Nov 23, 2008

What about George?

George W. Bush, “W”, is just a few short weeks out from leaving office. He will likely leave as an unpopular President among people; even die-hard Republicans have found it hard to stand by George during the last year or so. Fortunately, George Bush has not wavered even when the American people have.

Don’t agree; don’t think you or other American’s have wavered? Consider this, after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, W told us that the fight would be long against Terrorism. He never promised a “quick” or “neat” little war. He said it would be a long fight. He said we could not stand by and allow 9-11 to go without a response. America agreed. America was furious. Flags went up everywhere. Senators and Representatives stood up together and supported W to form Homeland Security, go to war, provide funding for war, and pour money into military and defense areas neglected for years since Reagan left office. Everyone loved W. In fact, he was so loved that he was elected to a second term! Then the war went on, and on, and on. Mistakes were made (that happens at all levels in war, hindsight is 20/20). People got tired of the war on terrorism. It was unpopular and the fact is good people died. America wavered on support for the war effort. Suddenly W wasn’t popular anymore and neither was the fight against terrorism. Kinda reminds a person of the country song “Have You Forgotten”, doesn’t it? W didn’t forget. He has remained confident and supportive of our military and the fight against the terrorist. If you still don’t think Americans wavered, then check the polls.

I can see that George Bush has had positive outcomes for our country. Let’s look at a list of things he has accomplished as President for you and me:

Passing the Patriot Act
Starting Homeland Security
50 Million people + have been freed from Taliban and Hussein
Some of the lowest unemployment rates
Tax Relief Funds (did you really cash that check George pushed for?)
15 billion dollars to fight Aids
Education Reform
Health Savings Accounts (yeah, the one you use at work, George again)
Signed legislation to fight Global Warming (move over Al, George signed it)
Pushed for Social Security Reform (wait, the Dems didn’t want that…then)
Pushed Central American Free Trade
Pushed Energy Bills

The bottom line, history has yet to judge George W. Bush. American’s are doing so in the polls each day, but in the end historians will review, study, and write the books that will become the textbooks of the future generations. W was not perfect, and he made mistakes. At least he can say he was never caught with his pants down while smoking a cigar.