Jan 14, 2009

The Silent Growth of The Republican Party

The Miller County Republican Committee had the regular monthly meeting on the 12th of this month. From information that I have received and conversations that I’ve overheard, it appears that most of these groups, Republican and Democrat alike, have few regular members present during non-election years or after an election. So, you can imagine it was very surprising to see a large gathering at this Chili dinner / meeting. While it is true that elections for officers was being held, it should also be noted that the committee affirmed ten new members. Consequently, I attended another meeting afterwards and apologized for being late stating that I was “at the Republican meeting” held before. After that meeting a man pulled me aside and asked, “Are you Republican?” After confirming that I was, he responded by saying that he thought he was the only Republican in Miller County. Hopefully, next month this man will become #11 since the general election.

The lesson here is simple, don’t count the Republican Party out. The Democrats haven’t even taken control of the White House yet and our party is silently growing. We’re going to continue to shake hands, smile, and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people while we present America with an alternative to a tax and spend socialistic form of governing.