Oct 21, 2012

Danny Lewis: For Miller County Treasurer

One of the first things a voter finds when talking with Danny Lewis is that he can talk with anyone.  He has one of those personalities that naturally draws a person into a comfort zone where you know your conversation is going to be important.  He sits aside whatever he’s working on, and listens, comments, and takes into account all the issues.  As his own election material states, Danny Lewis is “easy to do business with”

Beyond being easy to talk with, a voter immediately finds that Danny has an impressive history.  He is a Commissioner on two local commissions and a member of a local board.  He has been on the Texarkana Arkansas Planning and Zoning Board, the Texarkana Arkansas City Beautiful Commission, and he is a member of Texarkana Arkansas Education Foundation Board of Directors.  Besides serving on the boards and commissions, Danny Lewis also owns a local insurance company, Chandler Insurance of Texarkana, Arkansas.

As Danny runs into the final weeks of the election, he is concentrating on getting the truth out to voters.  Danny knows what it takes to serve communities from his volunteer work to his work in the insurance industry.  He knows that citizens have to be happy, they have to be confident, and they have to be satisfied.  Danny is willing to put all his knowledge and community skills into the office of Miller County Treasurer to ensure the community trust is maintained and the budget has oversight for financial stability. 

Perhaps shining above all his other accomplishments is the example he sets in his daily life.  A voter only has to scan through Danny’s Facebook postings to see a long history of Christian concerns, family values, and friendships that extend beyond the political world.   Danny was recently speaking to a group of people when he said, “You have to follow the Lord in everything you do.”  A man who wants to bring transparency to the treasurer’s office for Miller County has no problem showing the transparency of his life, his work, and most importantly a faith founded and grown in a local church.  Miller County needs Danny Lewis.