they attacked because they thought Bush was unlike his father and was weak.  One even went so far as to state, "We did not realize that Cowboy would fight!" 

History is full of examples of strong Presidents keeping the United States safe by taking strong stands that have not always been politically correct.  It is no coincidence that Trump sent people to meet with North Korea prior to Trump's planned meeting.  Shortly after that meeting, the North has come to the table to start peace.   It is clear to the world and should be clear to anyone, including our Democrat friends, that Trump's no-political correctness attitude has clearly paved the way toward a peace.  The bottom line, enemies of the United States understand one thing and that is "Whoever is willing to use the biggest bat wins with a home run," and Trump is clearly willing to not only show the bat but use it if needed to make a major home run for America. 

Mar 6, 2018

A Trade War is Nothing New

President Trump has apparently "shocked" the world again with his open use of Twitter to communicate to the people of the United States and in fact to the people of the world, a message that does not set well with many.  This time, the latest so-called shock, has come with talk of trade with other countries.  The President has pointed out that the trade deficit is unfair to America, unfair to American workers, and is, in fact, hurting our country.  He is preparing to do something about it from restructuring NAFTA to restructuring our trade with Europe and all of Asia.    Unfortunately, it appears that many around the world and in Congress are not happy with the President's planned actions.   So let's break this down and think long and hard about what and why the President is doing all of this.

In the first place, he is 100% right.  Trade has been unbalanced and unfair to the United States since at least the late 1960s or early 1970s.  Steel, cars, airplanes, computers, clothing, televisions, radios and hundreds of other items were once made almost exclusively in the United States.  Sometime just after World War II and Korea, the focus seemed to shift collectively from promoting American workers to promoting the workers of our former enemies.  The United States rebuilt much of Germany and Europe after the war.  The US also focused on rebuilding Japan after the war - don't believe me?  Go look in any antique store and you'll find "Made in Occupied Japan" items for sale.  These items were manufactured and imported from - wait for it - yes, an "Occupied" Japan.  We helped them rebuild factories, in both Asia and Europe after the war years.   As the winning nation of the war, we were extremely generous to these countries and their business ventures.  Japan, Taiwan, Germany became a cornerstone for Americans receiving imports.  It did not take American owned companies too long to realize that they could not compete with the wonderful breaks given to our former enemies.  Once they realized that, many American companies began to close factories here and move the jobs overseas.  Pick up just about any toy from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s and you'll see "Made in Japan" or "Made in Taiwan" stamped clearly on the back.  These were American companies that had no choice except to move overseas or be defeated by a new enemy - Trade Wars had started - It appeared that when many of these former enemy nations could not defeat the U.S. on the battlefield, they shifted their focus to defeating us through trade.  A few years later China began outsourcing their huge population for pennies on the dollar and suddenly the same companies that had flown quickly to Japan and Taiwan landed squarely in China.  Now look at almost any major product you have in your home and there's a good chance you'll see "Made in China" stamped on it.  Meanwhile, many of the American workers, no longer having factory jobs, were regulated to the new fast food wave, outlet stores, and other jobs to make ends meet.

In the 1992, Presidential Campaign NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) became the center of discussion as Ross Perot famously argued "NAFTA Bad!" while candidate Bill Clinton and then President George Bush, Sr. argued it was good.  In fact, politicians for both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have argued how good NAFTA is since that time - it almost makes you wonder what sort of kickbacks are going into Washington as companies avoid taxes and fees by shipping their products into Mexico and trucking them up into the United States doesn't it?

For years, private citizens as Democrats and Republicans have been yelling that the Trade Wars is killing our jobs.  We have watched clothing, toys, pots and pans, furniture, electronics and just about everything else you can imagine move overseas.  The American Compannies have continued to get rich, the forigen companies have continued to get rich and the American population has been left to complain and yell all while getting poorer and poorer.  During elections Democrat and Republican politicians alike have promissed to do something, won their elections, gone back to Washington and done very little.  Sure, Toyota and Nissan have factories here now as does BMW, but what does that tell us?  It tells us that these companies have made so much off the Trade Wars that they can now afford to throw us a bone.  It tells us that they are now seeing higher wages in their countries and as a result they want to come here where the labor is cheap - Yes, we are quickly becoming the "CHEAP' labor of the world.  Nissan or Toyota can come here, offer $10, $12, or $15 a hour and we'll jump out of our fast food and conviencnie store jobs and run to them like begging dogs.  In short, they are showing us how they are winning the Trade Wars. 

So, fast forward to now and we have President Trump.  Unlike any previous President, he owes nobody.  He is not beholden to parties for money, he spent a lot of his own.  He doesn't owe big business, because in many cases he is bigger than their business.  He took no contributions that could guide his decisions - he can't be bought in simple terms.  This President suddenly wants to address the trade issue.  It's not a campaign promise being made in an election year.  No this is a promise being made during a non-election year.  While he's doing this, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are crying foul at the same time.  They are yelling he is going to start a Trade War.  It's understandable that Europe, China and other countries would be yelling about potentially losing income, but what is our Congress yelling about?  Could it be that many of them have been working against the American people all this time to help other countries win the Trade War? 

Make no mistake, President Trump is not starting a Trade War....there's been a Trade War going long before he ever took office.  No, this President is talking about putting us back on an equal playing field and giving the American worker a fighting chance in the war once again.   "President Trump is going to start a Trade War"....bull.... Trump is going to end the Trade War and that appears to have many in the world concerned about their pocketbooks as he continues to keep his promise and make America great again. 

Mar 3, 2018

Republican Wave Continues in Miller County, Arkansas

Miller County, Arkansas - The Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) has not always been in the driver's seat when it comes to elections, but that has changed with years of dedication and hard work.  According to senior members of the committee, there was once a time when anyone filing in Miller County was told, "You can't win as a Republican, you'd better file as a Democrat."  Those days have ended.

This election cycle with recent filing being from February 22 at noon until March 1 at noon, concluded with historic numbers of Republicans filing for county offices.  In fact, it may be the first time since Reconstruction that Republicans will hold all major county seats starting January 1, 2019. These seats will all be four-year seats for the first time in history of the county and state as well!

In the County Judge race, two qualified candidates have filed on the Republican ticket with no Democrat opposition.  Roy John McNatt will face Cathy Hardin-Harrison in the primary.  After the primary, one of them will become the County Judge for four years.

The Sheriff's office also has two highly qualified candidates running on the Republican ticket.  Former Sheriff Ron Stovall will challenge incumbent Sheriff Jackie Runion for the top law enforcement position in the county.  Much like the County Judge, in January one of them will be sworn into a four-year term as a Republican County Sheriff.

Circuit Clerk, County Clerk, and Treasurer will all feature unopposed Republican candidates and current officeholders.  Mary Pankey, Circuit Clerk, Stephanie Harvin, County Clerk, and Teresa Reed, Treasurer will all be sworn into their offices on January 1st for a four-year term.

Two other top county offices will have contested primary races by Republicans.  Danny Lewis will face Nancy Herron for Tax Assessor and Laura Bates will face Tommy Crank for Tax Collector.

All the Justice of the Peace (JP) positions have already been determined with the exception of JP 2.  Al Davis will face Laney Harris in the primary for the Democrat Party.  The winner will face Janet Green, the Republican candidate, in the general election.

Counting Constable positions, JP positions, State Representatives, and major county positions, the Republicans are already guaranteed at least 19 positions on the county level.  Democrats currently have a guarantee of 3 positions, with two of them being Constables.  At the end of December, those numbers will change only by one for either party.  Republicans will increase their holdings after the primary with the Repubican-only races being decided at that time.

After years of hard work, the Miller County Republican Committee has been instrumental in helping with the Republican Wave in Arkansas.  There are too many to name all who have worked and dedicated time and effort to the cause, but the work has been well rewarded.  The committee continues to grow, continues to have influence in the area, and continues to proudly contribute to the election of Republican candidates on a county, state and federal level.

The following link will show a breakdown of the Miller County Election Cycle for 2018:
Miller County Election Cycle

Jun 21, 2017

Democrats Continue to Cry Over Elections

There is an old Country song that starts out "There's a tear in my beer...." and it could be the song of the "Crying" Democrat Party since the Presidential elections.  Yesterday, Republicans handed Democrats another loss as Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in Georgia.  With that election, the crying continues.

The Democrat theme lately has been "Anyone's fault except mine!"  Most will remember election night 2016, when Hillary Clinton could not even make an appearance at her own Victory, or Losing, party.  She sent word out with someone else, made a concession call to Trump, and stayed out of the spotlight until the next day.  Tradition has always been to have a Victory/Losing party for Presidential elections.  I say "Victory/Losing" because someone is going to win and someone is going to lose.  In other words, someone is going to party all night and someone else is going to talk to their supporters, thank them, and gracefully bow out.  That did not happen this last election.  Clinton was nowhere to be seen at her "Losing" party.  Shocked supporters cried across the nation and even on national television as Hillary - the favorite by many polls to win - was upset by the billionaire, businessman.  Instead of having the support and hearing words of encouragement and unity from their candidate, supporters were left to hear from a second-hand messenger that Hillary had called Trump and conceded the election.  No major players - not Hillary, not Bill, not their daughter - made an attempt to appear and thank supporters.

What happened next was shocking for American politics.  College students needed safe places to go and cry about the loss, academic classes were cancelled across the nation, and even finals were cancelled for some colleges because Hillary Clinton had lost.   Then the riots started with people destroying property, threatening Trump supporters, and searching for someone to blame for the loss.  They finally found it.  The media that supported Hillary began to yell that the Russians had somehow acted in the elections and influenced them.   Along the way they started to blame the electoral college - saying it was outdated and that Hillary should have won by the majority of the votes only - suddenly they forgot the very reasons an electoral college was put in place to protect the nation from one area only having all the power to elect a President.  They yelled, the screamed, they cried, they blamed everyone.....that is they blamed everyone except their own candidate.  Perhaps the only Democrat to actually, and honestly set out the blame, was Vice President Joe Biden who said that Hillary just wasn't a good candidate.  Biden was alone though, and the rest of the party sought to blame someone else.

Don't worry, the blame game is not over.  Now special investigators are being set up to look into the Russia connection.  Ironically, most of the investigators being assigned were Hillary Clinton supporters - now if that isn't a major bias in the investigation, then I don't know what is!  It's crazy, but it is happening.  The fact of the matter is, the only way Russia could have influenced any election outcome is exactly the same way any country, any group, or any individual could have done it.  They could have posted social media, they could have bought ads to support a candidate, or they could have donated money - Do we really want to look at how much money Clinton has taken from other countries?  Really?

Yesterday with the special election in Georgia, Democrats were again defeated.  They had invested money from Hollywood, from around the nation, and they fought for that position in the special election.  The fact is they did a really good job running the campaign.....they simply lost the election.  It's a time when the candidate and everyone in the media should say, "Good job, congratulations to my opponent.  I hope to run and seve the people again someday," and then move off the stage.  Did that happen?  No....Did Russia interfere?  No....Then what in Georgia could have caused the Democrat defeat.....Rain.  Yes, a major media outlet has now pointed out that the rainfall, increased likely from the tropical storm, caused Democrat voters not to turn out.  Since, to my knowledge, the Russians can not control the rain, then that leaves only two by extension for the Democrats to blame - either Mother Nature, or God caused the rain that caused the Democrats to not turn out and lose yet another election.

As much as I would like to hope that God is a Republican, and that Ronald Regan is on our Creator's advisory cabinet in the sky, I really do not believe God is overly interested in the affairs of the Democrat or Republican Parties.  He pretty much has His hands full with the universe, but hey - if the Democrats do go beyond the Russian, the Rain and whatever else they may blame - there will be some of their numbers that truly believe that Almighty God Himself has tweaked the ballots against the Democrat Party and cost them yet another election.  Maybe a more realistic view might be to realize that the American People are no longer blind and will no longer be lead by a party with a long history of deception, falsehoods, and racism- a history that they so often try to cast on the Republican Party.

Apr 2, 2017

Trump - Unlike Any Other

President Donald Trump is unlike any other President in recent memory.  He often opens his mouth first, thinks later, and thanks to social media he's able to fire off Tweets sometimes faster than anyone can say, "Well is that really a good idea?" ....Not that he would likely listen to them.

Recently when speaking with a Democrat friend of mine, I asked how he was doing.  We had not been discussing Trump or anything about politics for that matter up to that point.  My friend responded, "Well, as good as a man can be who has a madman running his country."  I laughed it off and didn't offer the response I wanted to offer of "Yes, that's how we felt for eight years too."  We parted ways and I didn't worry about it too much.  I'm not really sure that Trump needs or even wants my defending him.  He is, after all, the billionaire who gave up his privacy, his lifestyle, and to a great extent his reputation, all because he believed that America can be great again.

Trump is still under the 100 day mark in his presidency and already his popularity, even with people who voted for him, has fallen to significant lows.   The media hounds him for anything he does, he is the first President, out of a very long line that includes Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and yes - even Obama - to issue not one travel ban and have a judge overrule it, but to issue two and have judges overrule them.  There was a time when the U.S. would never have allowed a federal judge to overturn a travel ban by the President - oh, and if you're wondering, that time was with the last President - Obama - so not that far off in our history.

For all he tries to do, the media and certainly his opponents find everything wrong with him.   A room is full of people discussing a major health bill and instead of posting pictures of ALL the people in the room, the media post only a picture of the men - then Trump is dealing with women's health with no input from women (those saying this may want to look back to the early 1900's and see how women felt and were treated with their health issues then!).  It seems that if Trump stepped out and signed an Executive Order that said, "Milk is good," the media would come out with a picture and say, "Yeah, Trump is deciding that milk is good without any cows represented.....how do the cows feel about this?"  The bottom line is, in the eyes of the media Trump can do nothing right.  Even when Trump issues orders to round up illegal immigrants- the media, church groups, and others find something to complain about (I noticed they did not do this when Clinton did the same thing).  Everyone seems to forget that the key word here is ILLEGAL.

So with all the low polls, all the complaining about Tweets, all the commotion each time he tries to do anything, it would seem that there would be signs of revolt against the President everywhere.  In fact, with all this, some might ask why don't he just hang it up and let Pence do the job?  What the media is not telling you and what Trump knows is that despite the push to go against Trump, there is a lot of Americans who believe in what he's doing and they like his ability to not be like other Presidents.

Consider a few issues here:

1.  How many times have you heard someone complain that people should not be allowed here in this country illegally?  Likely a lot - those people support Trump.

2.  How many times have you heard others talk about border walls? - Mexico has one in the south - a lot of people believe we should have one.

3.  How many times have you heard people say they can't stand the EPA rules and regulations - regulations that do not seem to apply to them?  A lot.

4.  How many times have you heard people say do something about the Affordable Healthcare Act?  A lot - and that fight is certainly not over at this time by a long shot.

Perhaps the most telling sign though is not the little things that people have complained about for years, but it's the events.  Anywhere Trump goes, he draws a crowd.  Supporters come out in droves to see the man, hear him.  Drive down any Interstate and you'll see "Trump" and "Make America Great Again" stickers on cars, trucks, and big rigs.  Autographed books from before Trump was President are in high demand - setting record prices on Ebay - so somebody has to have all those stickers, somebody has to be buying those books......

The bottom line is a great number of Americans still support what Trump is doing.  He is laying out the groundwork, and starting the foundation for change like no other President has ever done before.  Nobody expected America to be Great Again without  hard work, without change, without some difficult choices.  The difference is that Trump is making those choices.  He is doing what others have held off doing because it might cost votes.

Of the many things that Trump is, he is above all of them a business man.  As a business man, he knows you often have to make the tough choices first, so that in the long run the benefits will be great.  It's the same for a President - tough choices are made in the first year or so, in the second year you start showing what's happening with the program.  All Presidents have done it, and Trump is no different in that action.  What makes Trump different though is the fact that he is doing exactly what he said he would do, and he's making the hard decisions that most politicians do not want to make - unpopular decisions lose votes, but if something is not done, and done quickly, there are a lot of people who will tell you that our government can not continue.  It is bloated, underfunded for the programs it wants to promote, and we simply can not sustain our current rate of spending.  Just because Congress can raise the debt ceiling does not mean it should.   Tough choices are being made and we're fortunate that we have someone unlike any other President in recent memory willing to make those tough choices, and push America to be Great Again.