Oct 30, 2012

Romney Heading Toward Hurricane

To the credit of both candidates for President, they have each cancelled further campaign events in the wake of the hurricane crisis on the east coast.  Romney has cancelled scheduled events, fundraising and commercials in states affected by the hurricane.  At this time, Obama commercials are still running, but he has cancelled events. 

Obama is safely protected and monitoring the situation.  For the first time in his presidency, he appears to be doing something really presidential.  He is addressing the nation and monitoring a crisis.  His opponent on the other hand is also doing something about the crisis.  Never to be one not in the middle of the crisis, Romney has stepped not into a protected place to monitor the storm and make broadcast.  Romney and his team are heading into the storm.

That’s right; Romney’s bus is loaded with supplies and on route to help those affected.   Ann Romney’s bus has also been detoured to the crisis.  Some might say that Mitt Romney loading water and supplies (yes, Mitt doing work too) is a simple way to gain voters to his side.  Unfortunately, they would be wrong.  Several times while Mitt was working, reporters ask several questions.  They asked questions like “What will you do with FEMA?” or “How would you respond as President?”  Mitt did not answer.  He did not answer because Mitt Romney is a man of action.  He knows what all American’s know; this is a crisis.  It’s not time to run campaign ads, it’s not time to talk to the press and brag about how much water is being sent, it’s not time to say “Look at me!”  It’s time to say, look to the east coast, send help, send supplies, send prayers, and send anything and everything that’s needed.  Americans are in crisis. 

Mitt Romney is doing something that no other candidate for as long as memory serves has done.  He is doing something that no other President has done in recent years.  Mitt Romney is making a difference.  He is jumping into the battle and he is leading the way.  He is directing his campaign people to stop the campaign and help Americans. 
Mitt Romney will not brag, boast, or as the saying goes “toot” his own horn.  He’s too busy being a leader for that.  Since he won’t, then we will.  Here’s a huge thumbs up to the man who is acting like the President we have never had, and the President we need.