Jul 31, 2019

2020 Elections: A Time to Stand

You are not alone!
Elections 2020 will be here before we know it and politicians from all major parties will be mailing flyers, doing interviews, campaigning in their areas, and promoting their agendas for the next few years after they are elected.   Politics in America has always been a wild ride, but for Republicans, it is about to get not only wild but potentially dangerous.  The fact is, as Republicans, we face an election year where Democrats really have nothing to stand on for election or reelection.  They have spent four years chasing a President with porn stars, and "Russian Collusion" only to have it all blow up in their face.  They have spent four years as virtually a "Do Nothing other than chase Trump" party.  Now it's election time, and they have nothing to run on as a platform.  Since they have nothing, they will do the next best thing they can think of to do...they will stand on and attack you.

This election season will be like none before.  Because opponents of the President have nothing, they are going to intensify their attacks on his supporters.  Let's face it, nothing phases President Trump.  They call him names, he just strikes back on Twitter.  They say he is a traitor, he just calls them out for their failures in their own districts.  They attack him and Israel, and he tells them to go home.  To be straightforward, not only is President Trump blunt, but he doesn't care what the opposition does or thinks about him.  Because President Trump is unlike any other President in the history of the United States, the Democrats simply do not know how to handle him and his supporters.  In the end, they resort to the only thing they can cling to against Trump and Republicans.  They resort to name-calling, threatening, yelling, vandalism, and even physical violence.  Democrats have decided to take their own history (racism, segregation, buying votes, etc.) and turn it against Republicans.  A necessary playbook call is to "Accuse others of that which you yourself are guilty of doing," and the Democrats have mastered this playbook.  So, this election will be like none before. 

What can you expect?  You can expect it is going to get worse before it gets better.  Do not be surprised if when you put out your Republican signs out,  bumper stickers on cars, or wear your MAGA hats if any of the following does not happen to you:
 You will be called a racist - regardless of your heritage, you are a racist according to Democrats.
 You will have your yard signs removed - they will steal them, even as you watch.
 You may have your car keyed or damaged or your stickers removed.
 You may be harassed if you wear a Trump hat, shirt, button, etc. and it will be harsh verbally.
 You may be called many other names such as "Nazi," "Fascist" "Traitor," and others.
 You may, as horrible as it is, be attacked physically for your Republican support. 
 Your headquarters may be attacked through vandalism or some other means.

The fact is, this election season the Republican voter is going to be singled out.  The Democrats and their liberal supporters are going to try to scare you, intimidate you, threaten you, and do whatever it takes to get you to shut up and hide.  That is what they want.  They want Republicans to hide away, say nothing, show no support, or they want us to not be seen.  They fear our visibility because when we are seen, others will become less afraid to stand up as well.  When Republicans stand together and say, "No, we will not go quietly.  We will not be silenced.  We will not have our right to freedom of speech destroyed by you," then Democrats become very afraid.  It not only upsets them, but it bothers their image.  They want a picture that Trump can not and will not win.  They want to discourage us, disenfranchise us, and make us feel alone.  They really do not care how we vote in the booth.  They know they will not change that secret and sacred ballot, but they want to ensure that we do not influence anyone else.  They want us silent so that those undecided voters will not hear what we have to say.  It's going to be a scary time for Republicans....it's going to be an election like none you have seen. 

As the 2020 election draws near, you have to make a choice.  You are either going to stand up and support your Republican candidate, or you are going to allow the Democrats to cause you to cower, hide, and sneak into a booth to vote.  How will you handle it?  Will you let them intimidate you into silence?  Personally, there are few things I do not like in this life, and perhaps one of the top things I do not like is being told when I can and can not speak my mind.  Trust me, the Democrats are going to single you out and try to knock you down.  But you have one advantage that they are not prepared for and it is your most substantial advantage yet-they have knocked us down before and we always get back up stronger and better prepared.  We are Republicans. We are the party that stood up to slavery when few others would, we are the party that stood up for former slaves rights to vote, we are the party that supported the women's right to vote, and we are the party that pushed to see Civil Rights become law.  We are the party that sent troops when Democrats said "No" to desegregation, and we are the party that pushed to win the cold war.  We have a long history of fighting the uphill battles, but we also have a long account of winning them. 

YOU are not alone.  YOU are a Republican, and there are more of us out there than they can count.   When one of them knocks you down, one of us will step and tell them, "Why don't you try to knock me down now."  We are together, and we will stick together through it all.   This election season we are going to stand.  Our headquarters are going to open across the state and the nation, and we are going to be prepared.  Our signs are going up, and if they take them down, we will put more up in the same place.  Our flag has 50 stars, and that means there are 50 states where Republicans live, thrive, work, and vote.  You can reach out, you have the support, and we will support your right to free speech and your freedom to support the candidate of your choice.  We are Republicans...YOU ARE REPUBLICAN... and we will never back down from the fight to save this nation we love.  Always remember, you are not alone.   Perhaps Fredrick Douglass summed it all up best when he said, "I am a Republican...and I never intend to belong to any other party other than the party of freedom and progress." The fate of this nation is now your shoulders.  Will you decide that now is a time to stand?  Don't worry, there's an entire herd of us elephants out there, and if it comes to Democrats knocking us down, they are going to find there are some mighty big elephants in our herd that will be hard to knockdown. 

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