Oct 21, 2012

Miller County Judge Larry Burgess for Re-Election

Miller County Judge Larry Burgess lived an extraordinary life before he ever offered his service to Miller County, Arkansas.  Larry has been married to his wife for over 33 years; he is a retired United States Marine, and a Christian.  In addition, Larry is also a member of the V.V.A. and the American Legion.  He also offered community service through his membership in the Elks and Moose lodges.    His life was nothing short of fantastic when he decided to offer it to Miller County.

Just under two years ago Larry Burgess became the County Judge for Miller.  With nothing more he needed to prove considering his accomplishments above, he set out to serve the citizens of Miller County with something they had not seen in recent years.  Larry Burgess set out to serve the citizens as a competent leader in the community.  He set goals, he set timelines, he accomplished those goals, and he set new goals.  Many of those new goals Larry continues to work on even during this election season. 

A voter only has to look at a short list of accomplishments from the last two years to realize that Larry Burgess means business.  In the last two years the county has seen the following, impressive, list of accomplishments:
            A new website
            $388,000 in state aid for roads in the county
            That money applied to the roads in the county
            Updated equipment to assist the county
Improved response and repair times for roads and emergencies
            Upgraded parks in the county
            Maintained and improved County Property
            An O.S.H.A. compliant repair facility
            Private road signs to assist 911 services
            Over $80,0000 in new road signs
            New guardrails throughout the county
            A Ditching program in the county
            An improve gun range for the county
            An improved volleyball court for the county
            Obtained a $75,000 grant for county court house
            An upgraded county Health Department
            An upgraded Office of Emergency Management
            Upgraded 911 systems
            Upgraded the Doddridge shop roof
            Upgraded the Juvenile Detention Center
            Obtained over 4.7 million in grants for the county

The list of accomplishments for the county goes beyond the above-mentioned items, but space simply does not allow for everything Judge Larry Burgess has done for the county.  A voter only needs to take a drive down the county roads to a park to see the work completed.  Judge Burgess has an agenda that will continue.  With all he has done already, he wants to do more.  He wants to continue to restore the courthouse, improve security, and even help promote the navigation of the Red River.  Judge Larry Burgess is taking the county of Miller forward.  Why would anyone want to step back to the way it was before?  There can be no question.  Nobody wants to go back to the way the county was run before.  Miller County Arkansas finally has a County Judge to be proud of in Judge Larry Burgess.