Nov 10, 2008

Bumper Stickers and Trash Cans

Let's face the facts, many people hate putting bumper stickers on their cars. Now we all know that we are more than willing to do this for John McCain and the GOP, but there are alternatives for those not willing to become traveling billboards for our next President. Consider for a moment an idea I heard about here in Miller County, Arkansas. Bumper stickers are cheap or free in many GOP groups, so why not use them in a unique way? Put them on the sides of your trash can. Each week your garbage collector will see the stickers, people driving by will see them, and you will be promoting John McCain for President without touching your car! I just finished pasting all three of my cans with McCain & Palin stickers a few moments ago and I'm proud. First, there are different garbage collectors on different days in my area, second my cans are kept out in the alley area where people see them all the time, third I have a lot of traffic on my street, and finally long after John McCain is the next President people will know I supported him now!
So, the theme here is post your bumper stickers everywhere. Your lunch box, your trash can, your boat, your fence, your windows, your folders, your briefcases, your tackle boxes, your hunting gear, your old yard sale signs, your computer, your desk chair backs, your desk, your toolbox, and yes... even your car! Get the word out!