Dec 12, 2008

Republicans Defend Americans Again!

Auto Bailout Crashes in Senate
Republicans Kill $14 Billion Bill

The above headline greeted me this morning, 12-12-2008, on the website and I have to say that I for one appauld our Republican leaders. Polls show that most Americans oppose an Auto Bailout. A poll at the AOL.Com website indicated that 59% of Americans oppose the Bailout. Hey, wait, those are the same type of numbers that the D's grabbed onto to say their Pres-elect was going to win the election and guess what? He did! Now, those same D's don't want to acknowledge the outcry of the American people in the polls. They want to push the Bailout on no matter what the people they represent say. Lookout America, big government is trying to do big business again.

Once again, never fear America, the GOP is here to defend you. From the war against slavery, to women's rights to vote, to civil rights and the list goes on, and on. America blamed an entire party in the last election for the unpopular actions of one Republican. It was a sad day for the little guy, but don't worry Republicans managed to hold on to enough seats to still fight for you. And, you know what? We'll be here long after the fanfare of the current rise of the D's is over still fighting for you. Don't believe it, just look at who fought for you in the Auto Bailout.