Nov 10, 2008

A time to stand

John McCain has sent an e-mail to supporters urging them to stand. He has reminded us that "It ain't over, til it's over," and that is sound advice. We must get out and vote. Those in the key battleground states must go to the polls. Do your early voting, stand in line, take time off from work, use your lunch hour, go after work and just vote. It's tough, you want to get home, take care of your family and you may just find it a little hard in those final hours of the day to vote. Consider this, what if John does not win your state and it's only by one vote? What if your state is the state to push the battle over the top? We need John McCain now more than ever. I believe that God has held John McCain back for this one moment, and this one time. This moment and time is when America needs a hero. I want my kids to look up to the President and say, "That's John McCain, an American Hero and he's my President." BO (sorry, had to use that) is pushing in all corners. If we do not unite, support and vote, then come next morning, we will face a country on the verge of four years of hardship. Let me repeat that... We will be a country facing four years of hardship. Four years of new taxes, four years of spreading the wealth around, four years social programs not designed to help those in, these social programs will be designed to help those who have no drive, no desire, no willingness to strive for a better life. I'm not a rich Republican, but I do have a small business and I support a small church in a democrat controlled state. Just across the line from my state is a state controlled by our party. Guess what? In my state the church pays tax on everything except the worship building. In the Republican controlled state a church pays no tax. That's right zip, none, no tax on land, vans, phones, water, electricity, items purchased for the church etc. My business has grown in, yes... you guessed it, a Republican controlled state. Believe me, this is a small, small business I have, yet it has grown and my family has seen and increase in being "better off". So, join John McCain. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican reading this, you need to join John McCain. We face a scary future, let's not make it scarier with the wrong man. Let's have a real American Hero in the highest office of this land. Stand up now and take the time, or later will be too late!