Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

First Flag on Utah Beach D-Day    
As you celebrate Thanksgiving 2010, remember that it is not always about turkey, family, football, or even politics.  Remember there are those who only had a few Thanksgivings in their lives before they were called upon to protect our right to be thankful.  When called, they went.  Not all flags are pretty, new and bought with credit cards on the discount rows in superstores, many are torn as the one above and bought with blood.

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Nov 20, 2010

Obama Presidential Library

Presidents build libraries, it's a fact.  Bush is currently building his, his dad built one, Clinton built one, and the story goes on of former presidents building libraries.  If Republicans continue the uphill drive already in place, and history holds the odds in our favor, then President Obama will have the groundbreaking for his library sometime in late 2013.  Remember, you have to help make this true!

Obama Presidential Library:
Groundbreaking 2013