Jan 15, 2009

Thank You President Bush

I watched the President’s last briefing today thanks to CNN.com. A few things I noticed about President Bush that I felt was important to report to you here. First, he looked tired and almost relieved that the burdens of the presidency will soon fall to someone else (first image from 2000, second from 2009). Second, he was able to laugh at himself and some of his own slips during the last eight years. Finally, the man was extremely graceful in a time when public polls keep hammering him and blaming him for everything gone wrong over the last year or so. I thought it might be important to take another look at some of the laws and acts that President Bush has signed on behalf of our nation.

1. He established the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
2. He signed the Economic and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
3. He signed the Patriot Act
4. He put the No Child Left Behind Education in effect
5. He signed the HIV/AIDS Act
6. He signed the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act
7. He signed the Secure Fence Act
8. He signed the $700 billion bailout package

President Bush has done a great deal more for the country, not the least of which is starting Homeland Security and preventing any further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. We owe a huge thank you to President George W. Bush. I am grateful for his leadership during the tough early years of this century.