Aug 23, 2011

Tusk Club: Foundations of The Arkansas Republican Party

Started in the 1970’s, the Tusk Club is the cornerstone of support for Arkansas Republicans.  Chairman Webb and Finance Director Curtis have traveled the state presenting the status of the party and information about the Tusk Club to potential members.   They are working tirelessly to ensure that people have a voice that is heard from downtown Little Rock, clear to the halls of Washington.

During a time when the Democratic Party is operating with nearly a billion dollars of campaign funding, Americans have found their values being tossed out the door.  Americans are tired of being told how health care will be, they are tired of being told how to live their lives, and they are tired of being told that taxes must go up.  The fact is there is an alternative.  There stands one party still fighting for the American people.  One party is still holding the line against total government control of American life.   We must limit government spending, we must combat government waste, and fortunately, there is one party, the Republican Party, which is championing the fight to do just that.  The Tusk Club of Arkansas is the foundation of support for the Republican Party of Arkansas.  Those interested in combating big government and taking back our country from Democrats only wanting to tax and spend should seriously consider membership in the Tusk Club program.   Together, America can be great once again.   For more information, go to Tusk Club Information