Nov 10, 2008

A Vote For Hall

I recently stumbled across Dwayne Hall's website thanks to He can be found at As a result, I met not only a fellow Republican, but also a good man running for the city board here in Texarkana, Arkansas. In speaking with Dwayne, I found he is committed to bringing positive leadership to our city board and he is committed to the values he has learned from his church, our nation, and the Boy Scouts of America. I had a few moments to talk with Dwayne’s mother and I found the place where Dwayne’s foundation was made. His mother was friendly, open about her son’s abilities, and committed to supporting her son in his drive to join the city board. Dwayne recently held a neighborhood block party in the Ward he plans to serve. There was music, food, and a lot of “getting to know” Dwayne time. The Republican Party needs men like Dwayne to step up and take the reigns of leadership. It is very apparent that Dwayne Hall is ready, willing, and committed to serving his community. I see this man rapidly climbing the political arena and bringing positive reform and leadership to the community of Texarkana, Arkansas. Http://
Remember to vote for Hall!