Jan 10, 2009

TGOP Poll Results

The polls are closed. Over the past few months I have ran a couple of polls here on Texarkana GOP. While I’ve had very few votes, I realize that the site is still new and exist in a time when the words Grand Old Party (GOP) and Republican are not the most popular to hear. Nonetheless, I ran the polls hoping to trigger some interest in two subjects.

The first subject was “What is the greatest obstacle for the Republican Party now?” Four possible answers were given and happily I can report that the answer, “The Grand Old Party is simply on its way out I’m afraid” got no votes at all. At least this is a good sign among readers who decided to vote. “Getting past the Bush years” gained 1 vote and seemed to show some support for our current President. It was almost a tie between “Renewing young people’s interest in the party” (6 votes) and “Bringing up new people for office” (5 votes). I believe the results are accurate. The two top issues for the Republican Party must be gaining young people’s interest and getting new people in office. Hopefully party leaders will listen and promote those young people. We need some “regular” people to step forward, run for office, and win with the backing of the party. By regular, I mean we need people who are either on their way up, or have had to pull themselves up from the bottom. Consider the Democrats two top burning stars, Bill Clinton and Obama. Clinton started as a son of a single mother, poor and basically “just a good old boy” and rose through education and politics. Obama started much the same way. He was the son of a single mother, raised by his grandparents in what could be called poor to middle class and rose through education and politics. America relates to these kinds of people. America does not relate to rich people using their money to run for office, or well to do people taking a little stab at politics. Consider for a moment why Palin was so popular with Democrats and Republicans. She rose from a middle class family to city council member, mayor and then governor. She built a business from the ground up with her husband. That is the American dream and that is why the Clintons, Obamas, and Palins of the world will always be at the forefront in politics with the American people. Our Party must find young people and become the party of the people again.

The second subject was “Who will be the next ‘Reagan’ for the party”. I only offered two named choices with the third option to e-mail me your choice. There were no e-mails about this poll and Palin won hands down with six votes to Jindale’s one vote. I believe the reason for this refers back to my paragraph above. Mrs. Palin is one of those Republicans that comes from the right background and the right mindset to lead the party forward. I also believe there is little known about Jindale. Hopefully, more people will start writing about the great leaders like Jindale and Palin within the party and promote them toward our future.