Jan 30, 2009

A New Republican National Chairman

The Republican National Committee has a new leader. Michael Steele was elected today and so far he sounds right. One of the things Mr. Steele said is that we have let the Democrats define our party and the media. Mr. Steele is 100% right in his assessment about America’s view of the Republican Party. We did not push people away from the party, an onslaught by the Democrats supported by popular media has pushed us into a corner. Well, the donkey may need to watch closely because pushing a great big elephant into a corner is never a good idea. Elephants will not stay in the corner long and neither will the G.O.P. The Republican Party has lead in far too many of the “first” and it’s high time we assume that role again. We must encourage Mr. Steele and the party leaders from smallest committees to the largest across the nation. We must continue to get involved, encourage, and grow. Being knocked down is not the same as being knocked out. As I have reported here, our own small committee has already added ten new members since the election. Read this again “ten new members since the election”. That means since the Democrats won the Presidency and took office, ten new people have stood up and said it’s time to do something. If we can add ten new members in a Democrat controlled state, in a small county, and in a small town, what can you do in your town with your committee?