Nov 10, 2008

Why Polls Don't Matter

Polls are taken for everything under the sun. There have been polls to prove whether New Coke or Old Coke was the best, there have been polls to show how popular a President is, and so on and so on. There is one major problem with polls...they fail. Consider New Coke and Old Coke. Everything indicated that the New Coke would be loved by consumers. It failed and within a short time Old Coke was back on the market! Consider the polls concerning our President Bush. He's up, then he's down, then he's back up again. Despite the ups and downs, President Bush is a two term President. Oh, and it's not restricted to our party. Remember the polls concerning Clinton? He was up and down and still a two term President also. So what about these current polls concerning McCain and Obama? Obama was 7 points ahead, then 6 points ahead, and finally today reports indicate that he is only 5 points ahead. At that rate, Obama will be behind in the polls on election day! The bottom line is it doesn't matter. I found a poll on AOL the other day that indicated that McCain currently carries 42 out of 50 states! According to that AOL poll, McCain will win big!
I believe that John McCain has the ability and the drive to lead our nation forward and to rebuild the economy like it needs to be. Voters everywhere must not depend on polls to guide the vote. The best thing anyone can do for the future is to cast a vote for McCain on election day and ignore the polls. As they say, "It ain't over until it's over baby." Forget the polls, get the word out... We need John McCain now more than ever before!