Nov 20, 2008

Can Jindal Rekindle GOP?

He's young, born in 1971. He's smart, accepted to Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School. He's been to Washington, served U.S. House from 2005-2008. He's an American, even adopted the name Bobby from The Brady Bunch.

The question to consider though, is can he rekindle the GOP? He was one of the top choices for the VP slot with McCain, but openly turned it down. Now there is speculation that he may target the White House in 2012 (I know O isn't even in yet).

Perhaps one of the most important aspects about Jindal is that he showed he can govern. During Hurricane Gustav, he is credited with "one of the largest and smoothest evacuations in U.S. history in late August 2008 prior to the Louisiana landfall of Hurricane Gustav" according to He cancelled his speech at the Republican Convention to focus on the people and their evacuation in his home state. The man passed up the chance to have the national spotlight and a place on center stage so that he could take care of the people of his state. Let me repeat that again, he passed up national exposure to focus on people. Governor Jindal focused on people at a time when any other politician would have let his subordinates work out the details while the GOP had a party. This says something about the man. It says something about his commitment to people. Most importantly, it says something about his commitment to the people who elected him.

Bottom line it here friends. We want leaders who listen to us, fight for us, and provide a positive government. That's why many of you reading this are likely Republicans at heart already. You believe in the grass roots, you've looked at the list of things the Republican Party stands for and you want to stand with the party. Remember, making the right choice will not always be popular. To me, it sounds like Governor Jindal is a very likely candidate for the Republican nomination of President in 2012. I'm not saying that I would endorse him, his plan is yet to be seen. But if we are going to turn the party around, we need men and women like Jindal in as front runners for our party. Only when the American people see that we have their interest at heart, will we return to the glory days of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan. Think about it, our next Reagan may be a governor with the adopted name of Bobby and a real name I wouldn't dare attempt to spell or say, but it is not about the name of the person running for office, it's about the person.