Nov 10, 2008

John McCain - American Hero

Still undecided? I was too for a short time, but then I considered the options and weighed my choices. John McCain is the man we need for President of the United States. Still unconvinced? Let’s consider the following things: John McCain has fought in a war = we are currently at war with terrorist around the world. Like it or not, agree or not, terrorist attacked the United States and we are in a war. Period. John McCain knows what our people are going through when they are shot at, captured, tortured, and he’s even lost friends to war. His own son serves our country now, as John did years ago. John McCain is a deceive leader = He has made hard decisions, decisions that could cost him elections. He has made those stands when others want to dance around the issues and “walk a line” that is more talk than action. We need leaders of action and John McCain fits the bill John McCain is an American Hero = John Wayne has been noted to be an American hero, but he never fought in a single war (he played in movies during his big war). John McCain not only served in war, but he has served his country in office and continues to do so to this day. Yes, he is 73 years young. He has the money to retire, he has the ability to sit back on a beach somewhere and watch the waves come in. When most Americans are reaching for retirement at 62 to 67, John McCain is reaching for a new job at 73! Yes, John McCain is an American Hero. John McCain believes in the future of America = He selected a VP representing a new generation of politicians. Further to the point, he selected a VP who is a mom, a regular person made good, and a person on the political rise not afraid to take on corruption no matter what the party behind the corruption is. John McCain is looking forward, not backward. He is looking to raise up the next president behind him (Maybe BO was looking for a daddy figure). Still undecided? Look at John McCain. Line up the two running for President of the United States. Who does America need right now? America needs a Hero and John McCain is an American hero!