Dec 9, 2008

Another Bail Out Is Needed

The letter below was submitted from a friend to the President. I thought I'd post it here as it was written:

Mr. President,

As I understand it we are not about to bail out yet another industry in a government built on free enterprise and free trade ideals. Apparently, these mismanaged companies deserve a bail out. I would like to submit that I also deserve a bail out for my company.

My company was started a few years ago and since that time has shown a profit each year as can be verified by the IRS. I have maintained an office, maintained contracts, and acted in the best interest for several fine organizations in the state of Texas. However, despite my excellent record of accomplishment, I have found it difficult to stop working my full time job. Sorry, I failed to mention that I work two jobs. I work full time for a ministry and I run my company. My company struggles, but shows a profit, and I get a weekly check from my full-time job on top of all this. I also, should point out that I am a taxpayer within the United States.

My proposal is simple. Since I have maintained full time employment, and maintained my company (in the black by the way), I believe my proper business management should be rewarded by the government. I would like to propose that you submit my immediate request for a bail out to Congress so that they may forward it to your office for a prompt signature. As a loyal Republican, I'm sure you can agree that if anyone deserves a bail out, it is me. I have completed my calculations and found that a simple One Million dollars would enable me to focus full time on my small business (that makes money, did I mention that). This One Million bail out for me is far less than the bail out proposed for the automakers or the banks and I believe it would be far less of a tax strain on the American public.

Should I need to do so, I would be happy to forward a business plan (I had one long before the automakers had to have one, apparently) that I believe would more than prove that I am a good, solid investment for the United States Tax Payer's Dollars.