May 29, 2018

A Brutally Honest Look at Negative Democrat Propaganda

If you listen to the Democrat’s propaganda machine you will believe that Republicans hate minorities, hate women, and under no circumstances do they want women or minorities to have any power or position in our great country…. that is, if you listen to the Democrat’s propaganda.  The fact is the propaganda that is so eloquently delivered and so quickly devoured by the loyal followers of the party is nothing more than bold-faced lies that to be frank are akin to the Nazis propaganda spread in a similar fashion in 1930’s Germany.  Yes, that’s right, I just went there.  Oh, don’t worry, we’re not offending anyone – after all the Democrats have compared Republicans to Nazis for some time now.  It is nothing new to compare an American political party to the Nazi party of 1930s Germany.  It is just that the allegations clearly do not fit the Republicans.  No, the allegations of false, misleading, and lie-filled propaganda akin to the Nazi Propaganda machine sits squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats and their leaders. 

If you don’t believe my assessment, then read any social media, newsfeed, or chat area online.  A quick search on Google will land you articles like “Why Republicans hate women” and social media post like, “I don’t know why any women would want to be a Republican” or “Why would any responsible African-American vote Republican?”  I don’t have to provide the evidence, it’s there and you know it.  You know because you see it, hear it, and read it daily on your Internet feeds. 

Now here is the truth folks – are you ready to wake up?

Ronald Reagan appointed the first Latino American to a presidential cabinet.  Regan appointed Lauro Cavazos in 1988 as the Secretary of Education. 

George W. Bush appointed the first African American man, Colin Powel, to serve as Secretary of State.

Bush would later appoint the first African American Woman, Condoleezza Rice, to serves as Secretary of State.

Donald Trump nominated the first African American woman to the position of general in the U.S. Marines.

Since Trump is the current President and target of the Democrats, a breakdown of his cabinet appointments includes African American Ben Carson, Asian American Woman Elaine Chao, Female Betsy DeVos, and female Kristen Nielsen. 

Trump has also nominated other women to what is considered cabinet-level positions including Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA, and Linda McMahon as Administrator of the Small Business Administration.   So basically, President Trump – the current target for the Democrats to point out how he hates women and minorities has nominated not only women and minorities to offices on a cabinet level, but he has also pushed for the promotion of America’s first Female African American General of the United States Marines.  Yes, it certainly sounds like President Trump hates women and minorities for sure based on all his actions to promote them to high-level government positions….

Now that you have a few examples of how these lies by the Democrats are completely wrong, let’s look at a state level in Arkansas.

Arkansas is currently held by a Republicans in all the state's constitutional offices.  Now, these women-hating Republicans in Arkansas have an Attorney General who is a woman in Leslie Ruthledge and a female state Auditor in Andrea Lea.  Amazing that they would tolerate women in these state constitutional offices…where’s the men who need to stand up and run for these offices?  It should also be noted that Governor candidate Jan Morgan, surprise…. a female Republican…held a 30% of the voters against the incumbent male Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson.  It was a very good showing for a female who is relatively unknown in politics around the state.  Consequently, many of her supporters are also male and female Republicans! 

Finally, let’s settle down to our own little Miller County.  On May the 22, 2018, the votes came in on the county level.  The county has a Sheriff, a Judge, a Circuit Clerk, a County Clerk, a Treasurer, a Collector, an Assessor and a Coroner.  All these offices had filings by Republicans only which means that the winner on the 22nd, will be sworn in on January 1, 2019.  These winners will serve four-year terms at a county level.   

The horrible, women-hating Republicans of Miller County, Arkansas voted in two men (Sheriff and Coroner) and the rest, six offices in all, will be held by Republican women.  Since the Sheriff is stationed out at the jail facility, and the coroner only works when needed, the Miller County Courthouse, for the first time in history, will be dominated by all women office holders for four years starting in January 2019. 

No, my dear Democrats and those who hear their propaganda, history back to the founding of the Republican Party does not show a hatred for women or minorities.  Even when Susan B. Anthony voted illegally, she did so for all Republican candidates because they were working to promote women’s rights and the women’s right to vote.  The party was founded as an Anti-Slavery party that worked to free slaves and help former slaves even before the war, has always promoted minorities and women rights.  Ironically an amendment went to Congress one hundred years ago in 1918.  That amendment, pushed and worked for by Republicans, would be ratified and become law in 1920.  At that time women would gain the right to vote from a Constitutional Amendment.  No, history does not support your Democrat lies and propaganda.  Further, the current times do not support those lies and propaganda either.  From the county level to the highest office in the land, Republicans continue to work to promote minorities and women at all levels.  You cannot deny when women and minorities are sworn into offices as Republicans across this nation…the Democrat propaganda simply does not hold up to the facts.