Dec 7, 2008

To Tax Or Not To Tax - The Plot Get's Sticky for Democrats

For those of you following Obama on his way to the White House, then you remember the huge controversy over raising taxes on high-income couples that brought out “Joe the Plumber”. Well, don’t worry Joe; you may not be in big trouble after all. It all appears to be “up in the air” now as to who may be taxed and who may not. Wow, a flip-flop, imagine that? Get ready Middle America someone is going to pick your pocket before this is all over. Who you going to blame? Well, it can’t be the Republicans; we barely have enough to hold the line in Congress. Nevertheless, don’t worry, we’ll be there to take on the tax increases, we’ll still fight for you, and we’re still on your side. But hey, don’t take it just from me, Here’s what was said on NBC’s Meet The Press and it was resonated on CNN’s website at

Throughout his campaign, Obama vowed to raise taxes on couples earning more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000 while lowering taxes for all others. Asked whether that is still his plan, Obama said, "we don't yet know what the best approach is going to be."

Interesting. Also interesting that he quickly added the following:

"But the overall thrust is going to be that 95 percent of working families are going to get a tax cut and the wealthiest Americans ... are going to give up a little bit more," Obama said.

Oh, that’s okay guys. After all, America voted for him. I’m sure that he will be the best person to determine who the wealthy are and who the “working families” are. Who knows, maybe by Obama’s definition a wealthy family makes $10,000 or more a year. We’ll just have to wait and see what the definition for “working families” and “wealthiest” turns out to be.