Nov 10, 2008

John McCain Takes a Stand

"Country First" is his slogan and John McCain once again proves that this is a slogan not only for a political cause, but for him as a person. He has suspended his drive for the White House to address the nation's credit crunch. He is not going to be at the debate unless a solution is found to the current problem. Country First, I believe it! John McCain his putting his country first, he is putting us first and stepping up with plans to present, willing to work out the details on those plans, and willing to work with both parties for (now get this) his country and the people of his country. This means that John McCain, as he has said before, would rather do what is right than win a political battle. It's time we spread the word, and let others know that John McCain stands up for America. We would be fools not to support an American Hero who is still fighting for America at 73 years old. I've said it before and I will say it again, John McCain is a real American Hero.
Spread the word on what John McCain is willing to do for us even before he is elected to the office!