Oct 30, 2012

Romney Heading Toward Hurricane

To the credit of both candidates for President, they have each cancelled further campaign events in the wake of the hurricane crisis on the east coast.  Romney has cancelled scheduled events, fundraising and commercials in states affected by the hurricane.  At this time, Obama commercials are still running, but he has cancelled events. 

Obama is safely protected and monitoring the situation.  For the first time in his presidency, he appears to be doing something really presidential.  He is addressing the nation and monitoring a crisis.  His opponent on the other hand is also doing something about the crisis.  Never to be one not in the middle of the crisis, Romney has stepped not into a protected place to monitor the storm and make broadcast.  Romney and his team are heading into the storm.

That’s right; Romney’s bus is loaded with supplies and on route to help those affected.   Ann Romney’s bus has also been detoured to the crisis.  Some might say that Mitt Romney loading water and supplies (yes, Mitt doing work too) is a simple way to gain voters to his side.  Unfortunately, they would be wrong.  Several times while Mitt was working, reporters ask several questions.  They asked questions like “What will you do with FEMA?” or “How would you respond as President?”  Mitt did not answer.  He did not answer because Mitt Romney is a man of action.  He knows what all American’s know; this is a crisis.  It’s not time to run campaign ads, it’s not time to talk to the press and brag about how much water is being sent, it’s not time to say “Look at me!”  It’s time to say, look to the east coast, send help, send supplies, send prayers, and send anything and everything that’s needed.  Americans are in crisis. 

Mitt Romney is doing something that no other candidate for as long as memory serves has done.  He is doing something that no other President has done in recent years.  Mitt Romney is making a difference.  He is jumping into the battle and he is leading the way.  He is directing his campaign people to stop the campaign and help Americans. 
Mitt Romney will not brag, boast, or as the saying goes “toot” his own horn.  He’s too busy being a leader for that.  Since he won’t, then we will.  Here’s a huge thumbs up to the man who is acting like the President we have never had, and the President we need.  


Oct 21, 2012

Larry Burgess, Danny Lewis, and Richard Wagnon: Miller County, Arkansas

Below you are going to read three articles about three outstanding candidates for Miller County.  The writer has met all three candidates and knows them personally.  The writer has seen them before they decided to run, and in Judge Burgess’ case after they have become successful in the job given to them by the voters.  These men will be phenomenal for Miller County.  Miller County is set to grow forward, but only with competent and quality leadership will growth happen.  These men all offer everything good that Miller County needs.  Early vote starts Monday 22nd.  Read and then get out and vote.  Miller County, Arkansas must put these men in the leadership positions needed for the entire county.

Miller County Judge Larry Burgess for Re-Election

Miller County Judge Larry Burgess lived an extraordinary life before he ever offered his service to Miller County, Arkansas.  Larry has been married to his wife for over 33 years; he is a retired United States Marine, and a Christian.  In addition, Larry is also a member of the V.V.A. and the American Legion.  He also offered community service through his membership in the Elks and Moose lodges.    His life was nothing short of fantastic when he decided to offer it to Miller County.

Just under two years ago Larry Burgess became the County Judge for Miller.  With nothing more he needed to prove considering his accomplishments above, he set out to serve the citizens of Miller County with something they had not seen in recent years.  Larry Burgess set out to serve the citizens as a competent leader in the community.  He set goals, he set timelines, he accomplished those goals, and he set new goals.  Many of those new goals Larry continues to work on even during this election season. 

A voter only has to look at a short list of accomplishments from the last two years to realize that Larry Burgess means business.  In the last two years the county has seen the following, impressive, list of accomplishments:
            A new website
            $388,000 in state aid for roads in the county
            That money applied to the roads in the county
            Updated equipment to assist the county
Improved response and repair times for roads and emergencies
            Upgraded parks in the county
            Maintained and improved County Property
            An O.S.H.A. compliant repair facility
            Private road signs to assist 911 services
            Over $80,0000 in new road signs
            New guardrails throughout the county
            A Ditching program in the county
            An improve gun range for the county
            An improved volleyball court for the county
            Obtained a $75,000 grant for county court house
            An upgraded county Health Department
            An upgraded Office of Emergency Management
            Upgraded 911 systems
            Upgraded the Doddridge shop roof
            Upgraded the Juvenile Detention Center
            Obtained over 4.7 million in grants for the county

The list of accomplishments for the county goes beyond the above-mentioned items, but space simply does not allow for everything Judge Larry Burgess has done for the county.  A voter only needs to take a drive down the county roads to a park to see the work completed.  Judge Burgess has an agenda that will continue.  With all he has done already, he wants to do more.  He wants to continue to restore the courthouse, improve security, and even help promote the navigation of the Red River.  Judge Larry Burgess is taking the county of Miller forward.  Why would anyone want to step back to the way it was before?  There can be no question.  Nobody wants to go back to the way the county was run before.  Miller County Arkansas finally has a County Judge to be proud of in Judge Larry Burgess.

Richard Wagnon: For Justice of the Peace District 7

Richard Wagnon is a man of commitment.  When he commits to a cause or a part of his life it can be seen daily.  He is quiet and speaks very little, but when he does he addresses the issues directly and with solutions instead of additional problems. 

In 1995, Richard started his first business venture with his wife, Sheila.  The two immediately applied a partnership to business just as they had their marriage.  To date, Shelia and Richard have been married over twenty years.  With a strong foundation in their marriage, the grew a business that thrives today.   Along the way Richard learned a lot about business and life.  In 2012, he decided to take what he had learned and offer it to his community.

Richard Wagnon is running for JP District 7.  He offers something to the district that has not been seen in years.  Richard Wagnon offers a business plan.  Richard wants to reconnect the city and the county and establish a business partnership and relationship that will help all of Miller County thrive.  He wants to expand the current recycling programs and match those of other successful communities.  The recycling program alone offers the potential for jobs and growth in the entire county.  He also wants to offer a “pro-business” approach to the entire county.

Reading Richard’s election material a voter will not find the usual flare of multiple reasons to vote against his opponent.  The voter will find a direct business plan that has not been seen in Miller County for countless ages.  Richard’s businesses are successful.   He now offers this successful approach to growth to the Miller County Community.  It’s simple, it’s direct, and it’s what Miller County needs.  The voters of JP District 7 need to get out and vote for the growth that Miller County deserves with Richard Wagnon.

Danny Lewis: For Miller County Treasurer

One of the first things a voter finds when talking with Danny Lewis is that he can talk with anyone.  He has one of those personalities that naturally draws a person into a comfort zone where you know your conversation is going to be important.  He sits aside whatever he’s working on, and listens, comments, and takes into account all the issues.  As his own election material states, Danny Lewis is “easy to do business with”

Beyond being easy to talk with, a voter immediately finds that Danny has an impressive history.  He is a Commissioner on two local commissions and a member of a local board.  He has been on the Texarkana Arkansas Planning and Zoning Board, the Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission, and he is a member of Texarkana Arkansas Education Foundation Board of Directors.  Besides serving on the boards and commissions, Danny Lewis also owns a local insurance company, Chandler Insurance of Texarkana, Arkansas.

As Danny runs into the final weeks of the election, he is concentrating on getting the truth out to voters.  Danny knows what it takes to serve communities from his volunteer work to his work in the insurance industry.  He knows that citizens have to be happy, they have to be confident, and they have to be satisfied.  Danny is willing to put all his knowledge and community skills into the office of Miller County Treasurer to ensure the community trust is maintained and the budget has oversight for financial stability. 

Perhaps shining above all his other accomplishments is the example he sets in his daily life.  A voter only has to scan through Danny’s Facebook postings to see a long history of Christian concerns, family values, and friendships that extend beyond the political world.   Danny was recently speaking to a group of people when he said, “You have to follow the Lord in everything you do.”  A man who wants to bring transparency to the treasurer’s office for Miller County has no problem showing the transparency of his life, his work, and most importantly a faith founded and grown in a local church.  Miller County needs Danny Lewis.