Nov 11, 2008

Taking a Beating

Well friends, we have taken a beating and it should remind us of the need to take a step back, rethink, rebuild, and regroup. So, how do we do all this? It's really simple. The first thing we must do is simply take a step back and look. We lost on several fronts from the Presidential race down to state and local levels. That's huge. But we have time (at least four years) to stay back and figure out a new strategy to ensure the party rebuilds.

So, first as stated, just step back and take a deep breath. Second, rethink. Why did we have such a huge defeat. Here comes the "duh" factor. Look way back to 1980, what was going on? The economy was in the toilet, gas was out of sight, we had Americans being held in a foreign land. In the end, it cost Jimmy Carter a second term and placed the GOP firmly in the hands of Ronald Reagan. He rebuilt our economy, country, and defeated the USSR. It was all about timing. It was not our time. The economy is not George Bush's fault, it's not any member of the GOP's fault. It happened and we happened to be in control when it did.

Third is both rebuild and regroup. We have to look to leaders and young alike to bring the party back into focus. We do that through fund raisers, and talking to people. We have the share the vision of the GOP with others and we have to point out when the D's do something bad. We have to pounce. We don't have to have the "I told you so" syndrome, but it doesn't hurt to say, "Wow, look what happened now. I wonder how the D's will explain this to us. I wonder if it's their fault. Hey, can't be ours, we're not in power." Those gentle little reminders will help us rebuild the faith that America should have in the GOP. Once the party is rebuilt, then we need to regroup. Young people need to step up and run for office. It doesn't matter what office it is, just run. In my state, the entire D group from local senators, to congressional folks ran without GOP opposition. Hear me again here, all of them ran without opposition from the GOP. The Green party had folks up for the vote, but we didn't. I hope and pray that someday I'll be able to represent the GOP and ensure that we have a fighting chance against the D Party.

Again, slowly rebuild the party, regroup and we will have solid people ready to lead. We already have the people ready to fight. Remember one thing, John McCain got well over 50,000,000 votes. Sounds like to me we already have a good base to rebuild with. Let's just do it.