Jan 10, 2009

Navy Honors Republican George H.W. Bush With Carrier Namesake

A new aircraft carrier has joined the United States Fleet of ships. Today, the Navy launched the USS George H.W. Bush. The honor has been bestowed upon several former Presidents, many of them from our party. I thought it might be good to look back at some of the things that the man, George H.W. Bush, did for our country.

Most people tend to think of George as the 41st President who was defeated during his run for a second term as President by Bill Clinton. He has also been associated with the famous “read my lips” statement in regards to no new taxes. Unfortunately, he was later forced into a corner where he signed a bill that in fact placed new taxes on the American people. This was viewed by Republicans and Independents as a broken promise, but more importantly it was a stray away from the Republican platform for lower taxes. George was sadly seen has finally breaking away from his former boss, the beloved Reagan. That break opened the door for Clinton and Perot to run serious campaigns against the man who was seen by the country as Reagan’s torchbearer. Despite all this, many Americans fail to remember all the good President Bush did both as President and prior to being President. Here’s a brief list:

He was the youngest naval aviator in U.S. history
He participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea
He served as Chairman of the Republican Party for Harris County, Texas
He was the first Republican to represent Houston
He was the ambassador to the United Nations
He was Chairman of the Republican National Committee
He was the Director of Central Intelligence
He was Vice President under Ronald Reagan
As President he saw the fall of the Berlin Wall
As President saw the fall of the Soviet Union
Signed the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Increased spending on education
Reauthorized the Clean Air Act
Persian Gulf War to free Kuwait
Holds Honorary Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II (1 of 3 Presidents)
Worked for relief of Hurricane Katrina and Indian Ocean Tsunami

The above is just a partial list of accomplishments of President Bush as found at Wikipedia Site

It is fitting that a new aircraft carrier would be named after a man who has accomplished so much prior to his presidency, during and after. We can be proud as a nation of a new ship to defend America; however, we can further be proud as Republicans of a man who has contributed so much to our country.