Jan 20, 2009

President Takes Office

Americans should be proud on several fronts today as President Obama became our 44th President. Whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican, today was a day of celebration for America. President Obama broke several barriers that Republicans can be proud we had a part in tearing down. When looking at the history, a person taking time to study will find that the Republican Party has always been a strong backer of equal rights, tearing down the barrier of race, and promoting equality for all. This positive trend goes clear back to the days of Lincoln, a Republican and hero of Obama.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our Republican and Democrat point of view. There were many threats discussed and white supremacy groups around the nation were making threats against the President. Fortunately, our government saw fit to increase security and to fully prepare for any potential threats. I believe this was the right choice at a crucial moment in our history. We cannot under any circumstance let these groups gain a foothold of fear as they have so often in the past. Republican and Democrat alike can be proud of the work our government did today to protect the President.

I wish President Obama the best over the next four years. I honestly hope that he is able to accomplish half of the positive things he has set forth for the American people. A glance at the White House webpage will indicate quickly that his idea of change is already taking place. However, I must add that despite wishing him luck, I also look forward to renewed and spirited race for the White House in 2012.