Jan 2, 2009

Tax and Spend Days are Coming!

During the Revolutionary War with England, Paul Revere was accredited with sounding the warning to the Minutemen that the British were coming. Here I’m sounding a similar cry to the American Public. “Tax Increases are coming. The tax increases are coming”. Fortunately, I don’t need to ride out on a horse and hope that my voice is loud enough for everyone asleep to hear me. Instead, I have the great freedom of speech and the wonderful access of the Internet to announce this. Mark these words today, most likely in 2009, 2010 and at least the first session of 2011 you will likely see the tax increases. If you don’t during those years and the Democrats maintain control of both houses and the White House in 2012, then you will most definitely see the largest tax increase in recent history in 2012.

As a recent character on the big screen chided, “Why so serious?” I am very serious about this. Consider the following:
1. Democrats control each branch of government at this time. Control gives them the cushion to raise taxes now and hope the American public adjusts to the changes before the next election process.
2. If the Democrats hold the White House for 2012, then Mr. Obama will be on his second term and the bottom line is no President has to worry about re-election after winning a second term. Do you bad stuff early in the second term and you can still go out popular by the end of office.
3. Democrats rode the wave of “Change” in their victories of 2008. While change is good sometimes, the bottom line is change cost money. The American people will pay for the change in the form of tax increases.
4. Historically, Democrats have held strong ties to big government while Republicans have wanted smaller government. Sorry Democrats, that’s just a fact that goes back to Lincoln. The record shows it.
5. Health care increases, housing increases, and the other great increases promised by Mr. Obama will take money. See number three.

Either a year from now or at minimum within the next two years, look back at this blog and see if it corresponds to the fact that your taxes will increase. Hey, there’s always the chance I’m wrong. I don’t have a crystal ball telling me what is going to happen. All I have is just the simple fact that the Democrats are in control and they have a firm history that has proved they tax and spend. There is an old saying that “History repeats itself”. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the Republicans still holding seats and seeking future seats will be able to fight for us again someday soon.