Aug 31, 2020

ANTIFA Domain points to Biden's Campaign Page opens directly to, and that should concern all Americans. By the time you read this, the Biden campaign may change or challenge the owners of the domain, but for the time being, the nameservers point to Biden's donation page.

This morning I read a post on a friend's Facebook page that said that "" typed into the web browser takes you to "," a fundraiser page for the Democrat candidate for president.  Now, knowing that sometimes stuff can come up on Facebook that is not always true (shocking!), I tested the little theory.  At roughly 6:30 a.m. CST, I used "" on my web browser, and I was taken directly to "," where an opportunity for me to donate to the campaign immediately popped up on the screen - don't worry, I did not donate.   

Several other people also commented, and I noticed that one person even said it checks out as true on Snopes.  Well, to be fair, Snopes called it "Mostly True," which to me is like saying, "I'm mostly fat," the end, I'm still "fat" and the redirect for is still "True."  (

According to several sources, this is not the first time that has pointed to Biden's page.  At some point, maybe a month ago or so, it did and was stopped when questioned.  As of 7:45 a.m., it was still pointing just fine to Joe's picture and a chance to donate.  

Now, we need to be fair - anyone can change a nameserver at any point and have it point to another domain name.  It's easy to do if you know what you're doing or if your hosting company has good tech support.   So, whoever owns could simply be having the domain point to Biden's site without the campaign's knowledge.  However, doesn't it seem like the campaign would take some sort of action?  

If Biden's campaign is really concerned about a domestic terrorist organization having its domain point to his website, a public statement, a press release, or speech at the least should be made to state that Biden does not support or endorse ANTIFA should be made.  To date, there does not seem to be one. 

Further, if Biden's campaign was concerned, shouldn't in addition to a public statement, it consider some sort of legal action?  It would be easy to file as a lawsuit against the hosting company to get the name of the ANTIFA owner and claim defamation of character.  There is clearly defamation going on as the American voters come to believe Biden supports ANTIFA...naturally, it's only defamation if it's not true, right?  So, where is the lawsuit?  

The simple fact is, Biden is accepting visits to his website from anywhere.  He needs visitors, he needs to reach out, and he doesn't care where a redirect comes from as long as the person reaches his site.  At a time that Biden should be condemning the domestic terrorist actions of ANTIFA, he seems content to use them as a vehicle to get what he wants...The Presidency of the United States and that willingness to allow ANTIFA to play a role in the election should concern all Americans regardless of party. 

Aug 8, 2020

As Congress Fails to Help Americans, Trump Steps Up


Last week Congress failed to come up with a plan to help the American people during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Perhaps more specifically, Democrats in Congress failed to help, propose, or approve a plan to help Americans.  Republicans offered nine plans.  Democrats refused to approve all nine.  The President decided that those hurting can not wait, so he stepped up for Americans

A short time ago today, President Trump signed Executive Orders to give a tax holiday on payroll taxes starting in August through the end of the year for people making less than $100,000 a year - perhaps that part upset the Democrats in Congress since they continue to make $150,000+ a year in salaries as the rest of the nation suffers.  President Trump also issued unemployment benefits to extend through the end of the year.  Those benefits will be $400 instead of the previous $600, but when it comes to a "Do-Nothing" Congress giving $0, $400 beats $0 all day! 

While the President is rushing toward the fight and rushing to help Americans, Democrats have already said they will file a lawsuit.  Yes, you read that right - the Democrats are going to file a lawsuit to stop the President's Executive Order.  This means they want those people making less than $100,000 a year to continue to pay payroll taxes.  They want people unemployed to get $0 from the Federal Government.  

Make no mistake here - The Democrats in Congress want you, making less than $100,000 a year, and you the unemployed to continue to suffer during this pandemic.  Understand this, while Republicans have tried in Congress, Democrats have blocked them.  Now the President is taking actions, and Democrats are going to file a lawsuit....they are actually going to file a lawsuit that says you can not have a tax break in the middle of a National Crisis and that the unemployed and hurting Americans can not have additional unemployment befits.  Are you getting this?  Do you understand that the Democrat party is placing politics over your family and your well-being?  If you can not see it, then you need to WAKE UP and pay attention. 

As Democrats prepare to file lawsuits to stop your tax relief and stop your unemployment,  President Trump standing up for you said this in response to the threats, "You always get sued." 

In November, remember that when the chips were down and times were tough, President Trump had your back.  While Congress rakes in $150,000+ salaries a year, the President taking a salary of $0 stepped up for you in what has been the darkest hour for some Americans. 

Aug 7, 2020

NPR Uses Taxpayer Funds to Attack the President

 It's known fact in the world of journalism that readers often only glance at headlines.  The headlines catch attention and often the story is not even read.  This well know fact continues to be a weapon of the media at large.  It's hard to control large corporations that own various media outlets, but when it comes to the NPR (National Public Radio) they are supposed to be a non-biased based media outlet...well, they are tax-funded and should be anyway.  

So, if they are tax-funded and non-bias, then why do they outright lie or place deceptive headlines in their news outlets?  After all, I'm sure they know that many readers only read the headlines, right?  So if you saw this NPR headline on the right and only read the headline, what would you think?

Wow - doesn't it appear that the Census Bureau is having problems because of "White House interference?"  I mean it clearly says the "White House," the place where President Trump resides, is guilty of "interference" in the counting efforts.   Poor Census Bureau...they cannot do their Constitutionally appointed job because the President is interfering. 

But wait!  It gets better!  Especially if you actually read the article they published.  Not only is the wild headline of the "Interference" dropped once you click the link, it changes completely to "Census Cuts All Counting Efforts Short By A Month"  But, I thought the "White House" was the problem?  

A full read of the article does show that the White House did interfere.  However, it was not in the negative way the article originally leads the reader to believe.  The White House actually extended the deadline for the counting to September 30, 2020, to allow the Census Bureau to collect all data in the middle of a National Emergency and the COVID-19 Pandemic.  That's right...The White House and specifically President Trump tried to help the Bureau meet their Constitutionally demanded jobs by giving them more time.  The article clearly states this fact!

It is bad enough that the jerks and morons typing the news and putting it out have forgotten that they should be reporting the news and not using it as a political weapon, but for the NPR to be doing it with taxpayers money - that is simply a violation of the conditions of their federal funding.  This should be looked into, investigated, and perhaps it's high time that NPR has to go out and get advertising support like other traditional news outlets.  I personally do not want my tax dollars going to fund any news outlet that allows their "Opinion" articles to become journalism or the headlines for what was otherwise a neutral article.  Shame on you NPR. 

Oh, and if you think it's insignificant, NPR has a $166 Million Budget as of 2015.  25% comes from the federal government - uh, yeah...your money.  Another 40% comes from public funding - cities, donations, etc.  I'm not sure how Americans should feel about $41,500,000 in tax funds on average going to support the political agenda of NPR. 

Aug 4, 2020

Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert Fires Back

Recently Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert was hospitalized with a diagnosis of COVID-19.  Rapert managed to communicate with supporters and friends through his various social media accounts.  When the announcement was made, it was simple, direct, and positive.  Rapert asked for prayers for his "family and every family who has lost a loved one to COVID-19."  It should have ended there with some follow up post of support and then updates from Rapert as he fought the battle.  It did not, unfortunately, stop there.

Within minutes of Rapert's post, hate postings started showing up on the Twitter account.  Some wanted to know if he would have a mask on his casket, and others outright wished him death.  At a time when politics should have been set aside, some chose to attack a man in the hospital fighting for his life.  Sadly, this is what many in our nation finds acceptable.  These people would take a moment of crisis for Rapert and his family and turn it into a driving force for hate.  I followed some of the posts and responded to some of them.  I will tell you that what I saw was simply appalling, nasty, and downright horrible. 

While several people immediately jumped to Rapert's defense, offered prayers, and chastised those who would attack Rapert while he was down, nothing could have prepared the attackers for what would come.  Not only did Rapert continue to get better and recover, but he also began to systematically fire back at his attackers. 

The responses that Rapert decided to take was unique.  He did not directly respond in most cases to the attacker; instead, he promoted the attacker's post.  Rapert took screenshots of the hate postings, reposted them on his own timeline, and called the person out by name and notified Twitter as well as other social media outlets regarding the hate post.  Regardless of where you stand on politics, hate posts are generally not accepted on social media.   By taking this approach, Rapert called attention to the post, ensured it was kept as part of the record, and the original posting person could not delete it. He called it to the attention of the social media review groups.  Rapert was professional, direct, and blunt with his attackers.

Rapert's response is not only the right thing to do; it is the thing that has been needed for a long time.  Too long, Republicans have sat by as Democrats, and others call us "Racist," "Anti-Women," "Deplorable," "Ignorant," and so many other things.  We have sat and listened as people try to scream over our speech and yell obscenities in our faces.  We have watched as they tear down our political signs, attack our headquarters,  and knock campaign hats off of kids.  We have listened to the death threats and even the cheers when candidates have been sick, hurt, or attacked.  We have also seen recently a Trump supporter killed for what police believe was his support of the President.  No more.  It's about time that our leaders lead the charge.  Trump set the stage, and it shocked the world when he acted "Non-Political" in his responses.  Now it's time that we do it on all levels. 

Rapert is leading the way as an Arkansas Senator and showing that we do not have to sit by and simply accept the attacks.  We can, and we should respond to them.  We do not have to drop to their low levels and use curse words and name-calling.  We can simply repost, point out, and fight back in a way that shows we will not roll over and go quietly because someone screamed at us. 

It's high time the Republican Party and Republicans, in general, met the attackers.   Jason Rapert not only had to fight a battle with COVID-19, but he also had to fight a struggle with radical people wishing him death.   Well done, Mr. Rapert.  You have an army of Arkansas supporters at your back, we are with you, and we will not take it anymore.