Dec 27, 2008

Mr. Saltsman It's a Matter of Respect!

I have to say that this Republican agrees with the RNC Chairman Mike Duncan in regards to the recent CD sent to several members of the RNC (CNN Story). Mike Duncan condemned “Barack the Magic Negro” by saying that he was “appalled” at the song. This boils down to two key factors that must be reviewed.

First, the field of political satire and jokes should be left to those paid to exhibit such humor. Saturday Night Live, or some other comedian might be able to pull off singing a song called “Barack the Magic Negro”, but not a respected member of the Republican Party. Mr. Chip Saltsman should have considered his position, and maybe his future positions, before he sent the CD. The man is running for the Chairmanship of the RNC, has managed campaigns for such Republicans as Mike Huckabee and Bill Frist. If Mr. Saltsman wants to tout political humor, then he needs to join the cast of Saturday Night Live and stay away from our party, especially a position of party leadership. The bottom line, leave political satire and jokes to those paid to do it.

The second factor that has to be considered is that the Republican Party has always stood for fairness and equality. The party was the first to push freedom for slaves in the United States; the party was the first to push for the right of African Americans to vote, and the first to push Civil Rights into America’s sight. We are a party that should be proud that our strong commitment to what is right has helped bring about a political atmosphere where people of all races can run for office no matter what their party affiliation is. The Republican Party is above such jokes and satire and the party must rise above the level that Mr. Saltsman apparently would like for us to stoop down to.

At this point, the right thing for Mr. Saltsman to do is to withdraw as a potential leader of the Republican Party, issue an apology to President-Elect Obama, and hope that over the next few years the nation, as well as his party, will forget and forgive this lapse of judgment. Perhaps given some time, Mr. Saltsman can step back into the limelight with a different outlook.