Oct 21, 2012

Richard Wagnon: For Justice of the Peace District 7

Richard Wagnon is a man of commitment.  When he commits to a cause or a part of his life it can be seen daily.  He is quiet and speaks very little, but when he does he addresses the issues directly and with solutions instead of additional problems. 

In 1995, Richard started his first business venture with his wife, Sheila.  The two immediately applied a partnership to business just as they had their marriage.  To date, Shelia and Richard have been married over twenty years.  With a strong foundation in their marriage, the grew a business that thrives today.   Along the way Richard learned a lot about business and life.  In 2012, he decided to take what he had learned and offer it to his community.

Richard Wagnon is running for JP District 7.  He offers something to the district that has not been seen in years.  Richard Wagnon offers a business plan.  Richard wants to reconnect the city and the county and establish a business partnership and relationship that will help all of Miller County thrive.  He wants to expand the current recycling programs and match those of other successful communities.  The recycling program alone offers the potential for jobs and growth in the entire county.  He also wants to offer a “pro-business” approach to the entire county.

Reading Richard’s election material a voter will not find the usual flare of multiple reasons to vote against his opponent.  The voter will find a direct business plan that has not been seen in Miller County for countless ages.  Richard’s businesses are successful.   He now offers this successful approach to growth to the Miller County Community.  It’s simple, it’s direct, and it’s what Miller County needs.  The voters of JP District 7 need to get out and vote for the growth that Miller County deserves with Richard Wagnon.