Jan 21, 2009

The new officers of the Miller County Republican Committee were elected on January 12. These dedicated Republican Volunteers are from left to right are First Vice Chairman Larry Pritchett, Treasurer Dianne Pritchett, Secretary Jayla Yelverton, Second Vice Chairwoman Sherry Potts and Chairman N. Wayne Smith.(source)

As you might imagine, taking an office in any committee can be a challenge, but the Miller County Republican Committee is blessed with some very dedicated people. I have had the opportunity to correspond with Chairman Smith on several occasions as well as join him for committee meetings. He, like all the officers, is dedicated to preparing the way for the next elections on local and state levels in Arkansas. All Miller County Republicans can be thankful that these members of the committee accepted nominations and were voted into their respective offices.

If you are in the Miller County area and you’re interested in joining a good group of people sharing common values and interest, you should look into attending a Miller County Republican Committee Meeting. You’ll find everyone friendly, open, and more than willing to get you a coke, some cookies or if you’re really lucky you’ll arrive on a chili night. We had a great chili night on the 12th. So, if you are interested you can contact the committee through our Miller County Republican Committee website here(come visit Miller County Republican Committee.